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Prime Time 50's Restaurant Fun Facts

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  1. One of the TVs actually says Disney on it.
    REPORTED: Mark Fisher & Ryland Madison 21 SEP 95
  2. Also, almost all of the TVs in the restaurant have Disney name and a few of them have an unusual Disney logo on them. They were made especially for the restaurant. One of the most common comments we get from guests is, "I didn't know that Disney made televisions!" Well, we don't.
    CONFIRMED: Charles Maginnis 12 MAR 96
  3. First, in the front of the restaurant there is a small room with a large picture window facing Echo Lake. We call this room 'Station 1'. On the left side of the window there is a set of shelves and on these shelves there are four lunch boxes circa the fifties. Two of these lunch boxes carry the Disney copyright and one of those two is titled the 'Disney Lunch Crew' or something very similar. On it is a picture of a school bus loaded with many of the Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, ectc.
    REPORTED: Charles Maginnis 12 MAR 96
  4. Second, in the film clips on the TV screens there is a clip playing music and showing many scenes from what is probably a state fair and other events. One of the scenes is a group of women walking a bunch of small dogs around a swimming pool. almost immediately after that scene is a scene of three Disney windup toys (Mickey, I think Pluto, and one other) in full action.
    REPORTED: Charles Maginnis 12 MAR 96

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