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  1. Above the new Frontierland Train Station - checkout the lost and found area. You will see a leg and an umbrella. Linda Montgomery (WDI lighting specialist) had a replica of Mary Poppin's umbrella made to put up on the shelf. The prosthetic leg came from City Hall lost and found.
    REPORTED: W. Todd Stephenson 11 JAN 96
    In the "Waiting Room" queue area in the Frontierland Staion of the WDW Railroad, there is a shelf which contains unclaimed luggage. Among the items is an antique wooden leg, with the name "Smith" written on it. A clear reference to the Wooden-Leg-Named-Smith joke from Mary Poppins.
    CONFIRMED: Todd Jacob 13 DEC 98
  2. One hidden stairway and elevator is behind the Frontierland Trading Post. If you are looking at the cut-through between the Country Bear Jamboree and the Frontierland Trading Post, on the Trading Post side of the cut-through, you will see two green doors. They are perpindicular to each other. One is a false door, the one facing the Rivers of America. The door facing "Country Bears" leads to a small hall way behind the store. There you can find an elevator with three stops. First floor is the tunnel, the second is the Trading Post, and third leads to the stores in Adventureland, just behind the Trading post.
    REPORTED: anon 09 APR 98
  3. The dog which is described as being in Haunted Mansion, Pirates, etc, is also on the train ride. As you go between the Splash Mountain and Toon Town stops, towards your right, on a boat in the water is a dog barking and it looks like the other ones.
    REPORTED: Josh 15 MAR 01

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