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  1. There are lots of Mickey heads on the fence at the Disney Studios gates. decor
    REPORTED: Graham Allan 06 SEP 93
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Connelly 08 SEP 93
    CONFIRMED: Dan Amrich 24 SEP 95
    This is called a "deliberate" Mickey on the official Epcot list.
    NOTE: Melanie Emmons 28 AUG 96
    There are "Hidden Mickeys" on the fence of the front gate at MGM. But they are very easy to see you don't even have to look for them.
    CONFIRMED: anon 06 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: The Crutchley Family 28 JUN 97
    The entire ironwork fence around the Disney studios is themed with Mickeys.
    CONFIRMED: Jon Fether 21 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: Joy Hogley 26 MAY 98
  2. At the ticket purchase area when first entering MGM, look at the park advertisement signs just above the ticket windows. At the bottom of the signs are small metal brackets which appear to be helping hold them up. They are in the shape of a hidden Mickey. I checked all of the other parks and MGM is the only one which has these.
    REPORTED: The Buck Family 11 JAN 99
  3. Once you enter the park and get to the first main building on Hollywood Blvd. on the left, look up to where the balcony is and you will see Mickey made out of the railing looking to your left.
    REPORTED: Joel 03 FEB 97
  4. A light poll has a half sized Mickey next to the camra shop.
    REPORTED: Eli 26 APR 01 pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  5. When you round the corner from New York Street towards the ABC commissary, there is a billboard with Diane Sawyer and another newscaster promoting thier ABC show. Above them are four billboard style lights. When we saw this billbaord around 11 in the morning, two of the lights cast shadows on Diane Saywers head in the shape of Mickey ears. I would guess at some other time of the day her co-host would be wearing theese shadow ears as the sun shifts.
    REPORTED: Andy 17 NOV 00
    There is a billboard near the Sci-Fi Dinner Theatre which features Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson of "Good Morning America." Directly above the billboard are four spotlights to illuminate it at night. At certain times of the day (I was there around 11:30 AM) the shadows of two of the lights hit right at the top of Diane's head and look just like Mickey ears! I'm sure this wasn't deliberate, but it took me by surprise nonetheless!
    CONFIRMED: John K 24 FEB 01
    Just over a year after Andy saw the Diane Sawyer Hidden Mickey on New York Street in Disney MGM Studios, my family and I saw the same one. At about the same time of day that Andy saw his, we were rounding the corner of New York Street heading towards the ABC Commissary, and voila! There was Diane Sawyer sportin' one of the most beautiful, biggest, albeit disproportionate sets of Mouse Ears one could hope for. If you look at the picture I'm sending, taken 11/30/01, you may concur with Andy and suggest that the time of day is the deciding factor. Another possibility could be the viewing position that puts Charles Gibson into his set of Mouse Ears. Coincidence? You be the judge!
    CONFIRMED: Tom Deloria 27 JAN 02
    I have a photo of a Good Morning America sign featuring Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson. It hangs above a sign that says WRITERS STOP COFFEE AND BOOKS TO GO. The lights that are suspended over the GMA sign, assuming to illuminate it in the dark, create Mickey ears on Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson. My photo shows Diane Sawyer with the ears, and I assume that at another time of the day, Charles Gibson has the ears.
    CONFIRMED: Rose Gibson 15 MAR 02

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