Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Phsst: Fun Facts

pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  1. Pizza Mickeys throughout the resorts
  2. Pancake Mickeys throughout the resorts
  3. Waffle Mickeys throughout the resorts
  4. Toilet paper wrappers throughout the resorts
  5. Soap in the guest laundry rooms
  6. Manhole covers
  7. The pots are in the shape of Mickey
    REPORTED: anon 01 APR 97
  8. A Hidden Mickey can be seen in in the morning. My family and I saw it on our way to breakfast.
    REPORTED: Alanna Weidlich 30 DEC 96
  9. There is Mickey/Minnie bread at Caribbean Beach
    REPORTED: anon 06 SEP 98
  10. The main pool, if viewed from above, seems to form a Mickey
    REPORTED: Lisa 28 JAN 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  11. In Old Port Royale, there is a restaurant called Bridgetown Broiler. There are with black cast iron frying pans hanging behind the counter. Three of them form a Hidden Mickey! One large one in the middle and two smaller ones on either side of it.
    REPORTED: Jeanne Ann Drago 22 MAY 96
    You have to get really close to the counter for it to line up correctly.
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 01 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Baker 28 MAR 00 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  12. In Old Port Royal there is a mural of a sunken ship with Ariel and flounder in it. There are at least 8 hidden Mickeys! A port hole on the ship in the moon (a full face), a side view in the water to the right of the ship, some coconuts in a palm tree the "shadow" of the dolphins on the bottom of the ocean in the white caps on the side wall of the sunken ship mural, there is another mural with the castle reflection and jelly fish. The jelly fish make a Mickey hat.
    REPORTED: krista munsell 09 DEC 97
    I stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort for my honeymoon during the week of September 14 - 20, 1997. While there, my husband and I witnessed the making of a mural in Old Port Royal. We watched the artist for several days, and sparked a discussion with him. He confirmed that he did infact have hidden Mickies in the mural (13 of them!). He pointed out 3 of the obvious ones and left us to find the other 10! In total, we correctly identified 8 or 13!
    CONFIRMED: Tara Radulski 24 MAR 98
    We recently stayed at the Caribbean Beach. Having read this site before leaving, we knew to look for 13 Hidden Mickeys in the Ariel and Flounder Mural at OPR. Having looked for several days, we finally found all 13! The one we found to be the hardest to spot was the silhouette of Mickey behind the ship. The only way you could see it was to catch it in the right light. It blended in with the background and was very hard to see.
    UPDATE: Caitlin 05 AUG 99
  13. In the Old Port Royale dining area, there is a mural over by the Big Screen TV right before you step up to see the TV. There is a Man/Woman holding 3 maracas that form a Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Joe Calcagnino 22 FEB 99
  14. In the Old Port Royal food court, just to the left of the soda fountain island, there is a large carribean mural painted on the top part of the wall. Near the upper right hand corner of the mural three blue balloons make up a perfect shape of Mickey's head. It is obvious, but takes some looking.
    REPORTED: Daryl Jones 27 AUG 97
    When I was in Old Port Royale eating breakfast I did see the 3 ballons making an almost perfect Mickey head. They are almost the same size but they do form Mickey ears.
    CONFIRMED: Joe Calcagnino 22 FEB 99 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  15. In Old Port Royal, in our room, I found hidden Mickey on whole alot on the window curtain.
    REPORTED: anon 05 MAR 06
  16. The lighthouse behind Old Port Royale contains a Hidden Mickey. It can be seen best from the Martinique side of the lighthouse to the other side of the lake.
    REPORTED: Ryan Lange 05 FEB 97
    On the Caribbean Beach Light House there is a Mickey head but it is not really hidden. decor
    UPDATE: Joe Calcagnino 22 FEB 99
    Right before you see the test tube Mickey. Hanging near plants is a plastic Mickey
    REPORTED: Pat Greene 26 JUN 05
  17. In the early AM the grounds keeper was raking the sand around the lake with a harrow and garden tractor. When he was finished, he made the shape of a Mickey head!
    REPORTED: Kelli Fagaly 04 MAY 96
    Every morning when we went to breakfast, we were amused about the Mickey-Shape in the sand - made with the traces from the tractor wheels.
    CONFIRMED: Thomas Tausend 18 JAN 97
  18. In the Jamacia village, if you look up toward the roofs, you will see white designs, the middle white designs form a Mickey head and ears
    REPORTED: Tami 28 DEC 97
    I stayed in the Jamacia village, and I noticed the Mickeys on the all the building points right away. The swirly white designs on all the buildings form the three circle shape, but might be considered questionable since the 'ear' circles are a little large. However, the same design atop the building at the pool is better, and at least that one I would say it is a pretty legitimate hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: vito 09 JUL 00
  19. We stayed in the Barbados village of Caribbean Beach Resort. Our room had brightly colored floral draperies, bedspreads and shower curtain. Amidst the flowers were small "buds" which were actually yellow Mickey heads.
    REPORTED: Pat Hyatt 11 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: John 29 MAY 01
    The bedspreads have little Mickey outlines in a line. They are very subtle, and my wife needed to point them out to me.
    CONFIRMED: Kerry Clendenon 04 JUN 01
    I found hidden Mickeys on the shower curtain and matching bedspread in our room at the Carribean Beach Hotel.
    CONFIRMED: Rosemary 05 MAY 02
    If you look around your guest room at the resort, you will see golden Mickey's in the sheets, curtains, and I also think they are on the border too. Also look at the painting of the Disney Cruise ship on the wall, u will see one hidden mickey on the ship's stern. than you
    CONFIRMED: Charles 11 MAY 02
  20. In our Carribean Beach room, there is a wooden shelf on the wall that has a hidden Mickey on each side as part of the bracket.
    REPORTED: Rosemary 05 MAY 02
  21. As an cast member at the resort I can tell you that I was personally responsible for including more hidden Mickeys on property. You can find 1 on the hood of a yellow multicolored electric cart used by the engineering dept. You can also find 1 on another maintance cart (back curtain). Also, there is 1 on a little sprite boat. I believe the 1 in the chicken shop is no longer there. I will check again. Good hunting and I will keep you informed if any more come up at CBR.
    UPDATE: anon 30 DEC 97

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