Liberty Square

Restaurant Fun Facts

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Liberty Tree Tavern

  1. In Liberty Tree Tavern's lobby there is a big fireplace. And in the fireplace there are various items from the colonial times. One of the pots in the fireplace is filled with many chestnuts. If you think about it, it refers back to the Christmas song, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire." A neat little detail created by Disney.
    REPORTED: Rebecca 07 JUL 98
  2. I was visiting my roommate who worked as Goofy at Liberty Tree Tavern. He took me on the roof above the parade route and we watched SpectroMagic and the fireworks. I remember thinking the experience to be one of the most magical and definitely the best seat in the Kingdom!
    REPORTED: Cara Davis-Earyes 23 NOV 00

Columbia Harbour House

  1. There is an upstairs dining area that is almost people free because nobody thinks that you can go upstairs. Even during peak eating hours, you may find 1-2 families up there, but that's all!
    REPORTED: Dana 21 MAR 99

Sleepy Hollow Concession Stand

  1. If you order a bucket of popcorn and large drink your total will be $6.66 or 666, kiind of wierd uh.
    REPORTED: Chris Wilson 20 JAN 02

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