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Fun Facts about the Rock'n Roller Coaster

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  1. pict from hiddenmickeys.org
  2. Rock N RollerCoaster had its first birthday and Disney World celebrated it by building a Stratocaster in the parking lot made out of Corvettes.
    REPORTED: Adrian Ofman 16 DEC 00
  3. The Art Director for Rock 'n Roller Coaster was Jim Shull, WDI, who lead the design of this world class roller coaster.
  4. The dashboard speaker on the car outside attached to the end of the Stratocaster works as do the dashboard lights.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  5. The strings between the Stratocaster body and the end of the neck where the car is attached are 100 yards long. To bend all six "strings" through all those complex curves, WDI had to use a coaster manufacture to create the complex bends.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  6. At 40 feet tall, the larger-than-life stratocaster guitar that adorns the entrance of the attraction has a 32-foot-long neck which is nearly 15 times the size of the neck on an average stratocaster guitar
    REPORTED: Jason Dixon 23 NOV 99
  7. Below the stratocaster guitar that adorns the entrance of the attraction there are piano keys at go all the way around and behind the guitar.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  8. There is one mile of neon used on the outside of the attraction
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  9. In concert with the themeing of G-Force, an old record label which had fallen on hard times but had became rejuvinated due to Rock and Roll. The building is a patterened after RKO/Desilu studio building.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  10. The Stratocaster in front of the building is 60 ft high.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  11. Love the music in the plaza and the queue? There is more than 60 hours of it so you may never hear it repeat.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  12. The plaza can hold 3,000 people and may be used for concerts and events
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  13. The plaza was designed without benches on purpose. The walls are just the right height for sitting and when there is noone in the plaza it still looks beautiful.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  14. Stage 15 which you see while in the outside queue is really the gravity building where the coaster operates.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  15. Feel that cool air coming from the grates into the outside queue. Its actually exhaust air fom the attraction placed there to get rid of the interior air and as a side effect cooling you while you are waiting.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  16. The music posters in the rotunda will change out (as will the back ground music in the plaza) since G Force is a record company, and things are always changing in the music biz.
    REPORTED: anon 26 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  17. The poster of Jesse is an original photo complete with the Mickey Mouse patch but Disney did airbrush out the cig he was holding in the original photo.
    REPORTED: anon 26 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
    LOST: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 OCT 00
  18. On entering the G-Force building, (in the room before those oh so fun doors with the marbles)the columns are giant guitar necks. Each column is divided into several sections, forming a fret board, and infront of it is the strings (More so like elevator cable...) If one were to "test" these strings, one would be rather amazed by the detail Disney has put in here as the strings have a vary in size and their amount of slack, similar to a nicely tuned guitar...
    REPORTED: Jum Blue 30 APR 01
  19. There is this door with marbles in it... and when you rub it... it makes the worst sound in the world!
    REPORTED: Mike Lawrence 18 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
    In Rock N' Roller Coaster on the way into the preshow area, there are two marble doors. On each door there are 3536 marbles for a total of 7072 on the two doors combined.
    UPDATE: Jonathan 26 MAR 02
  20. While waiting to tour Studio C, look at the posters. One is fo NY Dolls where Aerosmith was the "warm up" band!
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  21. All of the signs that you see during the Rockin' Rollercoaster are signs for real clubs in California. There is a sign for the legendary Whiskey A Go Go were The Velvet Underground, Love, and The Doors use to play.
    REPORTED: Michael Crowell 02 AUG 99
  22. While waiting to tour Studio C, you will hear PA calls for various people. These individuals being called are the imagineers of the attraction
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  23. One of the PA announcements in the G-force records lobby is something to the effect of, "phone call for Jude on line one... Hey, Jude, pick up line one!"
    REPORTED: Safari Steve: Jungle Skipper 06 JAN 00
    CONFIRMED: Brad Bitzer 13 MAY 00
  24. When you are in line to board Rockin' Rollar Coaster, you sometimes hear a message over the intercom like "The Green Ford Explorer is ready to be detailed". I asked a CM about it and he confirmed that it was code. He would not tell me exactly what each one meant, however on one of them I saw all the CM's look in the direction of the launch section on the track.....interesting...
    REPORTED: Dean 13 MAY 02
  25. While waiting to tour Studio C, listen at the doors to Studio A and B, you will hear sounds from real recording sessions some of which can from Aerosmith's rerecodings for the coaster.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  26. There are quite a few in-jokes in a display of recording products through the ages. There's a G-Force record from the early days called "Thrill after Thrill," and there's a clear red record from the 70's called "Zero to Sixty" by The Three Second Flats.
    REPORTED: anon 15 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
    An update about the Cd from the 70's called "Zero to Sixty" by the three seconds flat in the area of Rock n' Roller Coaster in the area that you see the recording products through the ages of music... That song is telling you how fast the ride starts out when you first get in the cars for the ride
    UPDATE: Indiana Jones 29 DEC 99
  27. Sound stage C where you see Aerosmith rehearsing is a recreation of an actual Aerosmith recording session. Aerosmith's setup crew actually set up Rockn Roller Coaster's Sound Stage C as if Aerosmith would be using for a recording session it complete with Aerosmith's lava ;amps! The flags are exact reproductions of the flags flown for Aerosmith at Woodstock.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
    When Aerosmith came to town to preview the coaster, the made several changes to the recording studio to make it match exactly their layout
    CONFIRMED: Orlando Business Journal and Rob Alonso 05 SEP 99
  28. The recording of Aerosmith rehearsing was done at Disney in Burbank.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  29. You see Aerosmith 'rehearsing' and then inviting you along - their manager orders a second Limo for you (the crowd); she gets on the phone & says she'd need another Limo & "....make it a stretch. Wait, no, make it a SUPER STRETCH!" The super stretch is when everyone is supposed to say it together with her (sorta like the rocky horror picture show, everyone knows when to). I guess it was started by an imagineering cast member coz during the cast preview, even when I went on the very first time, everyone was ready to chorus. I guess the visiting guests will catch on soon enough. By the way, AWESOME RIDE!!!
    REPORTED: Ta mi 19 JUN 99
    In the Pre-show where the manager say's , " No, make it a super stretch." The audience participation was not started by an imagineer. It was started by the Cast Members going through during cast previews. They would literally run after getting of just to ride again even though there was no wait. It was a tag line that people caught on to, just like the thumb burn and Steve putting his hand to his head.
    UPDATE: anon 19 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  30. In the attraction, take a look at the AC power boxes and other electrical boxes. On these you will see the initials and birthdays of the imagineers.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  31. At the end of the construction area in the alley, look at the bulletin boad. You will see posters. Some have references to the imagineers.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  32. The gum on the concrete in the alley on the queue and in the parking garage is fake and was placed there by the imagineers
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  33. The outside of Lock'n' Roll Parking Systems is patterned after the Studios Animation Parking lot and the interior is patterned after WDI's parking lot in California
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  34. Take a look at safety signs in the form of a guitar in the parking structure. It is a tribute to Elvis. However, Elvis has left the building...
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  35. In the background of the loading area there a lot of things, unfourtunatly the only one I can remember is a Bob's Big Boy. Made famous by Austin Powers. "He's back"
    REPORTED: Ry Ogron 07 OCT 99
    In regards to number 30 on the Rockn Roller Coaster Fun Facts. Bob's Big Boy has been an icon in Southern California for years. He was not made famous by Austin Powers. He was famous way before that. The original Big Boy's is located down the street from Disney Studios in Burbank. 
    UPDATE: Mike 14 JUL 00
  36. On the equipment containers in the shop, the stencils are exact reproductions of the stencils used on an actual Aerosmith concert tour.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  37. When you are walking on to the Rock N'Roller Coaster ride, right before you step into the turnstiles at the end you will see a small bulletin board advertising a car wash service-- "Wash This Way" It also has many other references to other Aerosmith songs ont he board. "Walk This Way" happens to also be the song Aerosmith is "recording" in the studio. The ever famous "Love In An Elevator" was also notably changed to "Love In A Rollercoaster..."
    REPORTED: Nicole 03 MAY 00
  38. The limos are patterned after the '59 Cadillac, whose giant fins earned young Ralph Nader's safety seal of disapproval.
    REPORTED: Michael J Manley 24 JUL 01
  39. The photo is snapped right at the launch of the ride (you'll notice a blinding flash).
    REPORTED: Sandi 04 JUL 99
    The strobe is timed so the each portion of the limo gets photographed separately
    CONFIRMED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  40. On the stretched limos, the plates have the birthdates of the senior Imagineers.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
    CONFIRMED: Orlando Business Journal and Rob Alonso 05 SEP 99
  41. Sound System Patent: US05784473
  42. The songs vary for each limo and each ride in Rockin' Roller Coaster.
    REPORTED: Stacy 04 JUN 00
    On the Rock'n Rollercoaster, each car plays a different song each time. I am not for sure what songs they are but I do know that one song was change to go along with the coaster theme.
    UPDATE: Kate 25 FEB 01
    My friend says that the songs on the Rock n' Rollercoaster are Janie's Got a Gun, Walk This Way, and Dude Looks Like a Lady.
    UPDATE: Chris 05 MAR 01
    It really is the same songs each time. We don't keep a track for each ride.
    UPDATE: anon 02 MAY 06
  43. The ride takes you through several of Los Angeles' icons, such as the Hollywood sign and the giant doughnut. You can follow the exact path of the roller coaster on a map and get from the old NBC studios to the concert hall.
    REPORTED: Orlando Business Journal and Rob Alonso 05 SEP 99
  44. On the coaster there are several scenes that you pass ( l.a., bev. hills, ect.) but their all in one room but they seem to be in different rooms due to the darkness around you. In reality there is a trigger that is set off by your car in the scene before the one that is next so when you arrive there it is lite up and the previus scene is shut off making a effect of being in a larger space.
    REPORTED: art 19 AUG 99
    Only one 'Limo' is allowed on the actual ride at one given time. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it may have something to do with the time it takes to recharge the launch system. When you are about to end the ride (awe!) you go up and over another section of the track; and when you look down you can see the next 'Limo' entering that first loop! This is the reason it seems like you are waiting to peel out down that long dark tunnel forever!!!
    COMMENT: Brett Kinney 18 MAY 00
    Since the large signs are lit up, it would ruin the effect if multiple trains were active at once. Also, working as a ride operator at an amusement park I know the following: Roller Coasters are designed with safety features built in. One safety features is spacing the trains far enough apart to where if one train stops on the track for some reason, the other can be stopped (or not dispatched) so it won't hit the other train. Maybe RRC is designed to wait until the other train is in the station before dispatch, so it knows that the other train has successfully completed it's "journey".
    UPDATE: SpenceMan01 15 MAY 02
    One limo. We can't have on limo stop and then have the other one ram into it. Not good.
    CONFIRMED: anon 02 MAY 06
  45. To create the pad for the gravity building, WDI make the longest concrete "pour" for any Disney attraction. It took 36 straight hours to pour the pad for the coaster.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99 Rock 'n Roller Coaster Interior
  46. To construct Rockn Roller Coaster the pad was first poured, then the steel coaster was erected and then the outside walls where erected.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  47. Concerned that if Tower of Terror dropped both elevators at the same time that Rockn Roller Coaster launched would bring down the Studios power grid, WDI installed a electric substation just for Rockn Roller Coaster.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  48. Special air conditioning vents are installed for the launcher to keep the Linear Synchronous Motors cool.
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  49. There is space next to Rock'n Roller coaster for another music attraction
    REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 22 JUL 99
  50. The windings of the Linear Synchronous Motors are made by General Electric, with the armature and case being made in the UK, most likely by Force Engineering.
    REPORTED: John 29 APR 99
  51. Each track piece is about 6-10 ft long.
    REPORTED: John 29 APR 99
  52. In the event of some major work being needed, the entire roof can be removed in 3 pieces!
    REPORTED: John 29 APR 99
  53. When Aerosmith came to town to preview the coaster, Steve Tyler and Joe Perry rode it 12 times in a row.
    REPORTED: Orlando Business Journal and Rob Alonso 05 SEP 99
  54. Each "limo" seats 24 guests, about twice the number of passengers who fit in the average stretch limo.
  55. Pulls between 4 and 5 big, fat, monster G's. That's more than the astronauts feel when they launch.
  56. There are three inversions, one rollover loop and two big corkscrews.
  57. Each "limo" launches from 0-60 mph in 2.8 blurring seconds -- similar to the feeling of sitting atop a supersonic F-14 Tomcat as it blasts off the deck of an aircraft carrier.
  58. Throughout the attraction, more than 900 speakers generate over 32,000 watts of audio power, about as ear-piercing as an arena rock concert.
  59. One time I was stopped on the Rock n roller coaster, and you have to go down 10 flights of catwalk stairs to reach the bottom of the ride.
    REPORTED: Brady Johnson 25 FEB 01
  60. One time as my family and I were waiting in line for the Rockin Roller Coaster we were held up for several hours. We were held up because Brittany Spears was doing a concert taping and using the big guitar as a backround. My family and I were taken through Tower of Terror and out the back door of the gift shop whitch lead us right to the Rockin Roller Coaster so we could ride while she was taping.
    REPORTED: steve 12 JUL 00
  61. The best time to get on the Rock'n Roller Coaster ride at the Studios is as soon as the park opens, or get a fastpass. The best area to sit on the ride is in the back if you want a wild fast and bumpy ride. The front is the more calm area.
    REPORTED: John K 09 FEB 02

Rock 'n Roller Coaster Facts and Figures

velkoma welding




Enclosed Tubular Coaster




Vekoma International


29 July 1999


3,403 feet


80 feet


200 ft Catapult (0-57 mph in 2.8 seconds)

Launcher Weight

8 Tons

Launcher Technology

Linear Synchronous Motors

Number of Inversions

3 (1 360, 1 corba roll, 1 corkscrew)

Number of Turns


In Car Music

Synchronized To Ride 125 speaker, 24 sub-woofer, 32,000 watt, onboard audio system

Ride Time

2 minutes 2 seconds


25 mph (avg); 57 mph (max)


5 G's at launch, 4 G turns

Limo Capacity

24 riders per Stretch Limo

Limo Weight

5.5 Tons with passengers


125 speakers and 24 sub-woofers per limo; more than 900 in the attraction


1800 people per hour; 1 car per 48 seconds; 3-4 cars at once

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