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  1. When your Tomorrowland Transit Authority vehicle takes you into the old Take Flight/current Buzz Lightyear area, there is a woman getting her hair done. Mickey is on her belt buckle.
    Real Hidden Mickey It was on the WDW List and the list of contributors. pict from
  2. You can see that some of the shrubbery (near the Carrousel of Progress) in Tomorrowland is in the shape of a Hidden Mickey. This can easily be seen from above looking down at a maze made out of bushes. If you're looking for it, this is visible from ground level too.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
    This Hidden Mickey in the shrubs is now covered by a stage.
    LOST: larry kolbicka 18 NOV 97
  3. This one is kind of hard to explain. As you first start out on the TTA, right as you turn the corner to go past the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, look up. There is a clear dome about 10 feet above your head. On the dome in what looks like either white paint or sticker residue is a hidden mickey. It's a little deteriorated, but it's clear what it is. It's similar to the hidden Minnie in the TTC.
    REPORTED: Matt 04 MAR 01
  4. If you look really close when you are on the T.T.A. (Tomorowland Transit Authority) when you pass Mickeys Star Traders if you look at the pink sign above the cashier's desk you will see a picture of Mickey Mouse as Steam Boat Willie drawn out in the stars...... It is hard to see the fisrt time but once you find it is fun to point out!
    REPORTED: Stephen 09 JUL 00
  5. At the small stage in Tomorrowland (near Space Mountain) there is a large Mickey above the stage. It is made out of the same scaffolding as the light riggings. Can be seen great from Transit Authority as you go by.
    REPORTED: Tracy 30 MAY 99
    CONFIRMED: Liz 29 JUN 99
  6. In Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, there is a room with fireworks on the wall. The fireworks at the 10 o'clock position are a hidden Mickey. This one can be seen nicely from the Tommorowland Transit Authority when it passes by, and you can see into the Buzz Lightyear attraction.
    REPORTED: davis and andrew furukawa 31 MAY 99
  7. There is a space where you are going into the last or second to last room and there is a short blank wall to you right as you turn left. I saw a very, very clear Hidden Mickey on the wall above head level. It is made out of wood and has all his features.
    REPORTED: Paige Rossetti 02 SEP 97
  8. In one of the People Mover tunnels, there are 3 circles in the shape of Mickey!
    REPORTED: Darlene Peters 07 JUN 95

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