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Secrets of Sunset Boulevard

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  1. Along the sidewalk in the Sunset Boulevard are contractor stamps right up near the curb. All of them say Mortimer Bros. construction Co., 1928. This means Mortimer, Mickey's old name, and of course the 1928 is Mickey's birthday. The stamps are at various locations along the street, but the one I can tell you the exact location is coming from the Tower of Terror at the second intersection in the road. There is a movie marquee, the one for the collectables shop. At the corner on the left side of Sunset is the stamp. There are three or four others too at various locations.
    REPORTED: Patrick Jandorf 01 SEP 96
    I can confirm the existence of "Mortimer Bros., Construction Co., 1928" stamps in the concrete curbing along Sunset Boulevard. One such stamp is at the corner where Sunset Boulevard meets Hollywood Boulevard. Because Mortimer is the original name of Mickey Mouse, I suggest that this be considered a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 02 FEB 97
    I worked at the Studios under the College Program. I can confirm that Mortimer Bros. stamped on the side walks are a hidden Mickey. They teach us this in the Traditions class every must take before we work for the company.
    CONFIRMED: anon 17 MAR 98
    On the sidewalk in front of the board listing attractions and their wait times, there is a stamp in the cement that reads "Mortimer & Co. Contractors, 1928" (on the corner of Sunset and Hollywood Blvd.). Mortimer, of course, was the original name given to Mickey, until Lillian Disney convinced walt to change it to Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: James Rogol 07 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 25 SEP 98
  2. Above the Disney Villians shop on Sunset Blvd. is a window, on this window it announces that it is the offices of the International Brotherhood of Second Assistant Directors and there motto is "We're standing behind you!" This is a reference the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular where the second assistant director tells the extras not to worry about a dangerous stunt because he will be standing right behind them.
    REPORTED: Rob Carovillano 23 MAY 00
  3. Outside the Villians Store on Sunset Blvd. there is a Route 66 sign post surrounded by suitcases. One of the suitcases has Chicago and Missouri travel stickers on it - a reference to Walt.
    REPORTED: Todd Jacob 02 AUG 01
  4. Sometimes before Beauty and the Beast begins, a group of "crew workers" will come out and perform songs from disney movies and other songs. This group is called Four for a Dollar, the same gorup that used to perform over at Fasntasmic! when that show first opened up at times.
    REPORTED: Indiana Jones 18 MAY 01
  5. There's lots of debate on this page about weather or not the dinner package seating is any good. I have always thought that the idea of being able to show up 30 minutes before a show and have a seat is a good thing, but people don't like being in the far two sections of the theatre. Well I have good news and bad news. Right now we are trying a new experiment at The Hollywood Hills Ampatheatre with the dinner package seating. We are now seating dinner package guests in The Mickey and Scar sections of the theatre (Mickey is the very center section, and Scar is one over from center) General seating will now start in Poca. and continue through Beast, then go back to Seabass. and continue through Witch. This is a good thing for dinner guests, not such a good thing for non-DP Guests. If this little experiment is succesfull, it will stay in place, and (here's the bad news) the restaraunts will start to charge extra for dinner package seating. So now you might get a better seat with your dinner package ticket but it will cost more!
    REPORTED: F! CM 22 JUN 02

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