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  1. Astro Orbitor is the only attraction in Tommorrowland that doesn't feature at least one hidden Mickey. There is nothing that even comes close. Actually, the three spheres(planets) that everyone seems to think are a hidden Mickey are not. Imagineering has very strict guidlines for hidden Mickeys, one of which being that no matter where you view it from it is always a hidden Mickey. The spheres are not an even Mickey from the ground, nor ar they even if you are standing at the ride console(as i did for 9 months). It may be an unofficial grouping of three circles, but it is not an officially recognized hidden Mickey. Astro Orbiter has no officially recognized Hidden Mickeys.
    REPORTED: DisneyCM 00-01 23 JUN 01
  2. If you look up at from about 10 feet in front of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin towards the Astro Orbiter, you will see those different sized spheres spinning. The three looking up at about a 75 degree angle will form one large circle, with 2 small ones attached at the proper angle.
    REPORTED: Aric Bittker 04 AUG 95
    At Astro Orbiter, the "X-Planet" (the hollow silver one with the gold spheres spinning inside) does indeed form a Hidden Mickey when two of the smaller gold spheres line up with a larger silver one to form the silhouette of Mickey's ears.
  3. This Hidden Mickey can probably be viewed quite well during the day. But take my word. Wait until nighttime. You can't see this hidden Mickey from the ground level. You need to have travelled the Skyway before it was removed: Look out over to the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland. You should be able to view this for a good minute. The big hollow globe makes Mickey's head and the two neon green circles makes his ears. The view and the accuracy is outstanding and the view is magnificent that it sent a shiver down my back when I saw it.
    REPORTED: Scott Baker 03 MAR 96
  4. There is a hidden Mickey on the Astro Orbitor. You have to be on the ride to see it. At the very top there is a lamp. On one side you can see the hidden Mickey. It is either frosted on or placed there with a similar kind of affect. I think you can be in any one of the rockets to see it.
    REPORTED: Jeff Edwards 27 OCT 01

Astro Oribiter Facts and Figures



Attraction Type

Hub and spoke






Elevated Planet Design


? feet

Number of Vehicles

16 Space Ships

Vehicle Capacity

4 riders per Space Ship

Ride Time

? minutes


? mph (avg); ? mph (max)

Vertical Speed

? mph (avg); ? mph (max)


? people per hour; load every ? minutes

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