A Disney Wedding

REPORTED: Clarence 05 MAR 97

I used to work at Walt Disney World before Epcot opened as A Kid of the Kingdom. Growing up on a farm in Wisconsin, Sunday evenings were family nights around the TV after chores were done. The Wonderful World of Disney would be on, and this fantasy world of Disneyland was often shown. Through this TV show, I often saw and then dreamed of another world out there, beyond the fences. I realized my dream by working at Disney World as a performer, but knew I needed to do more with my life, so I moved on.

Three years ago I was cast in Hello, Dolly! starring Carol Channing. It is the story of the matchmaker and one of the characters is a young man looking for adventure, and a world full of wonderful things. In this show, I met the most wonderful of all things, Desta. Knowing, and caring for my passions in life, she bought me a brick that's embedded outside the Magic Kingdom with my name on it.

I proposed to her on a private boat on Bay Lake right in front of the Magic Kingdom. Her ring was served to her in a glass of champagne. Even the fireworks paled, in comparison to the tears in her eyes as she said "Yes". Looking into my heart, she has chosen to have a Cinderella Wedding. How could I not love someone who looks into my heart to fulfill my dreams, my visions and my life when we wed at the Wonderful World of Disney.

The wedding will took place August 30 1998 and will be photographed in Quicktime VR.

View the Wedding Pavilion in Virtual Reality (380 KB).

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