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Wide World of Sports

  1. The ADF Group built the complex


Winter Summerland Mini-Golf Course Optional Banners
  1. Winter Summerlan has two 18-hole mini golf courses. It is the zany vacation home of Santa and Mrs. Claus and the elves. One course is a Sand course and one is a Snow course, because 1/2 of the elves loved snow and 1/2 loved the sand.
    REPORTED: anon 15 APR 99

Water Parks

Blizzard Beach

  1. Legend has it that a freak snowstorm resulted in Florida's first ski resort, but when temperatures rose, the Florida sun turned the ski runs into water slides.
  2. From the top of the highest slides at Blizzard Beach, you can see all four parks (via their 'mark'). There's the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth at Epcot, and (I believe) both the Earful Tower and Tower of Terror at Disney-MGM Studios. Granted, you can't see them all at once, you must turn & you can see each one indvidually.
    REPORTED: Kris S. 08 OCT 00
  3. Blizzard Beach is the largest of the three Water Parks, with 66 total acres!
  4. Each of the water parks is refurbished annually, generally during the cooler fall/winter months. Although the specific dates for this winter have not yet been determined, please know that these routine maintenance periods are staggered enabling Guests to enjoy at least one park year round.
  5. There is also a manatee and an alligator on the rocks near Mt. Gushmore. These are very difficult to find. I advise a novice to ask the lifeguards and custodial Cast Member, as they are well aware of these.
    REPORTED: Craig Wymer 29 JUL 96
  6. There is a hidden Ice Gator at Blizzard Beach. Looking at the deep end of the wave pool, the rocks between the middle guard chair and the guard chair on the far right form an alligator. It is hard to see at first.
    REPORTED: Dan 26 OCT 96
    I don't have a hidden Mickey sighting to report- but I do have a hidden Ice Gator to reveal to you. If you are in Melt-a-Way Bay facing Summit Plummit if you look in the rocks in between the two life guard stands on the right side of the pool (the two known as Wave One and Wave Two), just above and to the left of Wave One you will see carved in the rocks an outline of an alligator. It's pretty obvious once it is pointed out to you.
    CONFIRMED: Blizzard Babe 17 APR 00
  7. in the Ratigan sequence, Bill the Lizard with a ladder from Alice in Wonderland is part of the Ratigan gang.
    REPORTED: bill schumacher 06 MAR 99
  8. As a lifeguard I've gotten the chance to meet some of the guards that worked at Typhoon Lagoon before it oppened. I don't know how true this is, but I was told by my boss that when the engineers first activated the wave pool it blew out its walls.
    REPORTED: anon 29 NOV 00
  9. If you want to play a good trick on the lifeguards at Disney Waterparks, lay out with a video camera pointed at them and if at all possible have a lifeguard hat on, and they will get very nervous (its how their tested). I know I'm one of the people that do the testing for the company Ellis & Associates.
    REPORTED: anon 29 NOV 00
  10. E. B. Effects created the hanging icicle effect at Blizzard Beach. Checkout a sample of their work.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01

Typhoon Lagoon

  1. Above the entrance of Typhoon lagoon, the sailing flags represent 'Typhoon Lagoon'
    REPORTED: emma 20 JUN 99
  2. The home port of the Miss Tilly, the boat on top of Typhoon Lagoon, is "Safen Sound FL"
    REPORTED: Joseph Weeks 31 DEC 96
    "Safen Sound" is the home port of the stranded ship in Typhoon Lagoon.
    CONFIRMED: Luke Davis 27 DEC 98
  3. While on holiday in Portugal, (I wanted to go back to Olando but my Dad wanted a change, Boo!!! Hiss!!!) We went to a water park called "Typhoon Tullys" which is not only a rip of of Typhoon Lagoon but the Steamboat Miss Tillys. As Typhoon Tully's had a boat on a mountain called Steamboat Tully which is also a rip off of Disney's first cartoon with Mickey Mouse "Steamboat Willy"!
    REPORTED: Antony Ellis 17 MAY 98
  4. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon has the largest wave pool in the United States: 2.75-million-gallons.
  5. In the wavepool at Typhoon Lagoon there is a red big red line. When I was there I thought it meant, don't go beyond this line, unless you're one of the surfers who goes way up close to the wave. Well, I stood there, and learned the hard way that that is not what the lie means, and in fact it means that the red line is where the wave crashes down on you.
    REPORTED: anon 12 AUG 99

Magnolia Golf Course

  1. My family was taking a waterskiing trip on Seven Seas Lagoon and in the middle of the trip we stopped to dive in and cool off. As I dove into the water, I asked the boat driver if there were any "gators" in the water. He replied with, "Yep, we pulled an eight footer out last week!" I laughed, b/c I figured he was teasing me while I was swimming, and he replied again with a serious,"No, Really, we pulled an eight footer out last week!" I quickly swam back into the boat, however he reassured me that they are timid animals and are generally scared by the boats, but they do keep metal screening installed before the shorelines to weed out any of the gators from getting into the swimming areas or onto the resort shores. We also were chased by tiny baby gator while trying to retrieve a golfball from the Magnolia Course water.
    REPORTED: anon 27 SEP 00

Disney Institute

  1. Disney Institute Special Events
  2. Disney Institute - Culinary Arts Programs
  3. Disney Institute - Sports and Fitness Programs
  4. Disney Institute - Animation Programs
  5. Disney Institute - Television and Film Programs
  6. Disney Institute - Gardening and Outdoors Programs
  7. Disney Institute - Spa Programs
  8. Disney Institute - Camp Disney

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