Backstage Pass

Fun Facts

  1. In the Jim Henson's Creature Shop there is a worktable in the far left hand corner of the work floor. On this worktable there are several paints and tools. On the floor in front of this table there is a brown box with a makeshift paint container made of two styrofoam cups. These cups each have the likelyness of six Mickey Mouse charcters on them. These hidden Mickeys are very out of place in this remake of Jim's original shop in London and are not often noticed.
    REPORTED: Patrick Livingston 16 FEB 00
  2. On the "Backstage Pass" tour, you get to look down upon the Home Improvement set. On the floor near the center of the set, in between the "Tool Time" area and the "Home" area, is a GIGANTIC stage/spot light. Follow its middle pole down to a circular case of film leaning on the light's base. In the center of this case of film is a hidden Mickey. (I went through the right set of doors in the Muppet room to get this view).
    REPORTED: Scott Morgan 02 JUN 01

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