Port Orleans Resort
Port Orleans Resort

Disney's Port Orleans - French Quarter Resort

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  1. Pizza Mickeys throughout the resorts
  2. Pancake Mickeys throughout the resorts
  3. Waffle Mickeys throughout the resorts
  4. Toilet paper wrappers throughout the resorts
  5. Soap in the guest laundry rooms
  6. Manhole covers
  7. On the Port Orleans' logo that is printed on merchandise from t-shirts to glasses, mugs, and pins, there are SEVEN hidden mickeys in the design.
    REPORTED: Andy McCullough 31 DEC 97
  8. The notes behind the admissions desk play "When the Saints Go Marching In".
    REPORTED: Chris Magner 25 MAY 97
    There were no longer such notes. The only notes in the lobby I could find were brass notes cut out and bolted to the "fence" at the top of the front desk.
    LOST: Wm Carpenter 27 JAN 99
    I'd like to add that these brass notes are bolted to the fence at the admissions desk area, and they do play "When the Saints Go Marching In".
    CONFIRMED: Robert & Deborah Peters 13 SEP 99
  9. When we stayed at Port Orleans, the Cast Member, who gave us a map, circled three areas on it. Of course, the circles made a Mickey. I mentioned this to her and she winked and said "I was trained well."
    REPORTED: Doug Kelley 30 NOV 96
    The 3 areas circled on the map are the lagoon swimming pool and the 2 boat landings at the far end of the Port Orleans Resort.
    CONFIRMED: Brian Harriss 20 JAN 97
    I recently stayed at Disney's Port Orlean's Resort. When checking in, the clerk gave us a map and circled three important areas. the three cirlces formed a Mickey Mouse.
    CONFIRMED: Missy 23 SEP 97
    Port Orleans is still creating a Hidden Mickey on the map of the resort. When they circle the Pool, boat rental and boat landing, they are still creating a great Hidden Mickey!
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Fox 22 MAY 99
  10. In the gift shop there is a hidden Mickey on the only cart in the gift shop in the top corners there are three holes that form a hidden Mickey there are six of them but only one is a true hidden Mickey its on the top left hand side
    REPORTED: Greg Fagan 18 JUN 00
  11. On the duvets at Port Orleans, if you look closely, there are little white Mickey's!
    REPORTED: Adam 30 JUL 00
    CONFIRMED: Charlie 30 JUL 00
  12. We were eating breakfast in the Saggaloosa food court, I looked up at a skylight, and saw an outline of Mickey Mouse's head on the skylight windowpane... it looked like glue left over from a decal of Mickey's head that had been removed..but it was definitely Mickey's head, with his two ears!!
    REPORTED: The Powers Family 21 MAR 99
  13. The Bakery Shop has a Mickey and Minnie shaped bake pans on the wall. decor
    REPORTED: Nocturus 05 MAR 95
    CONFIRMED: Marla Stauffer 24 OCT 95
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 22 APR 97
  14. We had a handicapped room which had a drain in the middle of the bathroom floor, near the sink. (The bathrooms are laid out a little differently from the non-handicapped rooms.) The drain had a tiny WDW logo on it (globe with Mickey ears on it); I only noticed this when I bent over to pick up something I had dropped. decor
    REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 25 APR 97
  15. My family and I stayed in Port Orleans when it was still fairly new. One day, we came home early from one of the parks (around 1 in the afternoon) and we noticed works spray painting all of the iron handrails outside of the buildings. At first, we thought they did this because it was new, but a few days later we returned around the same time, and their they were again, painting the same rails. Disney's attention to such detail amazes me.
    REPORTED: Matt Fusfield 30 MAR 98
  16. On our recent trip to Walt Disney World this summer we spotted many hidden Mickeys on the refillable mugs at Disney's Port Orleans Resort. It seems that the very imaginative cast members stick 3 black dots arranged as Mickey's face and ears to the bottom of the mug so that are able to tell who has paid for them. Pretty cute!
    REPORTED: Karen 07 SEP 98
    I just bought a Dixie Landings refillable mug from a local thrift store and guess what the splashes of water coming out of the fish bucket on the right side if you really look do resemble a Mickey
    CONFIRMED: a.lynn krajny 07 DEC 01
  17. While walking back to our room, in Bldg 7, from the food court at Port Orleans, my son spotted a hidden Mickey on the street (path) on the left hand side in front of Bldg 4 right in front of the path to rooms 4101-4118. It was formed from the indentations in the pavement. My husband and I saw it too!
    REPORTED: Patty 11 SEP 00
  18. At our resort, Port Orleans - Riverside, the bedding was a flower pattern. The vines of the blue flowers were Mickey's profile.
    REPORTED: Molly 04 APR 01
    CONFIRMED: Meesta Chrees 18 APR 01
  19. We recently stayed at Port Orleans for our honeymoon. We had a room in building 3. When the lights were on the shadow thrown on the wall from the lamps above the bed had a Hidden Mickey. The leaves in the metal work that held the light fixture to the wall contained the Mickey and when the lights were on it was cast onto the wall. You could also see the Mickey in the metal work when laying on the bed looking up at the light fixture.
  20. We stayed at the Port Orleans Resort. Housekeeping left a card by the sink explaining about the body soap/hair shampoo dispenser located in the shower - there is a Hidden Mickey made out of three bubbles on the back of the card!
    REPORTED: Sharon & Trina Lamarre 03 JAN 99
  21. In Port Orleans, French Quarter, in the southern portion of the complex there is a garden. The garden is enclosed by a black fence, but you can walk directly through two gates in the fence. Inside the fence is a large area of grass in the shape of a Mickey. There are two tree wells which make up the ears.
    REPORTED: Jeff Edmunds 10 OCT 01

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