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  1. If you see the moving and talking garbage can, look for two "Plain Clothes Cast Members" following about 20 feet behind it. One has a remote control (like for an RC car) hidden behind his back and the other talks into a small microphone in his hand. From the front they just look like two guys watching the can's antics, so you have to try to see them from behind.
    REPORTED: Jason Steven 29 JAN 97
    The "Living" Trash Can follows guests and interacts with children. While I was in a nearby store I heard it singing the Macarena.
    CONFIRMED: Christine 13 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 29 AUG 97
    The secret to the trash can is supposed to remain a secret, and I'm really good friends with the guy who operates it. He doesn't want anyone to know how it's done. Please don't tell your kids!!!
    CONFIRMED: "Push" pal 05 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: pbarlow 17 SEP 97
    In Tomorrowland I saw a remote-controlled "talking" garbage can. This garbage can looks identical to the normal garbage cans seen inside Tomorrowland, but it rolls around on wheels and interacts with guests.
    CONFIRMED: Josef Faulkner 13 OCT 97
    The charming trash can in Tommorowland is named Push She is so sweet and she moves aroung and talks to you, and I swear she can see you but I couldnt find a camera or a speaker anywhere.
    CONFIRMED: casey 28 APR 00
    There is only one guy operating the garbage can. The music that sometimes plays is an internal stereo system. I've had to empty it before. The guy operating it is not an actual Disney CM, but an operating participant
    UPDATE: ANON 28 MAY 00
    The "Push" trash can has talked to me before. Back in 1996, when I was 11 and my brother was 6 or 7, the trash can came up to us and began asking us questions. I remember when I touched it it said, "Wow, you have soft hands. Do you use Palmolive?" I knew that trash cans couldn't talk, so I looked around desperately for someone with a roommate control, but couldn't find anything. Whoever operates it is extremely clever. My brother was mezmorized. "Push" was the highlight of his day.
    CONFIRMED: jessica 22 JUN 00
    When I was at the Magic Kingdom I was passing through Tomorrowland and when I was next to the Grand Pix there was a talking and moving garbage can. The garbage can went inside a shop and I saw a man sitting on a bench with his hand in a bag and his other hand over his mouth. He was controlling the device and I think I was the only one to notice.
    UPDATE: Coasterguy 14 DEC 00
    Due to recent economic problems with Disney, they have done several cutbacks on employees. There is no longer a two man crew to man the Moving/Talking Trashcan in Tomorrowland. There is just one man (may be more for different shifts, etc...) operating it at a time.
    UPDATE: BJ Minnick 08 FEB 02 pict from
  2. Did you know that the palm trees located around the outskirts of New Tommorrowland fold and unfold at various times during the day to provide shade.
    REPORTED: Lucy-Yvette Pellegrini 05 FEB 99
    I haven't seen it unfold, but have seen the palms open during the day and closed at night.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 09 FEB 99
    Sorry guys, the palm trees don't fold up and down anymore. When I heard that I went to take a look at them, but they have been refitted with steel around the top. They must have been opening and clossing off cue or something. But anyway, now it is physically impossible for them to close (except one, with is closed, but cannot open).
    UPDATE: DisneyCM00-01 23 JUN 01
  3. The background music in Tomorrowland is by Larry Carlton ... the name of the song is "Bubble Shuffle" and is available on Larry Carlton's "Collection" CD.
    REPORTED: Jerry VanHise 21 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric Gabold 06 OCT 97
    True, Larry Carlton does play one of the songs in the Tomorrowland background music, however he only plays the initial song... Here are the artists for some of the other songs... Peter Buffet - Generation Andreas Vollenweider - Night Fire Dance Vangelis - the motion of stars Azuma - Inside the House Susane Ciani Lanz & Speer - The Palace and others. The playlist is available from EPCOT outreach. There is an extended mix played at Tokyo Disneyland which features more New Age artists. No need to guess, just ask the experts: Disney. They will tell you. The music played in the area around Spaceship Earth (not the waterfountain music) is the same music from Discoveryland at EDL. it was specially scored for that park and is not available at any record store.
    CONFIRMED: W. Todd Stephenson 11 MAR 00
  4. Don't you think that there is some irony in the sign when you first enter Tomorrowland. I believe it says, "The future that never was is finally here." Sort of ironic isn't it?
    REPORTED: John 20 JAN 99 pict from
  5. There have been various odd objects scattered around Tomorrowland to add to the futuristic theme for a while now, the most recent addition (around Fall/Winter '96) is a dark, heavy, water-covered sphere which sits on a low-friction base. If it's sitting still, you can give it a hard push to put it in motion, and it will continue to move for a while, in whichever direction you push it.
    REPORTED: Josef Faulkner 14 APR 97
    The ball weighs 6 tons and is held up bay a fountain of water. In fact, if it was ever removed the water from the fountain would rise 210 feet in the air!
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 28 DEC 97
    CONFIRMED: Erin 15 JUN 99
    Due to drought conditions (in the last few years) in Florida and for other water conservation reasons, the large rolling stone that used to sit on water has been turned off. The stone is still there, but no water to "raise" it. On the base of the fountain, there is a plaque that explains this. Actually, this is one of many small fountains and pools throughout Magic Kingdom that have been turned off for at least 2 years now.
    UPDATE: BJ Minnick 08 FEB 02

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