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  1. The Indiana Jones Show is the only place in all of Disney theme park properties (both here and abroad) that get to wear their own clothes.
    REPORTED: <anon 20 JAN 99
  2. The golden idol is an exact replica of the one from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
    REPORTED: <anon 20 JAN 99
  3. The golden idol is an exact replica of the one from "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
    REPORTED: <anon 20 JAN 99
  4. About 20 minutes before the show, cast members take guests from the audience to be "extras" in the next show. One person who is always taken every time is a "guest" who turns out to be a professional stuntman who works for WDW. The way you can tell who this person is by his clothing--he always wears a hawaiian shirt!
    REPORTED: Matt Brannock 04 JUN 01
  5. The spears in the Indiana Jones Show come straight up. As where in the movie they came from the sides.
    REPORTED: Dawn and Grady Bishop 20 NOV 96
  6. The spikes in the Indiana Jones show are activated by pads on the ground that the stuntman steps on to bring them up. Yes, they can hurt someone.
    REPORTED: Trevor Griffin 23 JAN 97
    Confirmed on "Walt Disney World Inside Out".
    CONFIRMED: Jimmy Murphy 13 APR 97
    Spikes are activated by pads and can hurt!
    CONFIRMED: Chuck 05 MAY 98
  7. The giant rolling ball weighs 440 pounds, I got my information off of the Walt Disney World Explorer.
    REPORTED: Michelle 30 NOV 97
    The ball weighs from 400-500 lbs.
    CONFIRMED: Chuck 05 MAY 98
    The ball weighs filled with compressed air. It takes two cast memebers to push it back up to the top of the ramp after each show..
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98
  8. The moving sets weighs around 100 tons making them the largest moving sets in history.
    REPORTED: Trevor Griffin 23 JAN 97
    The left moveable set with the Skull doors were so heavy (the set weighs more than 60 tons alone because the artists put the fiberglass on too thick) that I had to add special "foam" in the four tires in order to carry the excess loads.
    CONFIRMED: Al Worrell 02 OCT 98
  9. The statue that Indy takes never had a Mickey face, but the hands do hold it's butt "lewdly".
    REPORTED: Al Worrell 02 OCT 98
  10. The Marketplace stage was used in an episode of the Hulk Hogan show Thunder In Paradise.
    REPORTED: Michael Crowell 06 DEC 99
  11. Stunts are real and dangerous! In the Chiro Scene in the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular where Indy and Marion swing across on the first rope, today technitians didn't tighten it enough, the rope snapped and sent Eric (Indy) straight the the concrete (joke about the concrete being hard to replace isn't funny anymore is it?)
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 01 JUL 01
  12. The truck flip in the movie was suppose to go end over end as it does in the Disney Show. But when Stunt Coordinator Glenn Randall Jr. also the Stunt Coordinator whom put the theme park show together hit the charges the truck went on it's side not end over end. He wanted to re-do the gag; but Spielberg said he thought it looked better that way. When designing the show they decided to make sure they did it the way it was suppose to happen.
    REPORTED: Dawn and Grady Bishop 20 NOV 96

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