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Backlot Tour

  1. The pre-show for the Backlot Tour has now re-opened. It now features a new show for the movie Pearl Harbor. The set inculdes an PT boat and an engine room. The water slide is still used however. More explosions are in this now. The basic set up is the ship is hit in the hull and all around in an Japanese Aireal assult. Using new systems, all of this is filmed, edited in no time flat and reshown using computer generated airplanes along with the live action shots. Aside from that, dilauge, more water and sound effects are also added.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 07 JUL 01
  2. On the Backlot Tour, while riding through the "cars" and props used in movies, the Jamaican Bobsled from Cool Runnings is there. Well, next to it, is the original SS Minnow from the television show, "Gilligan's Island."
    REPORTED: PhiL 21 NOV 97
  3. While riding aboard the Tour Tram in Disney, we passed an airplane that the tour guide said was the exact same plane that Walt Disney flew over the property in 1964, he also added that the plane looks exactly the same as it did then. I noticed that the logo on the side of the plane was the old Walt Disney World logo, now we all know that Roy Disney named the park WALT DISNEY WORLD after Walt died, so this could not be painted on the side wof the plane when Walt flew in it. When I pointed this out to the hostess, she confirmed what I said, and also commented that I was the first person in three years to notice this mistake.
    REPORTED: Rob Sherwood 09 JUN 97
  4. On Catastrophe Canyon (the Tram Tour) look to the left as you leave behind the "back stage" area of the canyon. You will pass all of the pipes and stuff and on the wall on the left (as you exit this area) there is a skeleton carved into the wall. This carving faces you and is very easy to see. Kind of neat huh?
    REPORTED: Missy Wigley 22 JUN 96
  5. There is a skeleton behind Catastrophe Canyon. When your tram turns behind the set, you will see it looking at you!!
    REPORTED: Di 27 MAR 97
  6. The original centerpiece of what was the "Star Jets" was a large white rocket. This rocket was moved when Tommorrowland renovation took place. "Star Jets" was replaced by the "Astro Orbiter". Disney dissambled the large white rocket centerpiece and painted it green camo for a spot in the "Thunder in Paradise" series. It can now be found in the "Bone Yard" on the MGM Studios Backlot Tour.
    REPORTED: Kenneth Klingensmith 08 JAN 97
  7. Many props from the former World of Motion ride at Epcot are on display in the MGM prop room and the Boneyard. Among them are several characters as well as props from the recently renovated ride.
    REPORTED: Twise 01 APR 97
  8. The armadillo used in Armageddon can be seen in the boneyard.
    Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98
  9. If you go on the Backstage Tour you can see the front of the Golden Girls House.
    REPORTED: Dayna 16 JAN 01

Making of Armageddon

  1. Lightpoint Entertainment, producers of The Doolie Show, provide the animators and technicians for most of the animation and support equipment you see on the tour.
    REPORTED: Tom & Renée Shaw 27 DEC 98

Backstage Pass

  1. In the 101 Dalmatians program (which replaces part of the old Backlot Tour) you get to view some of the sets of Cruella DeVil's mansion (this is where you used to see sets from and the short film "The Lottery" with Bette Midler). On the ground floor at the outside corner after Cruella's office is a wire cage filled with props. There are 'fashion' magazines with Cruella's picture on the cover. You may notice that Cruella's hair has the black and white halves reversed from the way they appear in the film. Not too exciting but was proud of my observation skills.
    REPORTED: Jim Gerard 21 DEC 96
  2. E. B. Effects created the hanging icicle effect for 101 Dalmatians. Checkout a sample of their work.
    REPORTED: anon 14 MAY 01

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

  1. Leannza Corenet, a former Miss America, at one time, portrayed Arial, in the 'Voyage of the Little Mermaid' show. This was reported on the Walt Disney World Explorer CD, 2nd Version.
    REPORTED: Paul Hight 19 MAR 99

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