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  1. At Disneyland in Anaheim, CA on May 31st and June 1st they will be filming the target market promos for the grand re-opening of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The press will be filming live from the ride and possibly taking some of the first rides with all the new updates. (From the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie)
    REPORTED: Michael 27 MAY 06
  2. Coming this July, a change will be occuring at both Disneyland Anaheim and Walt Disney World. Pirates of the Caribbean is closed for a makeover. They will now be featuring essence from the movies. Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones will be featured throughout the ride. Pretty sure it will be a none-changing thing, unlike Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion. Just hope it turns out for the best.
    REPORTED: Tara 10 APR 06
    The Pirates of the Carribbean is currently under a drastic refurb to add some tie-ins to the popular Pirates movies and is expected to reopen in late June.
    CONFIRMED: Iframedroger r 16 APR 06
    This July, POTC will have undergone refurbishment to incorporate the characters from the movie. Some of the effects, such as the clouds projected onto the walls and ceilings will be enhanced as well. Go to "Pirates are Coming" page and watch the video there. It gives a lot of information.
    CONFIRMED: anon 04 JUN 06
  3. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean Facts and Figures: Opening Day: March 18, 1967 Ride Time: 14.5 minutes Capacity: 3,400 guests per hour Audio-Animatronic Figures: 66 pirates and villages, 57 animals and birds Amount of Water: 750,000 Main Lift Pumps (2 operating): 20,000 gallons circulated per minute (maximum) 18,000 gallons circulated per minute (maximum) First Drop: Length - 52 feet Angle - 21 degrees Second Drop: Length - 37 feet Angle - 21 degrees Lift: Length - 90 feet Angle - 16 degrees Structural Data: Number of Buildings: 2 Number of Levels: 3 (Blue Bayou, upper caverns, and basement) Maximum Height of Ceiling: 40 feet
    REPORTED: Jason Schultz 28 SEP 97
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean was originally going to be a walk through ride substantiated in "Disneyland Inside Story" by Randy Bright. Walt originally wanted to make it a walk through attraction but everyone advised against it because no one would want to walk through the attraction. Also "It's a Small World" was also planned this way. Walt finally made It's a Small World a boat ride. And, when they built Pirates, they used the same flat bottom boats as Small World.
    REPORTED: Robert Lucas 04 FEB 97
  6. Walt Disney worked extensively on this attraction, but passed away before it opened in 1967. It features one of the most elaborate uses of Audio Animatronics figures ever attempted by Disney.
  7. The name of the pirate ship is the "Wicked Wench."
    REPORTED: Phillip Robertson 28 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Jerry Matthew 19 SEP 99
    Pirates of the Carribean was Walt Disney's favorite ride before he died, even though he died before it was finished. However, that was why it was his favorite. He always liked the "next one" best!
    UPDATE: Becky Richards 03 SEP 00
    Orig Art
    Original Art
  8. The first brick bridge you go under on the Pirates ride is a functional bridge. It leads from the Bayou busroom to a backstage entrance near the outside bathrooms by the train station. It also could lead you to real back area, where the dumpsters are. This is the route used by celebrities in the Park with tour guides. Michael Jackson, for example, comes in the Bayou across this bridge and goes out the same way. They shuttle him around backstage so you never know where he'll pop out next. If you cross the bridge and turn left before the door to backstage, you'll go behind the old man's shack. The pathway goes for a little while before dead-ending. The upshot is that you could lurk behind the swamp and watch boats drift by.
  9. The old-man-music believed to be a slow rendition of "Oh Susanna".
  10. According to the Orange County register in the battle scene between the ship and the town there are now two new characters that pop up in the fort to go with the dialogue that was always there but never had the animatronics to go with it.
    REPORTED: Chris Wiles 28 OCT 99
    I have been on POTC over a hundred times in my life, and the last two times I was there I noticed a new addition that I had never seen before. In the attack on the fort scene (ya bloomin' cockroachers!) there are now 3-4 audio-animatronics heads that pop up from behind the wall of the fort. They are wearing bronze conquistador helmets. I don't know if these were added during the PC remodel, after that, or if they were always there and I just failed to notice.
    UPDATE: Bret Boyle 25 JAN 00
  11. They seem to have souped up some of the special effects on Pirates within the last couple of years (even after the PC refurbishment). Just after the second drop, there has always been (since I remember) a simulated gap in the cave stone leading to the outside, through which shifting clouds could be seen. But only the last couple of times I went did the clouds resemble a Jolly Roger skull and crossbones! In addition, the lightning flashes on the helmsman skeleton seem much brighter to me now. Finally, Blackbeard's ship now appears to be sinking at last! The sails are collapsing and the whole thing looks to be riding lower in the water. Good ship, though--it stood up to cannon fire from the fort for 30 years.
    REPORTED: Kellee Richards 04 SEP 00
  12. The storyline of Pirates is a backward dream sequence, with the opening Bayou scene being the modern day. The portrait of the red-headed woman in the drunken skeleton room is actually a portrait of the red head being sold at the auction after she had been acclimated to the pirate lifestyle some years after her sale. I found that was quite interesting and it brought a whole new light on Disneyland's greatest attraction.
    REPORTED: Phillip Robertson 28 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 16 JAN 01 pict from
  13. I own a copy of the Pirates of the Caribbean commemorative CD. Under the heading "Pirates Unheard" it includes a recording that was created, but never used, for the "lower grotto" (the section with all the skeletons between the second waterfall and the sea battle where only music and "Dead Men Tell No Tales" is heard now). The recording includes short pieces of a number of stories told by various pirate voices regarding their adventures. It contains some clues to the back-story of the scenes later seen in the ride. Perhaps not coincidentally, there appears to be one story that corresponds to each skeleton in the same order and with roughly the same timing that the skeletons are encountered.
    REPORTED: Jimmybop Wrong 22 JAN 01
  14. The portrait of a young woman (the one that changes into the Medusa) that hangs in the entrance hall of the Haunted Mansion pictures the same girl that is dressed as a pirate in the painting in the skeleton's tavern in Pirates of the Carribean.
    REPORTED: Lanea 22 MAR 99
    If this gal looks a lot like the Gorgon-girl changing portrait in the Haunted Mansion, it's because these two pieces were by the same artist...legendary animator and imagineer Marc Davis! The pirate babe is, according to a castmember who's seen it up close, an original painting, and not a copy.
    CONFIRMED: AprilDecember 13 JUN 99
    I was recently in Disneyland, and I found something interesting. In Pirates, towards the beginning of the ride, there is a room (or whatever) of a pirate or a skeleton, I can't remember which, with some gold and stuff on your RIGHT side. In the middle of all of the stuff there is a picture of a girl with golden red hair, and really big eyes. The same girl appears in the picture in Haunted Mansion before you get on the ride. She turns into Medusa, and then back to her pretty self. She has very distinct eyes, and can easily tell that it is the same girl in both if you're looking for it.
    CONFIRMED: Amelia 22 JAN 01
  15. The liquid "pouring" through the jawbone of the tavern skeleton was off; he was drinking a static ribbon!
    REPORTED: Pony Horton 08 SEP 01
  16. The Audio Animatronics pirate auctioning brides in the plaza was the most technologically advanced figure of its kind in Disneyland. See videos
  17. For the longest time I believed that WDI did all the Audio Animatronics for the parks. While some of this is true, I recently found out that Disney often hires outside companies to do things for the parks. A good example is some of the Audio Animatronics's on Pirates. Sarcos, an outside company, does many of them for the attraction. If you go to their site, you will find a very similar Auctioner animatronic on one of the videos.
    REPORTED: Ryan 19 AUG 00
  18. For any of the old school "Pirates" fans who don't like the new dialogue of the Pirate talking to passersby (on the shore with the maiden chase), there is a way to hear the old stuff again. Go to the Premier shop and have a CD made. There's a set of four pirates clips that complete the full original attraction. Part 2 (or 3) features the dialogue for that section, and it is complete and unchanged!
    REPORTED: Chernabog 16 NOV 98
  19. Last summer while my family and I were visiting the park, we were on the "Walk in Walt's Footsteps" tour and the tourguide told us that all of the orgional skeletons on the Pirates were real! They used research bodies because the lifelike plastic hadn't been invented yet. He said that only a few of the real bones are left today. Next time you ride, take a closer look at the bones they might be real!
    REPORTED: Megan Lawrence 21 MAR 00
  20. At the beginning of the ride pirate skeletons are sitting in the bar. There's one skeleton that is drinking out of a bottle 'o rum. The bottle has two bands that twist and act like a drill or screw, and it makes it look like liquid is pouring "down the hatch."
    REPORTED: chernabog 08 MAR 99
  21. Did you ever notice that for a couple months, there was no parrot on the rock in front of the line when you walk in? There always used to be a parrot there next to the scroll that said 'Pirates of the Carribean'. I finally found out that it had literally blew up after it got to much water splashed on it.
    REPORTED: Jonthan Stephens 30 AUG 97
  22. The parrot that was in the front (after you had waited in line outside,) has been removed. I think he has been replaced in the scene where the town is on fire. Before you leave that scene, you go under a bridge where a singing pirate is sitting. He's the one with his foot hanging over the edge. Last time I was there I saw the same green parrot right next to him! It was in Febuary, I think, when I saw this so he might be moved, but I doubt it.
    REPORTED: Caitlin Johnson 16 MAR 99
  23. I was at Disneyland a couple weeks ago, and I became sad when I saw that the leg of a pirate was missing. The pirate used to dangle his leg(s) over a bridge , but he is now standing on the bridge. I always loked forward to that pirate. Does anybody know why the leg(s) are/is gone?
    REPORTED: Charlotte 20 FEB 06
    This is in response to The person that said the pirate in POTC with the hairy leg being missing. He really is gone! When I went a month or so ago, I didn't remember seeing him. I don't exactly remember noticing he was definately missing, but after getting off the ride, i remembered him definately not being there. My friend noticed his disappearance, too. This is sad, because I always look forward to seeing him and hearing all the little kids being grossed out by him. I was hoping perhaps he was only gone for minor repairs and would be back soon, and he may, because POTC is under temporary refurbishment this month. I hope he returns!
    CONFIRMED: anon 08 APR 06
  24. In the early 1970s, each guest boat in the Pirates used to be named after a Southern lady. The only name I remember is Desirée. The names were removed from the boats many years ago.
    REPORTED: Mark Atkins 31 MAY 02
  25. After the boat launches, look up and you pass under a treehouse. Look back up into the treehouse and you will see 10 monitors and a cast member. This is the control room. Just say "Hi" and maybe he'll say "Hi" back.
    REPORTED: steve n 26 JUL 98
    Backyard Imagineering
  26. I remmeber the place where the Blue Bayou restaurant now exists as originally being filled with animatronic characters. It was a big party with lots of people "dancing" (spinning around) and a full band on the balcony over the whole scene. I was quite surprised the day I floated by and my waving incited a response from the characters I had thought to be animatronic ... which is when I noticed the raging party was gone, and it was a full restaurant where one of my favorite scenes had once stood. Anyone else remember the pre-Blue Bayou scene?
    REPORTED: Ben Golus 16 OCT 00
  27. When you first take off in Pirates, while floating past the Blue Bayou, look up at the sky for 15 to 20 seconds, you will see a shooting star streak by.
    REPORTED: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    Look for it starting between the control booth and the old man rocking, and ending over the center of the Blue Bayou.
    CONFIRMED: Mikey Moose 23 FEB 99
    I've seen the appering and dissappering moon - and the sooting star.
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer 08 AUG 99
    Ever 10 seconds they throw a light across the ceiling which is a shooting star. Its not very exciting but hey, you can make a fake wish i suppose.
  28. There is at least one model alligator floating in the Blue Bayou, on the left, after one of the wooden bayou boats, facing the guests' boats. One person told me there is more than one alligator, and that their eyes glow.
    REPORTED: Mark Atkins 31 MAY 02
  29. Known for their inside jokes, the artists for this attraction modeled some of the pirate faces (particularly the mischievous ones) after themselves.
  30. My friend and I think we figured out who the man rocking back and forth on the house boat at the beginning of Pirates of the Carribean is. We think he is the infamous pirate named Jean Laffite who terrorized the Gulf of Mexico in the 1800s. I have a book on him and there is a painting of him and he looks just like the man rocking back and forth. In the book it says he had a hidden headquarters in the Louisiana swamp lands which is what that beginning part is supposed to be. And that would explain why the dock you board the boats on is called "Laffite's Landing"!!
    REPORTED: Josh Scott 29 DEC 97
  31. As you pass the Blue Bayou restaurant on the Pirates of the Carribbean, there is a second-story balcony that appears to be a facade. Actually, the balcony is part of Walt Disney's Club 33.
    REPORTED: anon 23 JUN 97
  32. Did you know that there is a classy malt shop for Cast Members beneath Pirates of the Caribbean? It's real Happy Days complete with a juke box from a converted rear-end of a 1956 Thunderbird! It costs a nickel a song--oldies. There are posters of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley hologram, Brando, James Dean, etc. The food is great, as it is prepared by the same chefs of the Blue Bayou. You get there to the left of the men's restroom to the right of the exit from the Disneyland railroad, New Orleans Square. Cast Members only sign. A person could take a wrong turn and see it.
    REPORTED: anon 18 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Cara Witte 24 APR 97
  33. The West side employee cafeteria originally was called the "pit" because it was decorated like a pit stop.
    REPORTED: d coleman 10 NOV 97
    The official name for the cafeteria under Pirates is actually the D.E.C. (they pronounce it as "the deck"). It stands for Disney Employee Cafeteria. It's true it's also called "The Pit". The waitress at the Blue Bayou that I spoke to said that she never eats there because the food isn't very good and that's why she called it "the pit".
    UPDATE: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
    "The Deck" I guess at some point was 50's diner themed. However, now it's Dick Tracy themed, it's really not all that impressive. There are booths and tables, and comic-strip like pictures of characters from the movie, Dick Tracy, Breathless Mahoney, Etc. There is a cool picture that is supposed to look like a window overlooking a city skyline.
    UPDATE: Jakey 03 JUN 01
    I'm submitting a correction. The name of the Cast Member cafeteria underneath the Pirates atraction is actually called the "WestSide Diner." I'm a cast member, I'd know :) P.S. The food there isn't that great, the best cafeteria area (In My opinion) would definitely be The Inn Between.
    UPDATE: Tifa 03 JUN 01
    The Inn-Between has GREAT food at a fraction of the guest prices. Entire meals for dollars that cost guests on the other side 10's of dollars.
    CONFIRMED: Jason 30 MAY 06
  34. I noticed was the obviously fake eyes looking at you as you ascend the hill at the end of the ride.
    REPORTED: anon 23 OCT 00
  35. I went to Disneyland exactly a week ago and when we boarded the Pirates, we got stuck right before the first drop because the boat was unbalenced, so the crew came to help us out and they turned on all the lights. It was pretty cool that we got to see it with the lights on, the ceiling is so low on the drop, and there was a tiny secret door the crew came out of.
    REPORTED: RoadRuler8SAS 02 DEC 00 pict from
  36. The are pigs wallowing in the mud with the drunken pirate are oinking in time to the music.
    REPORTED: Mark Huffman 04 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 15 JAN 97
    One of the pigs who oinked in time to the pirate theme was a sow, and she had a couple of piglets at her teats. The suckling piglets have been removed, however. Does anyone know why? I went on it two weeks ago, and poof! they were gone!
    UPDATE: Reynard 26 FEB 01
  37. I heard that the guy with the pigs is the only animatronic that looks as if he is breathing.
    REPORTED: anon 16 APR 06
  38. In the explosives room where the pirates are shooting at each other, one of the kegs of explosives is upside down.
    REPORTED: Mark Huffman 04 DEC 96
  39. In the shooting scene at the end of the ride, there used to be pirates shooting at each other on both sides. Since Iraq they replaced the pirates on the left side with boxes and barrels. It was a complaint filed because people thought it was a war symbol or something like that.
    REPORTED: Ashleyp 16 APR 06
  40. The voice of the skeleton head that warns riders just before the first waterfall is not the original voice. Paul Frees originally provided the voice, but now a different person provides the voice. I believe when Disney switched from a tape to a digital sound system, they were not able to re-record Mr. Frees voice because the tape had degraded to severely.
    REPORTED: Mark Huffman 04 DEC 96
    Imagineer Victoria Atencio told me (in 1980 when I was an imagineer) that the first voice was her father's voice, Xavier Atencio. X was involved in casting voices for GM's World of Motion (EPCOT) at the time, and I was lucky enough to land a bit part.
    UPDATE: Alastair Dallas 12 JAN 97
    The voice of the skull on the wall at the beginning is not the original. I believe it changed over in the past couple of years. I don't know when Disney went digital with their sound effects in the park, but I noticed the change, along with several of my friends. We have all been on Pirates dozens of times, and not only is the recording much softer and harder to hear, but its bass resonance is less, making the words difficult to make out. Also, the recording repeats less often, and when there are delays on the ride, you may have your only opportunity to hear the entire warning.
    CONFIRMED: Holly Benton 20 MAY 97
    The voice of the talking skull was originaly Xavier Atencio. His son Joe and I went to Crespi High School together and with other friends went to Disneyland. He made sure we all knew what voices were his dad's and the talking skull at the first drop was Xavier's. Now it is another voice which is too bad. Xavier was great and scary!
    UPDATE: Robert Guinn 09 MAR 01
  41. Paul Frees provides the voice of the narrator on the Haunted Mansion, the auctioneer on the Pirates of the Carribbean (as well as the ship's captain, the mayor, others). He was the narrator on Adventure through Inner Space.
    REPORTED: Tom Bernard 10 JUL 97
    The voice of the host in the Haunted Mansion is/was Paul Frees. Among many other voices, he was the voice of the Pillsbury-Dough-Boy
    UPDATE: Dean Okrand 13 JAN 97
    UPDATE: Steve Jaspar 05 NOV 97
    Tom Bernhard reported that Paul Frees was the voice of The original Skull in Pirates, the ghost host. The voice of Scrooge McDuck was Alan Young, who was also the character "Wilbur" from the Mr. Ed TV series.
    UPDATE: chernabog 22 APR 98
    It was Alan Young who did the voice of Scrooge McDuck in the series, not Paul Frees.
    UPDATE: Henri Defense 20 MAY 98
    In addition to Paul Frees eerie narration in the Haunted Mansion, Frees was to Disney as Mel Blanc was to Warner Bros. He virtually voiced every character in Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln (except Lincoln), Is numerous characters in The Pirates Of The Caribbean attraction, and basically was the narrator in the old Adventure Thru Inner Space ride. In addition, Frees narrated many Disney T.V. shows and record albums.
    UPDATE: Brian 28 MAY 98
    Paul Frees was not Scrooge McDuck, but rather the voice of Ludvig von Drake.
    UPDATE: Ian Branson 30 DEC 98
    Paul Frees has been mentioned many times as the host of the Haunted Mansion, pirate voices, etc. Strangely, no one has mentioned his most famous character, the infamous Boris Badenov from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show! He also had a bit part as a radio reporter in the movie "War of the Worlds." An amazingly talented guy.
    UPDATE: Steve Dawson 08 JUN 99
    Paul Frees, in addition to his many Disney voices, was the voice of John Lennon on the Beatles' ABC Saturday morning cartoon show, from 1965-1968.
    UPDATE: Jeff Davis 14 SEP 01
    Some people know this and others don't. But as well as the Ghost Host, Pirate Auctioneer, Captain of the Jolly Roger and a score of others, Paul Frees was also the one and only Boris Badinov. As well as the Bass singer in many disney attractions, most noticable in the Haunted Manion (Grim Grinning Ghosts), Thurl Ravencroft of the disney singing group of yesteryear. Is also the infamous Tony The Tiger. Not to mention the one who sang the Wholiday classic, "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch.
    UPDATE: Paul Welling 27 JAN 02
  42. The Mellomen were not only used to sing Yo Ho in Pirates. They have done many other performances for Disney. The only one I can think of right now would be the Cards in Alice in Wonderland who are "Painting the Roses Red".
    REPORTED: Jed 29 JUL 96
    Regarding the Mellomen barbershop quartet from Disneyland. My older brother actually had an old LP record by the Mellomen. At that time, barbershop was often accompanied by guitar, banjo, or even ukelele. It was not quite the type of barbershop practiced today, which has evolved into a quite distinct musical form of its own. Growing up familiar with the more "current" style of barbershop, I found the album somewhat disappointing, I have to admit! It sounded so different! The kind of barbershop sung back then is similar to that of the music of the vultures from Disney's animated film The Jungle Book. They were a singing group, yes, with some of harmonies we associate with barbershop today, but also with jazz-like arranging as well, and insturmental accompaniment. Mostly I remember the incredible bass voice of Thurl Ravenscroft. He could shake the foundation.
    UPDATE: anon 02 OCT 97
    The Mello-Men from Pirates were also the voices of the three cards who were "painting the roses red" in Alice In Wonderland. Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Tony the Tiger, is easily recognized as the Ace of Clubs who says "in fact they'll soon be dead". To take a look for yourself, they are last in the line of credits at the end of Alice in Wonderland.
    REPORTED: Chris Berndt 12 JUL 98
    For more information see Thurl Ravenscroft's life's work
    CONFIRMED: Brian Jacob 26 JUL 98
    The Mellomen (singer at Pirates of the Caribbean) were also the singing voices of the dogpound dogs in Lady and the Tramp. A special they show on Vault Disney has Walt introducing them, followed by their performance.
    CONFIRMED: Chernabog 21 APR 99
    The Mellomen did the theme for Pirates of the Caribbean.
    CONFIRMED: Darrell Houghton 20 AUG 99
    The Mell-o Men did do the singing in Pirates, as well as "painting the Roses Red" in Alice in Wonderland, and "Grim Grinning Ghosts" for the Haunted Mansion. They are even portrayed as the singing busts in the mansion!
    CONFIRMED: Jennifer Dubin- Future CM 31 MAR 02 pict from
  43. I think this is in the Captain's Quarters of Pirates. Its a rock ceiling, and there is some paintings on the ceiling that look native american. Its been a while so i don't know if they resemble characters or not.
    REPORTED: lyzz 09 APR 01
  44. In the treasure room, the treasure chest in the front right of the room has a skeleton's arm sticking out of it.
    REPORTED: Mark Huffman 04 DEC 96
  45. In the treasure room, the first treasure chest you come upon, lying on it's side, has the number 33 scratched on the top. I don't know if this was done by vandals or is intentional. It was there in March and when I went again in November it was still there.
    REPORTED: Dave Provenza 20 DEC 00
  46. I noticed that in Pirates, there are now hidden Menorahs. There are at least two in the treasure room. I forget exactly where, but towards the end at the left side there is also one hidden in the dark. Was this added during the PC refurbish? I've been going to DL my whole life and only noticed them this last time.
    REPORTED: Beth Sorg 04 JUN 01
  47. The Captain of the ship (the part with the cannonballs) has a braided beard with red ribbons in it!!!
    REPORTED: Josh Booth 25 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Brittany S. 27 APR 97
  48. All the characters in the pirates ride resemble their creators.
    REPORTED: Baby Tyler 08 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
  49. The old guy on the front porch at the beginning looks exactly like one of the hitch hiking ghosts in the Haunted Mansion.
    REPORTED: Robert Lucas 02 AUG 96
  50. Recently, when I went to disneyland, pirates broke down when I was on it. We were stuck for about an hour, so they eventually turned off the audio. Finally, the boat started up again. When we passed the three pirates that are singing, (right before the burning city) I noticed that the accordian that the tall pirate is holding is real. When his arms closed you could hear it making noises. But you can't hear it during normal ride operation because the audio is to loud.
    REPORTED: Ryan H. 30 DEC 99
  51. The clouds are caused by plastic discs about 3 feet in diameter that are rotated in front of a white light. the result is the moving clouds you see on the ceiling. You can look back and up, and see them quite easily.
    REPORTED: Robert Fox 18 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    Yes, the clouds are created by a light under a rotating disc. As a cast member I saw the disc up close and noticed that other cast members had scratched away some of the black paint on the clear disc to change the shape of the clouds. Some also scratched in their initials, so next time look for letter-shaped clouds in the skies of the Caribbean!
    CONFIRMED: Chuck Keeler 17 APR 02
  52. Is it just me or are the cannon blasts on Pirates a little more subdued than they used to be. I remember almost getting wet and now they kinda fizzle the water.
    REPORTED: G0aT CheEZeY 20 SEP 99
  53. I think that the dear Captain needs a reality check. I've noticed that he's saying to his crewmen, "Give 'em another, lads! One more broadside and they go down with th' tide!" Um... he's saying this about a fort. On land!
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 03 DEC 01
  54. On two seperate occasions, at least a year apart, I saw staff people walking behind the pirate ship battling with the fort in Pirates. Apparently there is a walk way between the water and the back wall. I could see the staff from the waist up. They were just casually walking across like it was no big deal. Sort of ruins the effect. Since I only go to Disneyland once every year or two, it makes me wonder how often they stroll around back there.
    REPORTED: anon 21 MAY 97
    Cast members do walk in an area behind the pirate ship. There is a curtain they walk behind, but you can see their sillouettes clearly. They don't do it all that often, though.
    CONFIRMED: SteelAngel 19 JAN 98
    I observed a cast member on some sort of a hidden walkway which is located behind the shack with the man rocking on the porch (directly across from the Blue Bayou) He was dressed like a repairman; didn't look like an actual cast member. The platform was just below the water level giving the effect of the man walking on water.
    CONFIRMED: David Enertson 08 MAR 98
    I asked a waitress at the Blue Bayou about the walkway behind "shack", she said that there is one and that cast members get there over the bridge. What's back there? Cast member toilets and several offices.
    UPDATE: David Enertson 26 MAR 98
  55. When you go through the area of the dueling ship just before you go into the next room turn around and you can see supports for the Ceiling.
    REPORTED: Nicholas Van Houten 06 MAR 98
  56. The last time I went on Pirates of the Carribean, I noticed that right before you go up the waterfall where the pirates are shooting at each other, the pirate that used to be on the left side is missing. He was the one who would sit on two barrels of explosives and look like he would almost fall off. What happened to him? Was he removed during the PC rehab? Can anyone shed some light on this?
    REPORTED: Angelo F. Merino 09 JUL 99
  57. The pirate auctioning off the wenches in Pirates is actually the old Mr. Lincoln from Great Moments... He is a Mark III model and was replaced by a Mark IV. Incidentally, the new MARK V are supposed to include full motion walking.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Maeve C. 16 FEB 97
  58. Several of the new pirates added during the last rehab were taken from the World of Motion ride at EPCOT. The pirate pulling on the sack of booty at the end was originally pulling on a mule's bridle, and the horse vying for the basket of fruit was originally gawking at the intersection collision.
    REPORTED: Drew Lambley 13 JAN 98
  59. The face of the woman in the picture is very similar to that of the woman in Haunted Mansion with the snakes coming out of her head.
    REPORTED: Amber Wright 03 APR 96
    To add on to this, in each picture she is wearing a different outfit, but in both pictures she is wearing the same cream colored chamisole underneath her clothing.
    CONFIRMED: Brittany Sims 29 MAR 97
    I agree with Amber that the face of the woman in the picture is very similar to that of the haunted mansion girl; however, I must point out that Brittany Sims comment is false. The girl in the pirates picture isn't wearing a shirt, unlike the girl in the Haunted Mansion picture. The pirates girl still keeps her modesty though, her long hair covers her figure.
    UPDATE: chernabog 16 NOV 98
  60. The lady in the portrait in the room where the skeletons are drinking looks almost exactly like the lady whose hair turns to snakes in the Haunted Mansion.
    REPORTED: Lanea Amick 09 FEB 97
  61. In the skeleton tavern of the Pirates of the Caribbean, one of the skeletons is drinking a bottle of wine, and you can see the wine "poured" into his body. If you look closely at the wine, it's actually a red column of rotating plastic, and it revolves fast enough that it looks like flowing liquid. Only took me ten years to figure out that one.
    REPORTED: Cedric Chin 23 NOV 98
  62. The waterfalls on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland and Disney World are different. There are waterfalls on both rides. However the waterfall at Disneyland is longer and therefore broken into two consecutive drops. Also, Disneyland guests remain in the boats as they travel up a lift chain at the end of the ride that returns the boats to their original level. As a result, Disneyland guests enter and exit the Pirates boats from the same location. At Disney World, guests exit the boats before they return to their original level. After this unload point, the boats enter a staging area where they go up a lift belt, make a right turn, pass under the queue area and then reenter the loading zone. Back in the days when there were two channels at the load area, the boats went through an automatic switch gate in staging as well. (That was the source of many downtimes!) The reasons for the waterfalls (at both Disneyland and Disney World) is to permit the boats to pass under the Railroad tracks that surround the park.
    REPORTED: Gary Greco 17 DEC 95
    CONFIRMED: Robert Niles 23 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Charles Durst 27 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Jim Kocher 18 DEC 96
    The Pirates of the Caribbean is so big! Where does it all fit? Only the very beginning and the end of the attraction are actually in New Orleans Square. After the first big drops (which actually go under the DL Railroad tracks) the entire ride is in a large green sound stage backstage. This is one of four sound stages in a row (Indiana Jones, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain). They are visible from Downtown Disney and between DL and DCA. They are the buildings decorated with images of palm trees.
    UPDATE: Chuck Keeler 17 APR 02
  63. It bears mentioning that the first drop in Pirates goes directly over the Cast Member's Westside Diner.
  64. On the bed with the skeleton on it, there is a real human skull on the headboard!
    REPORTED: Ronnie P. 18 FEB 97
    Given to Walt by a friend.
    I have heard the same thing about the skull and bones on the headboard of the bed in Pirates of the Caribbean being real. It does look different (darker color and more realistic shape) than all the others!
    CONFIRMED: Kat 16 OCT 98
    On the Pirates of the Carribean ride in New Orleans Square, during the ride, there is a HUMAN skull. It is in the room where there is a bed with a pink quilt. Near the head of the bed, you will see a skull. THIS IS NOT THE HUMAN SKULL. However, hung OVER the bed is an older-looking skull with grey hair. Although the hair is fake, this is a human skull, and it is real.
    REPORTED: Lame X Namco 26 FEB 06
  65. The skeleton in bed with the treasure and using a magnifying glass; I seem to remember many years ago he had the glass up in front of his mouth. As you went by, the grinning, horrid teeth of the skull were magnified in a scary, leering manner. Lately it seems it's just off to one side, leaving the view of the skull clear. I liked the old way.
    REPORTED: Pony Horton 08 SEP 01
  66. After you have gone down the second waterfall and have come upon the pirate skeleton that is examining the map while in bed, the antique harpsicord that is playing Pirates of the Caribbean theme, is sitting on modern coasters (metal wheels).
    REPORTED: Gregg Ziak 08 DEC 96
  67. The maidens may chase the pirates at Disney World, but at Disneyland they don't with the exception of the last chase, where a pirate is being chased by a maiden.
    REPORTED: Moparbird 02 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B and TR Shaw 25 FEB 96
    In Disneyland Paris, it's also the maidens chasing the pirates. They even use brooms to 'hit' the pirates
    UPDATE: Lilian Severins 30 SEP 99
  68. I heard a distict "clicking" sound when we were floating past the fat maiden chasing the two pirates. I looked up, astonished to see the woman's breasts, bouncing vigorously as she ran! I knew the animatronics were realistic, but these things must have had hydrolics.
    REPORTED: Taber 18 SEP 01
    It's pretty funny-- and it's SO significant, it must be purposely done.
    CONFIRMED: anon 28 SEP 01
    CONFIRMED: PrincessAurora 11 DEC 01
    I have noticed since the last refebushment of the Pirates of the Carribean that in the scene when the "chubby" bride is chasing the two pirates who are carring food. Well her breasts now bounce, some days it is a slight jiggle and other days it is a full bounce.
    CONFIRMED: Vannessa Rangel 22 DEC 01
  69. The "shadow fight" (now projected on the tower just past the left-hand fortress) it used to be going on up on a wall in the upper-forced-perspective part of the burning city.
    REPORTED: anon 01 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 20 APR 98
    As you enter into the pirate "FOG" (right before the castle pirate ship fight) , look to the far right corner. You will see two pirates fighting with swords, but you can only see their shadows!
    CONFIRMED: 28 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: Boon 08 JUN 00
    There are two swordfight shadows seen against a rock right after the cannon scene.
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 OCT 00
    You see the shadow figures right before you turn into the Auction scene. To clear up any confusion, just look up to the high tower in front of you before you turn and you will see them there. Besides there's audio of them struggling and swords clanging, so it's kind of hard to miss.
    UPDATE: Lindsay Jan/01 10 JAN 01
  70. In the part of the Pirates of the Caribbean where the Spanish fortress is being bombarded, as you pass to the left of it, look at the Spainish soldier nearest to you (when his head is up), he has the same face as the pirate with the food in his two hands being feasted upon by the horse and dog.
    REPORTED: Travis 28 AUG 01
    Regarding the spanish pirate with the same face as the man in the gluttony scene. This actually happens quite a bit throughout the attraction, the two gentlemen with whom you speak also share that face with Carlos, the mayor being dunked in the well. The most amusing example of the "face sharing" is the fact that one of the wenches in line to be auctioned off, shares her face with a pirate on the bridge also in the auction scene(he's the one with the tankard and the eyepatch.)
    UPDATE: anon 27 JAN 02
    Backyard Imagineering
  71. The Fire in Pirates looks so real when it was inspected, that before it was allowed to open the fire detection system (smoke alarm) had an autoshutoff system for the fire effects.
    REPORTED: Bmaynard 22 JAN 96
    REPORTED: Nick Morgan 30 DEC 96
  72. The fire on Pirates is made by shining lights onto a special, moving cloth.
    REPORTED: DaWiZard 12 MAY 97
    The "fire" is Pirates of the Caribbean" is actualy made with sheets, a fan, and an orange light. A simple bed sheet is hung from a location with a mechanical fan blowing on it so it appeares to look like a raging fire. Then an orange light is added to complete the effect.
    CONFIRMED: Kristen 22 APR 00
  73. There is still one piece of fire left in Pirates that hasn't been changed to the blowing silk! After you pass the pirate ship, look at the small lighthouse on your left. You can still see the pieces of orange, red, and yellow plastic being blown by a small fan. It's good to see that they still hold on the old stuff for us lovers of this classic effect.
    REPORTED: Dave Provenza 24 NOV 01
    Just a follow up to my Fun Fact report on the Pirates of the Carribean. They have officially replaced all the old fire effects with the new blowing silk effect. On my last visit in May 2002, the last remaining fire effect with the orange, red, and yellow plastic in the little lighthouse after the pirate ship has been replaced with the blowing silk. I guess you can't stop progress, but it would've been nice for Disney to leave one piece of the past for us die-hard Pirates fans.
    REPORTED: Dave Provenza 06 JUN 02
  74. Toward the end, there is the scene with timberwood and a wreck (where it looks like the wood is still burning; after the jail scene.). If you look up right as you enter the room you will see, through the rafters, what looks like the wood on fire. After you pass it look behind you on the ceiling and you will see that it's only red foil on the walls and ceiling.
    REPORTED: Caryn Nakano 23 JUN 99
    Backyard Imagineering
  75. The fireflies in Pirates are actually small blinking lights on a small string or wire, blown in different directions by small fans.
    REPORTED: Scott Mackay 14 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    To be more specific, the fireflies that are throughout the load area on Pirates of the Caribbean, are small lights on thin black wires but they don't blink. They look like they do because the small light is glued to a black piece of cardboard which "flutters" from air blown from small fans below each fly. The blinking action is because the black cardboard blocks the small light from your view.
    CONFIRMED: David Smith 23 JAN 97
    In 1976 I leaned over the railing just before the Pirates exit and, using a micrometer, measured the wire running up the tree branch to the firefly that used to hang there. It was a thin gauge of magnet wire, commonly available in hobby stores. I also photographed, using a flash, the fan on the ground below it that blew that firefly. It wasn't a regular fan but a centrifugal blower (squirrel cage type) of the type that is used in air conditioning units. In May 2002 I saw one of the firefly fans clearly silhouetted in side view against the blue sky of the Blue Bayou. This time it looked like a regular shrouded fan, and was no longer carefully hidden among plastic ferns as the blowers used to be. The wire attached to the fireflies used to be bent to make the light bounce more (this could be clearly seen at the top of the up-waterfall, when the fireflies became silhouetted against the brighter lights behind them), but recently I noticed that the fireflies don't bounce as much as they used to, and the NightShot option on my camera showed that at least one of the hanging wires was straighter than before.
    CONFIRMED: Mark Atkins 31 MAY 02
    The wire used for the Blue Bayou fireflies in the 1970s was insulated copper magnet wire that was .011 inches in diameter.
    UPDATE: Mark Atkins 31 MAY 02
  76. How about the fog that drifts out from behind the boat in the "Battle" area. It is the Mee Fog effect. Water is shot through a small hole at 1000PSI, in fact the hole is smaller than a hair from your head. Because it forced out so fast, the water condenses, just like real fog does. Hence the Mee Fog, slogan, "Real Fog"
    REPORTED: jojobean 15 APR 97
  77. How about the effect of the cannon ball hitting the water. It is done with a air cannon. You can see this effect at the "Inside the magic" studio tour at Disney/MGM. Just compressed air under the water.
    REPORTED: jojobean 15 APR 97
  78. According to the Orange County register in the battle scene between the ship and the town there are now two new characters that pop up in the fort to go with the dialogue that was always there but never had the animatronics to go with it.
    REPORTED: Chris Wiles 28 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: Chris Wiles 09 NOV 99
  79. The pirate captain leans against the well in the mayor-dunking scene. But in the original plans of the ride, the captain was supposed to have a hook. Walt ruled it out because it would cost more money to have a moving "animatronic" arm. To this day, the captain still leans and has a complete human hand.
    REPORTED: Patrick Keown 08 MAY 96
    The pirate captain in the well dunking scene does have a hook. I don't know if it was added recently or not, but he definitely is not leaning on the well and the fully animatronic arm has a hook on the end.
    UPDATE: jason young 29 JUL 96
    About the pirate in the mayor dunking scene, he does have a hook. Also, I can remember the first time I rode pirates and he had a hook there. However, watch the show "Disneyland: from Pirates of the Caribbean to the world of Tomorrow." It shows the opening day ceremony, as well as a complete tour of the attraction. Then, he had a human hand and was leaning on the well. There is a mistake in the editing also, they put the skeletons in the wrong order, and they show guests going down the second hill right after the maiden-chase scene, and before the singing trio!
    UPDATE: chernabog 14 SEP 98
  80. All of the references towards the dunking of the town mayor refer to him as "Thomas" and I have to ask, isn't it Carlos? This can be heard when the woman in the second story window pops out (presumably his wife) and exclaims, "Don't tell him Carlos, don't bee cheeckeen!" The name Carlos makes much more sense than "Thomas" considering this is a Spanish town.
    REPORTED: Pudding Boy (Brian) 28 JAN 97
    The lady in the window calls out the name Carlos several times.
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Hartman 08 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Tom Bernard 30 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 01 JUL 97
  81. Most of the pirates' facial features were designed after their creators.
    REPORTED: Patrick Keown 08 MAY 96
  82. I recently went on the 'Walking in Walt's Footsteps' tour and was told by the tour guide that the second pirate chasing a woman around in circles, with the Fu-Man-Chu moustache/beard, is none other than Walt Disney. He had a life mask made for the pirate ride and they used the same life mask to create the statue of Walt and Mickey in front of the castle.
    REPORTED: Mark Benda 07 OCT 99
  83. In Pirates of the Carribean, name the character that resembles Walt Disney, the auctioneer.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 26 JAN 00 pict from
  84. Something to listen for next time you ride Pirates - in the sequence where the pirates are standing next to the barn singing and playing an accordian, there is a dog. During the "yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me" chorus of the song, you can hear the dog "singing" the yo-hos!
    REPORTED: Shari London 15 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Stacy Hartman 08 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Dave & Lisa 11 NOV 00
  85. Unlike in American Disney Parks, the pirates chase the women in Disneyland Paris
    REPORTED: Peter Stepniewicz 04 SEP 99
  86. Next to the trio singers there used to be a dog that sang the song as well. Since they changed the ride to make it more PC, they've taken the all of the dogs out, except one: the only one of the original three left is the one in the jail scene.
    REPORTED: Chernabog 16 NOV 98
    The dog with the trio is still there. He may have been removed for clean up or repair but he is there.
    UPDATE: Dave Smith 11 NOV 00
  87. Another "pc" addition to the ride that was made after a bit after the 1st change. In the part where the men chase the women for food there was a drunken pirate looking for his wench and she was sitting in a barrel hiding from him. Well they removed the girl recently and put a cat in there instead so the guy has eaten too much and a cat is eating his fish or something. What is the world commng to?
    REPORTED: Sara Morgan* 18 DEC 99
  88. Just thought that I'd point out that the skeleton in the jail scene is new to Pirates since the PC refurb.
    REPORTED: Chernabog 16 NOV 98
  89. The parrot on the bridge in Pirates of the Caribbean has a tattoo of a anchor on his chest.
    REPORTED: Eric B 04 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: David Rosner 25 JUL 96
    You can see his chest go in and out as he sings, and also, if you pass under him at just the right point in the song, he says "Yo Ho Yo Ho a Parrot's life for me - (Squawk)!" But he doesn't sing this on every chorus.
    CONFIRMED: Shari London 15 MAR 97
    The tatoo on the parrot in the Pirates of the Carribean disappeared when they made things "politically correct."
    UPDATE: Eeyore 04 APR 97
  90. Near the end of the ride, you will see a few pirates in a jail cell, calling to a dog who has the keys. Look at the white-haired man. Legend has it that he used to be a janitor at the park.
    REPORTED: Jeff Kozlowski 29 MAR 99
  91. Have you ever listened to the dog's whining in the jail scene where pirates try to get the keys from the dog? Well, this may seem far fetched, but in the movie "Mary Poppins" there is a scene where Mary anf the kids go to see the man with the laughing condition (I forget the name of the character). Listen to Andrew's (the dog) whining, and you'll see that they've used the same recording for the dog in the jail scene in "pirates".
    REPORTED: rino sidney 11 JAN 02
  92. At the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, you can see a pirate map that sits next to a treasure chest where the boats go around it just before you unload from the attraction. It is on this map that the name of the attraction is spelled out with white fiber optic lettering. If you look closely you will notice that on the map some brown islands are surrounded by a green ocean. What you'll notice though is that the green ocean resembles a "skull".
    REPORTED: Gregg Ziak 08 DEC 96
  93. Annual Passholder's Secret ride tricks revealed! During Fantasmic, nobody even tries to get on to the Pirates of the Caribbean. Usually there are at least two showings of Fantasmic, so we hit Pirates of the Caribbean just after the opening of Fantasmic (and preferably, no later than the pirate ship sequence). After riding Pirates, we exit out the door, and go left (towards Club 33's door), and then take either the first right, or go around towards Haunted Mansion and right towards "The Rivers of America" there. As everyone who just saw the first showing is heading out (almost always they head for Main Street and the exit), we file in behind them, and sit near the emergency control booth area. This area is probably one of the best sitting areas to see Fantasmic. You are close to the water, get only a little bit of spray, and the way the wind usually comes in, it's nice and clear to see the "screen."
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 14 SEP 96
  94. The captain on the pirate ship in Pirates of the Caribbean bears a remakable resemblence to the famous pirate Edward Teach, aka, Blackbeard. Like the captain, Blackbeard had a thick black beard which went down to his waist. More importantly, though, it is known that Blackbeard tied red ribbons into the beard (along with fuses to give off smoke) while in battle to scare his opponents. Futhermore, the battle does parallal a couple of Blackbeard's exploits, most notably the siege on Charles Town (Charleston), S.C. Finally, as many have pointed out, the portrait at the end is of Blackbeard from "Blackbeard's Ghost."
    REPORTED: Keith Jones 06 SEP 98
    I was impressed (as per usual) by the fact that the immagineers strived for detail. The red ribbons in his beard are the trademark of Captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach. Often I've heard Cast Members refer to that pirate as Blackbeard.
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 14 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: Kim and Kathy Debow 22 MAY 00
  95. At the end of Pirates,the men who are towing the loot have a copy of the painting in the Disney movie "Black Beard's Ghost".
    REPORTED: Josh C. 14 APR 97
    The painting at the end of Pirates is in fact a replica of the painting of Blackbeard in Blackbeard's ghost.
    CONFIRMED: Eric Warren 07 MAY 98
    As your coming out of the tunnel, near the end of the ride, you look to the left of you and see two pirates pushing up a treasure chest, and sticking out of that treasure chest is a beautiful painting. Well, my goodness, it's Good 'Ole Blackbeard the Ghost, from the wonderful Disney movie!
    CONFIRMED: Sarah Lassek 14 JUN 99
    One movie I wish Disney would re-realease happens to be Blackbeards Ghost. I am confirming the painting at the end of the Pirates ride. I have seen this movie hundreds of times and I knew the instant I saw it that it was Blackbeard, at least a painting of him that was used in the Disney movie Blackbeard's Ghost starring Dean Jones, Peter U. (who plays Blackbeard very well) and many other disney loved actors/actresses. Yes, it is a painting of Peter U. in the portaryal of Blackbeard the pirate!!!
    CONFIRMED: Spooktacular (Julianne Hall) 11 JAN 00
  96. I heard that all the major pirates (Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, John Morgan) are represented in the ride, and not just in the pictures painted in the queue.
    REPORTED: chernabog 14 SEP 98
  97. Newly added to Pirates of the Caribbean at the final climb of the ride are pirates trying to make out with loot, they are trying to push a box out of the "ride" Farther up the ride are skeletons that complete the story of "Dead men tell no tales"
    REPORTED: anon 10 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Cara Witte 24 APR 97
  98. When Pirates breaks down and people are in the boats, say in the Ship-for-cannon tableau like I was, first they turn off the sound and turn up the lights and then a couple Cast Members in fly-fishing wading pants push the boats back or forward to a landing. The guests in the boats are encouraged to help by pushing off from the walls where possible. Then everyone is walked out using the Cast Member service tunnels and is given a front-of-the-line pass for their trouble.
    REPORTED: Cara Witte 24 APR 97
  99. Most of the decor inside Pirates and the Mansion are affixed to their places.
    REPORTED: anon 05 MAR 98
  100. On the Pirates of the Carribian ride, just after the boat moves into the lagoon, look up behind you, in a room where the ride operater is, you see a wall full of tv moniters for security uses!
    REPORTED: anon 13 DEC 00
    In the beginning of the ride: Pirates of the carribean, when you just get on iand the boat starts to move, if you look up and back begind you, you can see the security room.
    CONFIRMED: Jon Baum 18 MAY 06
  101. Pirates of the Caribbean has six evacuation points to remove guests from the two show buildings should the ride break down. They are All evac points are on the left hand side, and only two, the Point and Utility 2, are in the show building outside of the berm. It ususally takes about 30 to 45 minutes to evacuate the entire attraction.
    REPORTED: Captain Laffite 09 JUN 01
  102. Just before you go down the first drop, there is a head of a pirate talking to you. What appears to be a patch on his left eye is actually a camera. Look closely!
    REPORTED: Joslyn W. 10 MAR 00
    Okay, many people think that the patch over the eye of the talking pirate skull is a camera. I can assure you that it is not. There is defintely a camera at the top of the first drop, there are a few of them in fact. But most of the cameras in the attraction are behind you, including the ones in that area.
    UPDATE: Jakey 03 JUN 01
  103. I have no proof, but I've heard that Pirates has the most security cameras in the park, and the best hidden.
    REPORTED: anon 20 OCT 98
    Yes, it is true that Pirates of the Caribean has the most cameras it has twelve. But it shares the number with Splash mountin which also has twelve. I know that they have twelve because when you look back on Pirates before the first turn you can see twelve black and white monitors looking at different points of the ride. You can also see the monitors on Splash they are on the right after the ride starts, you can see the first nine easy but the last row is hard to see.
    UPDATE: Brandon Sanders 14 NOV 99
    There are thirteen cameras on Pirates of the Caribbean, with most of them pointed at the six evacuation points. The locations are: Drop 1 Top, Drop 1 Bottom, Drop 1 Runout, Drop 2 Approach, Drop 2 Top, Drop 2 Bottom, Utility 1, Transition Tunnel, the Point, Utility 2, Utility 3, Bottom of Lift, and Lift. Good luck visually locating them all, though; some are hidden very well!
    UPDATE: Captain Laffite 09 JUN 01
  104. I just thought I'd mention that besides the cameras and infared lights on the Pirates of the Caribbean, there are also Cast Members watching in person. In the little cubbies and caves two, sometimes three Cast Members stand there keeping a personal eye on things. I know because when I was there on Grad Night my friends and I took turns trying to flash bulb each other with our cameras, just for fun, when the other wasn't expecting it. Well, one of my friends noticed during a camera flash what looked like a person hiding in the shadows. So, he took out his pocket Mag-Lite and shined it there and, lo and behold, three cast members were watching us. And let me tell you, they were TICKED that we found them out. They started yelling for us to turn our lights off and stop our camcorders.
    REPORTED: John D 06 APR 98
    About those cameras in Pirates... I was there for a Grad Night party for my high school, it went all night, and I guess they turned up security to keep us hooligan seniors in line. Anyway, I was being a hooligan senior in POTC cause I reached out, pushed against the wall to make the boat bump against the other side (why? i don't know..) and the booming voice of reason came over the PA and said, "DON'T PUSH THE WALLS. KEEP YOUR HANDS IN THE BOAT!" They were watching me. Creepy.
    CONFIRMED: Eric Fiebig 04 FEB 99
    There are hidey-holes for CM's on Pirates. On grad nite many moons ago, a friend of mine stood up in the boat just before going down the first waterfall. A voice over the PA told him forcefully to SIT DOWN in the boat. As we approached the next fall, he again started to stand up (let's call it youthful stup...exuberance). At the exact point in time that his butt left the seat, the ride stopped abruptly and a CM stepped out from a little nook and asked our entire boat if we'd care to be escorted directly to the head of the line LEAVING the park....Ps & Qs were, for the most part, minded by all for the rest of the evening.
    CONFIRMED: anon 09 APR 00
    Pirates Of the Caribbean does have a lot of cameras, however it actually has more than twelve cameras, it's a long attraction. Since the boats are pretty slow moving, some trouble makers can get bored and decide to act up, so trust me, all of the cameras are needed. Take it from a Pirate Cast Member; Behave, we see all!
    UPDATE: anon 03 JUN 01
  105. I saw a cast member escorting several people through the gate at the exit to the Haunted Mansion (the gate that leads to the pet cemetary) I looked back and saw a large crypt. I should've taken a picture. If anyone knows how you can get access back there, please e-mail me and let me know.
    REPORTED: chernabog 22 APR 98
  106. When there is almost no line, they block off the access to the front row seats. Why? If the only people on the boat are sitting in the very front row only, the boat can derail.
    REPORTED: Joe Hanson 19 JAN 98
    On Pirates of the Caribbean, the weight in the boats must be distributed evenly. This is to avoid the boats from getting stuck at certain parts of the ride. Some of our rules are if someone is in row 1 there must be someone in rows 5 or 6, and vice versa, if there is someone in rows 5 or 6, there must be someone in row 1. On nights when there is no line we chain up those two rows to help the cast member who is grouping to load the boat quickly and safely.. By the way, Pirates of the Caribbean is called a flume ride. It is called this because it is sitting in between two rails and there are flumes pushing out water to make a current. The boats are floating in between these two rails, and are not on a track. Therefore it is not possible for the boats to "derail."
    UPDATE: Jakey 20 FEB 01
  107. One time my family and I rode the Pirates late at night, right around midnight. There was absolutely no line, and the four of us had a boat all to ourselves. The strange thing was, the attendants spread us out: we each had our own row of seats. Before we went down the second drop we all gathered to the front row of the boat. At the top of the drop, we waited, and a voice came over the speakers, saying "Please return to your original seats." We did and the ride continued.
    REPORTED: Loren G. 20 APR 00
  108. On a Grad Nite, a friend of mine (intoxicated) lept for the huge pile of jewels and gold, just before the pirate ship battle room. To his suprise, it was a single cast piece!
    REPORTED: El Kab–ng 27 APR 99
  109. In several areas where there are small piles of gold and jewels, on the security camera's when its sped up, the piles of gold and jewels seem to move across the room.
    REPORTED: Morgana 24 FEB 99
  110. During the years of riding on the POTC ride at Disneyland, I have noticed a familiar scent within the ride. It's kind of a musty/watery smell. My theories are that it is the smell of the chemical which provides the fog effect. Or that the smell is simply from the massive amounts of water which pump through the ride each day. However, through dozens of cleanings and refurbishments, the scent has remained.
    REPORTED: DisneyMan 07 APR 99
    The smell has been there for a long time and although it may have something to do with the water-way system, it probably has to do with Walt's attention to detail. Simmilar smells exist inside the entire park. Haunted Mansion has a musty "dead air" smell; Main Street smells like cookies, etc. The imagineers are just too smart in creating a realistic environment.
    CONFIRMED: Sarah Batcheller 19 MAY 99
  111. After the battle scene you come to the scene where the pirates are dunking the mayor. If you look behind the you'll see a sort of bell tower looking building. After you turn the corner and come into the fire scene look to your right, just above the two palm trees, and you'll see that it is the same bell tower.
    REPORTED: Caryn Nakano 23 JUN 99
  112. In the Pirates notice at the bride auction there is a fellow on top of the bridge swinging a beer bopttle around. Usually he will drop some of that on your head (if you are sitting in the very back left side. I paid close attention to him once. His beer bottle was about half way full but he still flung it around enough to get some on my head. Then I looked behind me and say that some felll into the water. We went back later that night and he was still dropping some water and his bottle was still half way full. If hw was dropping that much water the first time I went don't you think he would have run out. Hmmm...wierd.
    REPORTED: anon 17 MAR 00
    When I was sitting down in the back of the boat, about mid left on the bench, I felt something splash onto my head. When I looked up I realized that there was liquid coming out of the bottle he was holding.
    CONFIRMED: Justin Beheshti 14 AUG 00
  113. A few years ago me and my sister were on Pirates of the Carribean. Well the ride had broken down for like an hour an a half. The people on the ride were getting really restless and people were getting mad. Then one of the cast members walked out but dressed as Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones started walking people off the ride (after the show they had prepared for us). This was at Disneyland during the summer of 2003.
    REPORTED: Shelbyandashleyp 16 APR 06
  114. As a child, I remember that on the POTC ride that when you pass under all the burnt town at the end just before the whole shooting scene and the hill before you go up. There use to be hanging pieces, chairs, broken lamps....They use to rock like they were going to fall and then went I went back a few years agao and then again last year they were mostly all taken down or the bolted completly up to the burning wood. If a cast member read this then why?
    REPORTED: Lindsay 10 JAN 01

Pirates of the Caribbean Facts and Figures




Water Propelled Boats




March 18, 1967

Audio-Animatronic Figures

66 pirates and villages, 57 animals and birds

Amount of Water

750,000 gallons

Main Lift Pumps (2 operating)

20,000 gallons circulated per minute (maximum) 18,000 gallons circulated per minute (minimum)

First Drop

Length - 52 feet Angle - 21 degrees

Second Drop

Length - 37 feet Angle - 21 degrees


Length - 90 feet Angle - 16 degrees


? feet

Ride Time

about 14 minutes 30 seconds (varies)




22 adult passengers per boat.
3 adult passengers in rows 1 and 6
4 adult passengers in rows 2, 3, 4, and 5. For example 3 adults = 2 adults and 2 small children or babies.


3400 per hour

Number of Buildings


Number of Levels

3 (Blue Bayou, upper caverns, and basement)

Maximum Height of Ceiling

40 feet

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