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The Spacecoast's Hidden Mickeys of Disney was last updated 3 April 2003

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Moving to a new server and getting everything reset.
More updates and pictures
Slowly transitioning
Fixed a bunch of picture problems
Starting transition to php & mysql
More pictures.
Getting ready to move to more bandwidth.
Trying to recover from playing with us!
New Poke. Big update. New DL inprocess
Big update. New DL Mansion
Big update. New look soon
New Disneyland pictures & translation fixes
Routine updates
Routine updates
New Disneyland pictures
Cool behind the scenes stuff
Disneystore affiliation final redo
Disneystore affiliation reapproved
Changed mail and chat to due to DisneyStore changes
Changed movie ordering to amazon from reel
More DCA HM's
More cleanup
More DCA HM's
Posted first flood of DCA HM's
More updates for DCA & CA Downtown Disney
More updates for holidays
DCA & CA Downtown Disney
Finally fixed tranlations
More updates and more changes and corrected some fun facts for New Orleans Square
More updates and more changes to Disneyland
Repaired all the toy links and many others
Major cleanup in progress
New Disneyland pictures
Recovering after toysmart went offline
Fixed some Javascript errors
Updated WDW
Fixed Music for the Parks
More updates
Fixed the Disney Link Finder
New pictures
More Walt Disney World update
Major Disneyland update
Created a Disney link wizard
Restructured the Studios
Much cleanup and added the Millennium Album
Added a survey
Misc Updates
Repaired disk crash
Souvenir Store repaired
Added Hurricane Floyd Souvenirs
Had to evacuate server due to Floyd. Restored partial service 16 September
Server upgrade & faster image server
Massive update after vacation
Restructured for faster response, New Disneyland
More anti-spam and updates
More anti spam code requiring javascript for users. Rock'n Roller Coaster update
Updated with javascript. Site now requires a javascript browser to properly operate
Added Sing Alongs with the help of Nation Institue of Health Hidden Mickeys of Disney is now an affiliate of

More updates and more shopping
Added Store
More anti-SPAM filters placed in the system
Link pages cleaned
WDW Local Wildlife
More art
New screen savers and collectible cards at the Art Gallery by Pete Wood
Checkout our Software Store for Disney Interactive titles for free!
We now have available Limited and Collectors Edition Hidden Mickey Playing Cards. Order yours today!
New online Toy Store.
Added My Favorite Martian
Y2K Compliance Statement
Fixed numerous links and more
Major update to associated products, links and more
Update our Disneyana Shops with more buy, sell, trade options
Fun Games
Featured on Ziff Davis Television Internet Tonight DirecTV Channel 273
Added more to stores and regular updates
Added more movies to Bookstore
Disneyland Update and restructure
Many updates including corrected books
New Postcard Art
Updated Studios Main Page
Added A Disneyana Shops
Added Hurricane information and more updates
Disney Inspired Hidden Mickey Art Gallery by Pete Wood
The Black Cauldron is now available on tape for 26.99
Disney has placed Hidden Mickeys in its DIG
New info on Disney Cruise Lines including VRs. Magic Kingdom site has had a makeover

New movies (Dinosaur and Tarzan) info and concept art. Disneyland area has had a makeover

Disney Cruise Udated

Online Software Store

Online Bookstore Udated

View WDW From Space
Mulan (1998)
Photographic and Animal Viewing Tips
Online Musicstore
Online Videostore
Appeared in US News & World Report - 6 April 1998
Implemented Anti-SPAM protection against EmailSiphon, etc. These Bots harvest EMaill addresses from Web pages. For your protection, we have blocked their harvesting!
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