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Mickey's Toontown Fair Fun Facts

  1. There are other hidden characters here
  2. Mickey's Toontown Fair has had quite a few name changes and facelifts over the years. When it first opened it was only meant to be a temporary "land" celebrating Mickey's 60th Birthday. It was called "Mickey's Birthdayland" then and it was supposed to leave the year after his birhday. That explains why it looked so flimsy and thrown together then. All of the houses looked like plywood. Well, it was still pretty popular so they kept it and renamed it "Mickey's Starland" and added a few more things to do. Mickey's House was the only real house on the block too. This pre-dated Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland's Toontown. It stayed "Mickey's Starland" for a few years and then when Disneyland opened up "Mickey's Toontown" it proved to be so popular there that they re-created it in Tokyo Disneyland and now a modified version replaced "Mickey's Starland" and became what we now know as "Mickey's Toontown Fair". It kept some of the elements of the previous incarnations, but added the "Toontown" elements from the other parks, like Minnie's house, and Donald's Boat while adding some of it's own charm like Goofy's Barnstormer (similar to Gadget's Go-Coaster).
    REPORTED: Ben 17 MAY 00
  3. In the Hall of Fame in Toontown, the three lines for character greetings are: Minnie's Famouse Pals which has Minnie and Pluto, Storybook Friends which has Donald and Goofy, and Toon Pals which has Chip and Dale. There is no longer Pooh characters in Hall of Fame. They have moved to the Character Festival area outside Pooh's ride. There are no longer regular princesses either. They sometimes make suprise appearances, but are not announced. :-)
    UPDATE: Audrey Mitchell 13 NOV 99
    The lines in Hall of Fame are changing frequently and now include Winnie the Pooh again. He was moved out of the Character Festival area because this was not a controlled enough environment for them. You will have to check the lines when you visit as they are not the same everyday.
    UPDATE: Audrey Mitchell 07 JUN 00
    I visited the Hall of Fame last October with my son and at that time the lines were as follows: Minnie & Friends (Classic Disney characters like Minnie, Goofy, Donald, etc), Hundred Acre Friends (Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, etc) and the Princesses. The Princess line was always ridiculously long. Surprisingly enough, the classic Disney character line was much shorter than the other two.
    UPDATE: Megan 03 MAR 06
  4. Actually, in Mickey's Toontown Fair, you can find Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, several princesses, including Aurora and Cinderella, Alice, Mary Poppins, Pooh and friends, Baloo, Chip & Dale, etc. However, it is VERY difficult to find the "princes" or heroes, such as Aladdin, the Prince, Prince Charming, or the like. For some reason, male face characters are hard to come by. How sad for the female guests! :) Also, the character names inside the greeting area are NOT a list of those who visit the fair... it is simply a random list of popular characters (or so I was told by a castmember).
    REPORTED: anon 21 SEP 00
  5. This is more of a tribute than a hidden Mickey, or at least an interesting fact. While we were standing in line for the Hall of Fame (the place to get autographs in Toontown Fair) there was an ABC's of Disney show on some TV monitors. They were going through groups of characters by the first letter of their name. I didn't realize before, but the Sorcerer from Sorcerer's Apprentice, in Fantasia, is named Yesnid (Disney backwards).
    REPORTED: Mark Grady 03 MAY 00
    At the Hall of Fame at Toontown Fair with the ABC's pictures the name of the Sorceror is actually YENSID (Yes, that IS DISNEY spelled backwards). I know this bacause I was just there on Aug. 14, 2000. Thought you would like to know.;)
    UPDATE: Rich Sayler 17 SEP 00
  6. You can actually feel the fireworks at Mickey's Toontown Fair. As much as it seems that the charges are shot over the castle, they are really shot over the fair. Try sitting on the park benches that are facing Mickey's and Minnie's houses during fireworks & enjoy!
    REPORTED: shawn.hopkins 26 JUL 97
  7. A note on finding characters. Minnie is often found in the VIP room of the character lines in Mickey's Toon Town and not behind her house. The Princess Room sometimes houses male characters such as Aladdin. This somewhat confused my four year old. The Princess Room closes at 5pm, the Villian Room at 7pm, and the VIP Room at 9pm during normal operating hours. However, Aerial stays in her new autograph place located in Aerial's Grotto behind the Dumbo ride in Fantasyland till 9pm.
    REPORTED: Lisa Degrenia 11 JAN 97
  8. At Mickey's Toontown Fair, Mickey and Minnie have separate houses! Guess they never married.
    REPORTED: Stephanie 05 JUL 96
    I read somewhere once upon a time that, according to Disney, Mickey and Minnie are just good friends and are not married
    COMMENT: Melanie Emmons 29 AUG 96
  9. The chickens that once appeared in Epcot's "World of Motion" (may it rest in peace) have found a new home in Mickey's Toontown Fair.
    REPORTED: anonyMOUSE 23 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Craig 09 JAN 99
  1. Goofy's Barnstormer was manufactured by Vekoma International
  2. Goofy's wise acres farm used to be a petting zoo. Star attraction of the petting zoo: Minnie Moo. Minnie Moo is a cow that was born with a big "hidden Mickey" on her. When Barnstormer was added to Toon Town, the petting zoo, Minnie Moo included, was moved to Fort Wilderness. Minnie Moo is still alive and well, though getting old. :-)
    REPORTED: Audrey Mitchell 15 JAN 00
  3. Before the Barnstormer was built, Toontown had a mini-barn with chickens and horses. This barn was rather disgusting because it was rarely cleaned and smelled of dirty animals. When the barnstormer was built, the animals were moved out and the track was built into the barn. The barn you fly through during the ride once held real animals!
    REPORTED: Jessica 21 JUN 00

Goofy's Barnstormer Facts and Figures




Tubular Coaster




Vekoma International



Ride Height

24.6 feet


? feet

Ride Time

63 secs. or 17 secs. from the top


? mph (avg), ? mph (max)


2 trains at a time, 16 riders per train

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