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Other Hidden Mickeys on Disney Property

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  1. The Interstate 4 Hidden Mickey is actually part of Celebration's high voltage transmission line
  2. There is a Hidden Mickey at the official Disney/AAA Travel Center (exit 68 off I-75). One of the 'clouds' on the ceiling of the travel center has a clearly familiar look about its 'nose' and 'ears'
    CONFIRMED: lisa 23 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Bruce Metcalf 26 JAN 97
    At the Disney/AAA Travel Center in Ocala, Fla. There is a very distinct hidden Mickey in the clouds in the Seventh blue and White Ceiling panel on the left as you enter. It is very distinct.
    CONFIRMED: Joshua Dawson 22 JUN 97
  3. On the stained glass window on the entrance of the TGI Fridays located at the Cross Roads center across from Downtown Disney (The Cross Roads is owned by Disney) there is a hidden set of Mickey ears.
    REPORTED: Melina Ricker 04 AUG 97
    If you go to the Friday's at the Crossroads near WDW, look in the stained glass window near one of the fornt entrances. There is definetly a black hidden Mickey there!
    CONFIRMED: LittleMRM 14 SEP 98
  4. In Orlando, FL, at Pirate's Cove Miniature Golf Course (next to Ripley's Believe It or Not), on one of the 2 courses, there is a certain hole (I forgot the #, but I think it was around 6), the hole is a narrow area about 4 feet long and then it comes into a Mickey Mouse shaped area. The hole is located on his head. Although, it is crooked, you can still make it out. And whenever we play there, we always call it "The Mickey Mouse Hole" along with everyone else.
    REPORTED: Rob Warden 14 JUL 96
  5. I spotted a Hidden Mickey that is not on Disney property. It is at the Best Western Buena Vista Suites Hotel at S.R. 535 and International Dr. In the lobby is a special display holder for Disney related brochures. It is about a 4 foot high square pedestal with card rack in the side. On top of the pedestal is a three-dimensional sculpture of Mickey approximately 2-3 feet tall made out of artificial grass (astro-turf or the stuff fake Christmas trees are made out of). Anyway, topping the pedestal edge like a very small fence is a gold colored trim like filigree. This filigree is in the shape of Mickey's head chained together.
    REPORTED: Dan Freeberg 27 FEB 96
  6. I found a Hidden Mickey, but I don't know if it "counts." While visiting recently, we went to NASA for the day, and noticed a manhole cover just like the ones at Disney World. There is a Mickey silhouette in the middle of the cover. It's on the sidewalk area, as you are leaving the buildings and headed out towards the parking lot. It's near the buildings, but close to the Motorcycle parking area.
    REPORTED: Lyn Diamond 10 FEB 96
    Can anyone explain why there would be a Disney manhole cover (with the mouse ears in the center) at the Kennedy Space Center? It is right by the turnstiles as you walk in. As far as I know, Disney has never run the tours there.
    CONFIRMED: Joe Stevano 18 JAN 98
  7. This is real. On the JAWS Ride at Universal Studios, Orlando, there is a boat that has been attacked, and floating next to it is a pair of Mickey Mouse ears! When you come across "Gordon in Amity Six's" half-eaten boat, you can see a Mickey Mouse hat constantly floating by the sinking vessel. Apparently, Universal Studios Hollywood decided to use the same thing because it worked so well here in Florida.
    REPORTED: Christian Cetnarowski 15 APR 97
    Yes it is true that on the Jurassic Park attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood as well as the Jaws attraction at Universal Studios Florida there are Mickey ears to be found amongst the carnage. I work for Universal Studios and can testify that there is an unbelievably fierce rivalry between Universal and Disney. Some of my co-workers are even afraid to decorate their offices with disney memorabilia they collected while working on projects at Disney, for fear of retribution.
    CONFIRMED: Jason 06 JAN 98
    In regards to the Mickey ears sighting at the Jurassic Park ride in Universal Studios Hollywood, I am surprised to see that no one caught the NAME on said hat. It reads "Michael". My girlfriend and I believe that the raptors first meal happened to be none other that good ol' Michael Eisner himself.
    UPDATE: Randy Nelson 26 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: future imagineer99 30 MAR 99
    The floating (half eaten) MICKEY ears at Universal Studios Jaws ride were put there because of a rivalry between WDW & US concerning their studio tours attraction. I guess Disney's looked almost identical to the Universal one and they opened it before Universal. This fact was found in the book Keys to the Kingdom.
    UPDATE: anon 24 AUG 00

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