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  1. In Sounds Dangerous with Drew Carry, when he is trying to enter the office you can see a picture of the Mona Lisa and other artifacts in the wearhouse as well.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 17 MAY 01
  2. After the main show for Sounds Dangerous, the area that you exit into has areas where you can make your own sound effects. Along the right hand side of the room as you come out of the Sounds Dangerous show are sets of doors and inside is the same system used in the main show but is a diffrent plot. The whole thing was done here at the Studios in the animation area overlooking the parking lots in the back. The secretary is the same person who did the voice for the Jokers sidekick girl in the batman animated show. Flabio got his name for this part from Fabio. The mouse himself makes a sound appearance in this. The assistant to you in this part is well known yet I cant think of his name.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 07 JUL 01
  3. Triad designed and built the interactive control equipment for numerous activities , and kiosks in the "Sound Show" post area -- including "Movie Mimics," "Touchtoons," , and "Binaural Booths."

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