Adventureland Indiana Jones Adventure

Fun Facts

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  1. Opened March 3, 1995
  2. There are other Hidden Characters here.
  3. The year that the Indiana Jones ride takes place is in 1935. This is directly off the Cast Member Training Handout from 1995.
    REPORTED: Kirsten 19 FEB 02 Generator
  4. Note to all Indiana Jones riders. Indiana Jones has a fake gas engine "generating" the power for the lights. These lights flicker the whole time, EXCEPT when the ride breaks down. When the ride breaks down, the lights go solid and strong. Later, when the ride goes back on, the lights start flickering again, but the line takes an extra few minutes to start moving. Watch the lights, and astound your new-found friends in line that the ride is operating now, and the line will be moving in just a few minutes. Sure enough, moments later, people start walking out in droves!
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
    Indiana Jones broke down last time I was in line for it, and I was stuck in line for about fifteen minutes. Sure enough, the lights got really bright and stayed that way until they announced that they were going to turn off the "work lights" and the line would be moving again shortly. And it did.
    CONFIRMED: Barbara Fett 06 MAR 99
    When I was there over the 4th of July we were waiting in line for Indie. The lights all of a sudden went full and I told my boyfriend that the ride had just broken down. No one around me could believe it a minute later when they announced "technical difficulites." THanks to this sight I knew what what going on.
    CONFIRMED: ona 16 NOV 00
    When the '30s themed lights strung above throughout the queue are lit to full brightness and no longer dim the adventure is "101", "down" or experiencing a delay while troop transports are being switched out.
    CONFIRMED: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
  5. When the temple first opened, the generator pressure gauge read 120 p/si while the painted note on it said "Keep below 80!" Many of the parents, who were waiting with their children in this area, became concerned and Disney removed the note.
    REPORTED: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
  6. When the attraction first opened, the connecting rod from the piston to the flywheel was missing, but the generator continued to operate. The flywheel is actually driven by a rubber wheel attached to a motor which is hidden under a wooden crate.
    REPORTED: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
  7. Both the motor speed and the light brightness are controlled by the queue sound which is fed to the speakers near the generator and to SCR's or silicon control rectifiers which simultaneously modulate the voltage sent to 75W roughhouse [urethane dipped] 120-130v Phillips lamp bulbs and to the motor, which varies its speed.
    REPORTED: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
  8. The wires strung throughout the temple do not actually power the lamps. The power is sent through the fixtures where they attach to the walls and the well themed, braided cloth wrapped, cord is actually unterminated [no connection] contemporary high bandwidth coaxial cable.
    REPORTED: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
  9. Here's an interesting tidbit for all you Jungle Cruise lovers out there. Originally, when designers were coming up for the idea of Indiana Jones, they wanted the Jungle Cruise to take you to the Indiana Jones attraction. But doing that meant they had to change the atmosphere of the Jungle Cruise so the idea was abandoned.
    REPORTED: Jeremy Fassler 08 OCT 00
  10. This was imparted to me by one of the show designers at a meeting at WDI just before Indy opened. Harrison Ford had originally agreed to voice the three Indy characters but would only do it on the condition that they not ask him to appear or do any recordings for the half-time Super Bowl show that year the ride opened, which did have a blatant promo for the new attraction. Well, as fate would have it, he was scheduled for a Saturday recording session, the studio was rented and ready to go. However, a low level idiot in marketing over at the studio, not aware of the agreement, sent a script ot Mr. Ford of the Super Bowl show instead of the attraction script, the Wednesday before the scheduled recording. Incensed that the one simple request was not kept, he canceled just one day before on Friday.
    REPORTED: anon 12 APR 97 decoder cards
  11. No decoder cards? Read the Marabic.
    Althought AT&T does not provide the decoder cards now, a copy is kept in a folder at the Indiana Jones store across from the ride's entrance and exit. A cast member working at that store can instantly make a ("Xerox") copy for a guest who requests it.
    UPDATE: CdB 11 JUL 00
  12. The Indiana Jones Adventure Ride cost the Disney folks about $100 million to make and took 7 years to design & build. The ride is physically big. The carefully prepared and aged artifacts and all the high tech necessary to operate the ride are housed in a 3 story building, (mostly underground) as long, and as wide as a football field. You can see part of the green building from the parking lot. You have to walk 1 KM before you board the ride itself. They did this so you could get a feel for the ride before even boarding it. The Disney ImaginEARS even brought in old National Geographic magazines for design ideas. They had to make the ride believable, controlled, and make it so no one else knows how they did it. The Troop Transports- Every 18 seconds one of the 7 ton, 12 passenger troop transports leaves for the journey. Each Transport has its own personality. There are 24 speakers per vehicle, 2 per person. They can travel up to 20 feet a second (but never do), have high beams & low beams, travel on rubber tires, and are front wheel drive.
    REPORTED: Jordan Wasyliw 08 MAR 97
    I was lucky enough to visit "The Architecture of Reassurance: Designing the Disney Theme Parks" at UCLA in July, and also got an added suprise, Randall Webster, the Curator of Collections/Art Collections Managment at Walt Disney Imagineering took our group on a personal tour of the exhibits, and told us that the Indiana Jones Adventure actually cost them $200 million dollars! He also added that Harrison Ford worked very closely on the project, and they took a mold from his face and used it on the Animatronic figures in the ride.
    UPDATE: Steve Woodring 08 AUG 98
  13. Tony Baxter came to speak at California State University Long Beach a couple of years back. He told us that one of the downfalls of animatronic characters is that they don't move very lifelike when dressed in regular clothes. He told us that Indy's clothes are sculpted and that the whole Indy animatronic is one big piece, not dressed in clothes like other animatronics.
    REPORTED: Brent Thomas 05 DEC 99
  14. On the Indiana Jones Adventure there is (believe it or not) nearly 160,000 different things that can happen and that are programed into the rides computers. Each of the 16 troop transport vehicles has its own on-board ride control and audio system, allowing it to create the ride combinations. These can range from a small bump from hydraulics, to a flashing light, to a burst of fire.
    REPORTED: Michael 17 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 29 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Disneygenius 03 MAY 00
    On the Indiana Jones ride in Adventureland, there is the snake area. I have been going to Disneyland three times a year since I was three. Every time I have been on the ride, Indi said "careful, watch out for anything that slizers." When I was just at Disney in December, it was different! In fact, it was a quote from the movie. He said "snakes, why did it have to be snakes?" I went on the ride at least 10 times and every time but one he said the careful saying. It may only be that one jeep that Indy quotes the movie, but hey, its there!
    CONFIRMED: Matt Wright 12 DEC 00
  15. The total number of snakes, mechanical or sculpted in the Indiana Jones Adventure is over 220,000
    REPORTED: Ryan Stricker 03 MAY 98
  16. A cast member told me that there are 1,995 skeletons in the Indiana Jones ride, to honor the date that the ride opened.
    REPORTED: Laod Bhang 04 JUL 98
  17. The markings by the two drinking fountains read "Only one spring will restore youth and vigor. Choose wisely."
    REPORTED: Rob Teitelbaum 02 MAY 96
  18. Within Indiana Jones, there is at least one door which, instead of saying "Cast Members Only," it reads "Excavation Crew Only." A nice touch in keeping with the archaeology theme.
    REPORTED: A.J. Marik 13 NOV 97
  19. Behind the door that says "Excavation Crew Only" is the actual control room for the ride. I know this because as I was getting off one time, I walked by as a cast member opened the door and walked in. It had about 4 cast members in there, 15 T.V. screens to watch riders in the temple, and a huge control board!
    REPORTED: Jake Moreno 15 MAR 98
    The excavation crew door actually leads to the outside of the entire building.. not to a control room.. Maybe the door on the inside but the door towards the exit takes you outside and is another way to the Westside Diner.
    UPDATE: anon 09 FEB 99
    I saw more than one door marked "Excavation Crew Only."
    UPDATE: Sean Catherall 22 OCT 99
  20. The score to the Indiana Jones ride is done by John Williams who did the Indy movies and Star Wars films.
    REPORTED: Brad 15 FEB 99
    Brad is correct, but alot of the music in the ride is from various Indiana Jones movies. For instance, you hear "scary choir music", very loudly, as you shoot up and onto the bridge, when all the flames, lasers, etc start. This small piece of music is actually from "Raiders of the Lost Ark", it's from the scene in the Map Room, where Indy finds the location of the Ark. If you watch that scene in the movie, you'll hear it, but it's also on the soundtrack. I found this out by accident, I got the Raiders soundtrack for Christmas and happened to play this part of the CD, and everyone went "THAT'S FROM THE RIDE!!!!" I think there is also some music from Temple of Doom but I'm not sure.
    CONFIRMED: Elisabeth 18 MAR 99
    All of the music from the Indiana Jones ride appears in the Indiana Jones movies. The music on the bridge is from the Raiders of the Lost Ark soundtrack, and the music in the dart room is from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (the scene where Indy and Short Round are almost skewered).
    UPDATE: Toledo 04 JUN 00
  21. When Indy Jones breaks down (usally because of hydraulic fluid), any cast member who enters the ride area has to be "tagged out". The tag is silver and resembles a very thick smart card.
    REPORTED: Andrew Stern 06 SEP 97
    During your first turn of the ride the "tags" for the tag-outs are all hanging on the wall to your left. it's in the dark, but still visible.
    CONFIRMED: Anthony Blythe 05 JUL 00
  22. There are 15 cameras on the Ride. One of them is the Handoff area. CM's can pinpoint messages to specific rooms in the ride. For example, a Cast Member may tell someone to turn out their videocamera light in the Bug Room.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  23. Intensity on the ride has been turned down several notches. Now, the only really bumpy parts are when you speed around curves. When the ride first openend, people would get bruised.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  24. I was watching Raiders last night and I realized something, The Indiana Jones Adventure takes place before Raiders! In the queue there are letters posted in Indy's office that are signed Abner Ravenwood, Indy's mentor and teacher. Yet in Raiders, Karen Allen (who plays Abner's daughter Marion Ravenwood,) says that Abner's dead!
    REPORTED: Chernabog 12 MAY 99
    Someone mentioned that the ride takes place before Raiders of the Lost Ark (1936), because Abner Ravenwood is dead. He is NOT dead. He is "feared" dead, there is a possibility that he's still alive.
    UPDATE: John Humphlett 02 DEC 99
    Actually, Abner Ravenwood IS dead! The Federal guys at the beginning say that he is assumed dead, but then Abner daughter Marion confirms this. "Abner's dead." "Marion, I'm sorry." "Yeah, everybody's sorry,..." etc., etc.
    UPDATE: John Ricco 16 JAN 00
    The letters from Abner Ravenwood in Indy's office do not neccessarily mean that this happened prior to Raiders of the Lost Ark. These could just be treasured letters from Revenwood that Indy wanted to keep. Also, at least one of the apparent shipping crates used in Indy's makeshift office has "Lao Che Air Freight" printed on it. Lao Che is the guy that tries to kill Indy, Short Round, and Willy in the beginning of Temple of Doom. Indy then gets on board a plane that says Lao Che Air Freight on the side (I think we all know how the rest goes).
    UPDATE: David 17 JUL 00
    I was looking at my old Indiana Jones ride map where it talks about the Observatory of the Future. Jones writes the following: "I looked at the amulet and saw a vision of myself and Sallah lifting the Ark of the Covenant out of an Egyptian tomb. Vision of the future or just wishful thinking. Indiana"
    CONFIRMED: Michael Pantig 11 AUG 00
  25. The movements of all the Indy animatronics were modeled by Vaughn Armstrong, who has appeared in several episodes of Star Trek. More info on him can be found at Internet Movie Database
    REPORTED: Zan Hecht 22 MAY 00
  26. If you look at the floor when Indy is holding back the Gates of Doom, you will notice that it is being supported by risers and you can see the concrete floor about 1-2 feet below them.
    REPORTED: Mike 22 APR 00
  27. The Indy at the Finale and the Indy at the Gates of Doom are both hydraulically operated. The one hanging on the rope in the Rolling Ball Scene is pneumatically operated. They found that if they used a hydraulic one hanging from above, he would drip oil on the guests in the transports.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  28. Items most often fly out of the transports at the Tunnel of Torment, the Snake Temple, the Bug Room, the Rat Cave and as you go under the Rolling Ball speeding towards the Finale. These are the areas where Disney finds the most missing items.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  29. I went on the ride in June of 1995 soon after the opening. In the end, the transport DROVE backwards before its decent into the giant rolling ball. Now we never go backwards!
    REPORTED: Victor 23 FEB 00
    It's true that when the ride first opened that the jeeps ran backwards a little when the boulder started rolling toward it, then it would stall, and finally plunge forward just in the nick of time. Also, another thing I noticed about this same area. When it first opened the rolling boulder actually used to "Roll" down toward the jeep, but on later visits strobe lights were used while the boulder remained in it's place to create the effect of it rolling down. On a more recent trip the boulder is back to actually rolling down again. I'm not sure why this was done, maybe it changes if there is a malfunction with the boulder and the strobe lights are there as a backup. Also, I miss the decoder cards that were given out! I have a few from opening day and they are different than the ones that were handed out later. I guess it's too much paper waste to keep manufacturing these cards to have most guests throw them all over the park.
    CONFIRMED: Ben 27 APR 00
    It is true that they do not hand out translator cards at the Indiana Jones ride anymore. We asked a cast member about this and were told that AT&T (who sponsors the ride) originally sent the cards to Disney to give out. AT&T does not send them these cards anymore.
    UPDATE: KF 23 JUN 00
    The transport NEVER ran backwards. It is an illusion created by the crafty minds of the Imagineers. If the transports indeed ran backwards it would shut down the ride. The Fact is the transport stayed in the same place. The hydraulic system made it feel you were backing up by jerking you around as the walls moved forward. Tricking you in believing you was backing up.
    UPDATE: Israel 24 OCT 00
  30. In front of Indiana Jones a few years ago when my family and I were at Disneyland there were actually a family of possums, even babies! My sisters were scared to go on the ride because of them...
    REPORTED: Emily 04 JUN 06
  31. The track layout has the same route at both the Indiana Jones and Countdown To Extinction attractions.


  1. If you walked all of the loops of the queue, you would walk about 1/2 a mile just to enter.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. I remember when Indiana Jones and the "Temple of the Endless Line" first opened and the line was every where! I never went on it , until the line died down but it was impossible to avoid. If you look you can still see the holes in the areas where it wsed to be. It went thru the entire maze and out into Adventureland, around the corner into Frontierland, then, when you couldn't get enough, it went all the way thru Fantasyland, under the castle and to Town Sqare. Quite a sight to see, and avoid. In all the line was probally about a mile long (a full maze is 1/2 mile)
    REPORTED: Kevin Flynn 24 MAR 02
  3. All the pictures or statues of Mara in the queue, Mara has his eyes closed, but during the ride, all of the pictures and statue he has his eyes open.
    REPORTED: Chris Vehon 10 JUN 02


  1. In the outside queue area of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, it seems that some of the containers bound for the museums back in the states were labeled by natives not familiar with English. After transversing most of the outdoor plaza, just before coming back to the generator, you will find a barrel marked "Fragile Contents" rather than "Fragile". Though the TV show spelled them differently, this may explain the origins of the Fraggles.
    REPORTED: Jim O'Connor 12 APR 97
  2. Outside in the digs, it appears that someone broke one of the wooden slats on one of the crates, because there is a new-looking slat between weathered-looking slats with writing on them referring to Dr. Jones. The crate faces away from the entrance.
    REPORTED: C.C. Chamberlin 19 AUG 99 Truck
  3. The queue wanders through Indy's campsite, passing the actual truck used in the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for the famous scene in which Indiana Jones is dragged underneath the fast-moving vehicle. It has the same license plate as the one in the first movie.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 21 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 21 APR 97
    Not only is the licence plate the same as the one in the first film, the truck itself IS one that was used in the production of the first film.
    CONFIRMED: Disney Steve 27 MAY 98
    Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye attraction. The claim that the truck outside the Indiana Jones ride is the exact one used in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is extremely doubtful, since that truck was destroyed in the film. The truck that flips over and explodes with, Indy thinks, Marion Ravenwood on board is actually the same one seen later on in the chase scene. The destruction of the truck was the last major scene shot in Tunisia. As a matter of interest, the truck bed was fitted with a cannon which fired a section of telephone pole straight down, propelling the truck over onto its side. You can actually see the end of the pole if you look closely at the scene. The film cuts, and the truck goes up in flames.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Mick Alderman 13 JUL 98
    This one is directed to Mick Alderman...Try watching the whole movie, the troop transport that's in the queue area is at the end, and to even prove it, check out the hood ornament, the Mercedes Benz emblem is gone from when Indiana Jones broke it off trying to cling to the grillwork!
    CONFIRMED: Steve Woodring 16 AUG 98
    This is also directed toward Mick Alderman, yes, the truck in front of the Indiana Jones Adventure is the same truck that Harrison Ford hangs from in Raiders of the Lost Ark. They use many more trucks for that part than just one. However the particular one that Indy clung to, is the one in front of the ride. Not the one that fell off the side obviously.
    CONFIRMED: Mike 29 AUG 98
    Dave Smith, the guy who runs the Disney Archives, states in one of the trivia books that the jeep outside Indy is the one used in the movie. I think that should clear up all doubt!
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 16 NOV 98
    A message to all those scoffing at poor Mr. Alderman, Anyone who owns or rents the "Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark" video tape can watch and listen as Steven Spielberg talks about how they blew up the same truck from earlier in the film. The truck was custom built from scrap parts to serve both purposes. It's not made up, the video talks about AND shows them re-using and blowing up the truck. Dave Smith can argue with Steven Speilberg on this one. The truck at the ride is a beautiful replica; Rent the video and see for yourselves!
    UPDATE: Mark 14 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: Yensid World 21 MAR 00
    Concerning the Indy Truck in the Queue at Disneyland. I vote that it is the authentic vehicle from the movie since I prepared it for the attraction. There's documentation that tells where it was aquired and that it is indeed "the" same truck used in the film. A close look at it will also guarantee the fact, check it out and compare.
    CONFIRMED: Eric 11 OCT 00
    It is indeed true that the truck parked in the waiting area of the Indiana Jones ride is authentic and directly out of the Raiders of the Lost Ark motion picture. To clarify some confusion, there are two different trucks in the movie, the one carrying Karen Allen, which blew up, and the one that transported the Ark of the Convenant. The Mercedes truck that transported the Ark is the one outside the ride in the queue area, not the other. That is why it is possible that the truck is authentic there because it was the other truck that exploded.
    UPDATE: Will Gilman 14 NOV 00
    CONFIRMED: cindy sundes 07 MAR 01
    In the dig area outside of IJA the truck IS the truck from Raiders of the Lost Ark. My wife and I went to the Enchanted Evening for Annual Passholders before the ride opened and we were aloud to tour through the temple. We were told then by cast members that this is indeed the actual truck from the first movie. Not the one that blew up with Marion in it, but the one that was carrying the Ark. The one that Indy stole.
    CONFIRMED: Kevin Johnson 13 DEC 01
    There's been some ongoing dispute as to the origin of the truck located outside the Indiana Jones Adventure. Some say that the truck used in the film was destroyed (and it was pointed out that Spielberg talks about and shows the destruction in the making of the film,) while others claim that it is the actual truck used in the film. Chernabog pointed out that Dave Smith confirmed that this was the truck used in the film, which I checked on as well. Maybe this will clear everything up... both theories are correct! When making a movie multiple props are used. Often there will be 3 or more vehicles painted to look alike. I have no doubt that the truck was destroyed in "Raiders," but there were others just like it. If something had gone wrong they could have done the scene over again with an identical truck. Hopefully that will clear up confusion.
    CONFIRMED: Jaycub 08 APR 02 Truck Tracks
  4. Where the truck at the entrance is backed in, it left tire tracks in the concrete!
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96
    I confirm the tire tracks in the concrete in front of the Indiana Jones ride
    CONFIRMED: Karl Chan 12 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: RyanLIndyFan 25 JAN 99
    The truck in the queue of Indiana Jones Adventure is in fact the vehicle from the films (according to Wikipedia) and its a Mercedes-Benz, by the way.
    CONFIRMED: Tommy Graham 13 APR 06
  5. The queue area used to be wheelchair accessible. But the wheelchairs don't fit on the bride to the temple entrance anymore since the bridge was made into two lines because of fastpass.
    REPORTED: Jimmy 26 APR 02
Obelisk Area

Obelisk Area

  1. There is a scarab beetle on the ceiling in the Obelisk Area
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 24 MAR 00
  2. The graffiti on the walls here are those initials of the builders of the temple. Those who actually had a hand on it, so to speak, are within this chamber.
    CONFIRMED: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02

Bamboo Canyon

  1. As you enter the bamboo canyon look for the only door in that hallway, on the other side is a stairway that leads to the top of the show building out onto a catwlk where facillities can maintain the lights on top or make a left and enter the Pirates of the Carribean
Bat Cave Area

Bat Cave

  1. Just before the entrance to the bat cave which is a wall chisled out and blown up which reads warnings about the rabbid bats, poison spikes and columns of future knowledge, there is painted on the wall the blatent advertising of ATT "True rewards await those who chose wisely" not "Be sure to drink your ovaltine." I'm sorry I made that up to amuse the older folks who might remember sending in their ovaltine lids to recieve the Little Orphane Annie Secret Message Decoder Ring and decipher the never changing coded message at the end of the broadcast as above. The message was incorrect for about seven months "True rewards await those choose wisely" until I pointed out the error to an Imagineer
    REPORTED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 12 DEC 96
  2. If you look in the hole above the sign which warns you of bats you can see about eight rubber bats. You can get a better view if you walk around the wall and look in the same hole. This isn't too astounding, but i thought it was pretty cool!
Spike Room

Spike Room

  1. Pole
  2. In the queueing area with the spiked ceiling and holes in the floor, there is a single bamboo pole on the left side of the room holding up the ceiling. It is marked "Do not shake the pole" Shake it vigorously (and I do mean vigorously!) and all the people around you will be surprised by the loud sounds of the ceiling collapsing upon them and the ceiling dropping - about 1 - 1 1/2 inches! The pole is on a time delay so it will not work all the time.
    REPORTED: Chris Mowrer 27 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: K. Spencer 27 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Josh C. 06 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Marcelo S. Sandoval 07 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 15 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 30 JUN 97
    The moveable bamboo post in the spike room at the Indiana Jones ride is back and fully functional, along with the lowering ceiling. I tested it yesterday.
    UPDATE: Tom Porter 11 JAN 98
    The pole is back. And pull on it forcefully to get the spikes to come down.
    UPDATE: Phoenix 11 JAN 98 pict from
    This is for the Indiana Jones Adventure, for the point about the bamboo pole in the queue: The pole is GONE as of July of this year (probably earlier). The square block that it was attached to is still there. The pole has diappeared a few times but usually reappears within a few weeks. However, it has been 6 weeks since I first noticed it missing.
    LOST: Ghost Host 23 AUG 98
    Good news (especially for Ghost Host,) the pole is still there. It disappears about as frequently as the music on Space Mountain! I was down there from November 12 to the 15, and the pole was there for the first two days, then it was gone the next two. It still is there though!
    UPDATE: Chernabog 16 NOV 98
    I went to Disneyland on July 10,1999 and the pole for the spikes on Indiana Jones was gone. The blocks are still there, but the pole wasnt.
    UPDATE: Becky 12 JUL 99
    I was at DisneyLand this last weekend (8/14/99), and the pole in the Indiana Jones ride line (the one that causes the ceiling to 'collapse') was back and working.
    UPDATE: C.C. Chamberlin 19 AUG 99
    The pole which activates the "falling ceiling" in Indiana Jones is officially up and running again! My husband and I are annual passpost holders and wondered why is was gone for most of the summer...just last week it was back! We asked a Cast Member. She told us that people press on it too hard and abuse it, so it'll break down a lot. They have to remove the pole until the animitronics are fixed. Otherwise, people will continue to push on the broken pole.
    UPDATE: Tinkerbell 27 AUG 99
    CONFIRMED: Sean Catherall 22 OCT 99
    CONFIRMED: Malissa A. Prescott 28 MAR 00
    On the Indiana Jones ride, the bamboo pole in the spike room is up and running, but unfortunatly, the only way to get to it is if you have a Fastpass. They have diverted the Stand By traffic to miss the pole, and the Fastpass runs right by it. Since most people are running down the line with their fast pass, I definately scared the heck out of some folks when I grabbed the pole on the way by!
    UPDATE: M. Cody Rotermund 17 JUL 00
    The information given about the standby line not going through the spike room is incorrect. I have used the fastpass system for Indy about 10 times and have waited standby about the same. The outside part of the queue, is now used for standby. Outside, from the brige, the fastpass and the standby line parallel each other until you first get inside the temple. Then they fuse together (from this point the line is always walking) until you get to the rotunda. So both lines do go through the spike room. The switch backs in the rotunda and film room, are used for standby. The fastpass people go straight through the film room via a narrow walk way. Then right near the office after the film room, is where they collect the fastpass tickets. From there, the line is normal.
    UPDATE: Ryan 19 AUG 00
    Last time I was at Disneyland the Bamboo pole in the spike room of the "Indiana Jones" ride wasn't working. Either the Bamboo pole isn't working anymore or it just wasn't working that day.
    UPDATE: Ryan Hougardy 25 NOV 00
    CONFIRMED: tawni 20 FEB 02
    CONFIRMED: Fantasmic! 31 MAR 02
    If the pole is installed, kindly wait about a minute for the ceiling to reset, about thirty seconds after the sounds of reset stop. Have someone else push or pull the pole enough to feel the 'click'. More often than not impatient guests have destroyed this wonderful feature by hanging and banging on the pole without waiting for it to reset, not realizing that it is truly very sensitive. It is made of a hard rubber center coated in a foam insulation and then an ingenious fiberglass in resin that remains resilient. Because the resin must remain flexible, the hardener is sparse, and the pole, when manufactured, takes several weeks to cure enough that it won't stick to the guests hands. When one is broken, it takes a long time to replace and several hundred thousand guests are denied it's thrills.
    UPDATE: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
    In the Bat Cave Of Indiana Jones there is a Bamboo Pole As You are walking Through....I Know there is a Bunch of Signs that Say don't Touch Anything Put Next Time you Walk By it Try Shakking the Pole...It was Make a Loud Boom and act as if the Cave is coming down...Great Way To Scare Small Children...I should Know...My Dad Scared Me SOOO Bad the First Time I went On that Ride that I didn't Even look through the Whole ride...Now I LOVE it!
    CONFIRMED: Jessica 15 APR 06
    On the Indiana Jones ride, while waiting in line, there is a bamboo pole (its in the room that has spikes over head). If you push this pole, there will be a loud sound effect and the roof will start to lower making it seem you will be crushed by the spikes. I was there 2 years ago and it was out of order, but it might still be there. Scary but fun!
    CONFIRMED: tinkwink 17 MAY 06
Diamond Stones

Stone Walk


  1. pict from
  2. The Rotunda was actually designed to be a type of calendar, but when the Imagineers finished it, they realized that the orientation of the room was wrong, so it doesn't work. At the top of the Rotunda, there are little windows that allow light to come in. Because the building doesn't quite sit in the right place, when the sun shines in, it doesn't hit the part of the calendar that it was supposed to. (Disney originally had a calendar type drawing at the top of the Rotunda that could be used as a calendar. But since it did not work, they took it out.) Think of a sundial that is not oriented correctly. Actually, the sun doesn't really shine in anyway because of all the trees around the place, especially the Tarzan/Swiss Family Treehouse.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
    In the rotunda the calendar is simutated. There is no acutal sunlight. It is a lightbulb, just like the atriam above the loading platform. It was never intended to work. It is a five story building and you are on the third floor, which is a ground level. Sunlight can't get through the top two stories.
    UPDATE: anon 27 FEB 00
  3. On the next not too busy day at Disneyland while going thruough the queue in the Rotunda, look for a sign that says. "Caution archeologists working overhead" This is a (now dated) reference to the two "archeologists" who used to be excavating the rotunda while spieling to the guests below, during the first year or so of operation. If you look at the upper left hand corner of the scaffolding you can see the desk where one of the two would sit.
    UPDATE: operaghost 20 SEP 00 pict from
  4. When waiting in the line for Indiana Jones in the Rotunda, there is a barrel with a rope over it labelled "Do not pull on rope". If you pull on the rope, you will hear an excavator yell at you. If you pull the rope, which is very tight, an excavator yells at you, "Hey what's going on up there?" Pull it a second time and he says something much the same. The third time the rope suddenly becomes quite loose and you can here the excavator fall, "AHHHH!!!" Then, you hear him climb up the rope again and the whole thing starts over.
    REPORTED: amy parkinson 29 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Patrick Burnett 25 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: anon 19 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: ben vorspan 30 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 15 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Nate Stryker 14 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Karl Chan 12 NOV 97
    CONFIRMED: RyanLIndyFan 25 JAN 99
    CONFIRMED: Fantasmic! 31 MAR 02
    Here are the quotes: "Leave off the rope old chap, be a good fellow. I have a frightfully valuable artifact down here. Oh no [crash.] I HAD a terribly valuable artifact down here.", "I say leave off the rope old chap, be a jolly good sport. I say! Uh oh... oh no... blimey [fall, thud]", "I say quit mucking about up there. Oh blast! Not again [fall, crash].", "Blast it all, you don't want to pull the rope. [crash] oh dear.", and "Careful while I translate this... Let's see, um, 'twenty years of,' ah, 'sorrow to the,' ah, 'destroyer of this vessel!' " [crash.]"
    UPDATE: Eco-Mono 24 JUN 02
  5. In the Rotunda and above the door is stenciled the numbers 990 6753. This is the number stenciled on the crate containing The Ark of the Covenant, as it is being moved through the massive government warehouse, in the final scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark (the first Indiana Jones movie).
    REPORTED: Gerry Halberg 01 JUL 96
  6. Another stencil in the Rotunda is the "Marcus Brody" stencil regarding the friend of both Henry Jones Jr. & Sr.
    REPORTED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 30 JUN 97
  7. In the Rotunda the "insulators" are from the movie that you're about to be intimately involved with.
    REPORTED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 30 JUN 97
  8. In the Rotunda there is a large wooden airplane propeller in this room which was used in the "Raiders..."
    REPORTED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 30 JUN 97

Film Room

  1. There are other hidden characters here including Eeyore.
  2. In the film room on the right side of the room on the wall, there is a silouette of Indy just before you leave and go towards Indy's office.
    REPORTED: sd 17 MAY 06

Indy's Office

  1. In the Indiana Jones adventure, in the queue, just past the film room... The office is made up of broken down crates. As you approach the office, you see the number 9906 753 stenciled on the wood above the door. This is the same number that was stenciled on the crate that contained the Ark (from "Raiders of the Lost Ark") when it was stashed away by the government at the end of the movie.
    REPORTED: Patti T. 24 FEB 00 pict from
  2. In Indy's Office in the queue, on the desk is a copy of Life magazine from the 30's with Mickey on the cover. Mickey is actually on the cover of the magazine which is rumored to have been taken from Disney's archives.
    REPORTED: Bessey Cagdan 29 MAY 95
    CONFIRMED: Kate P. 29 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: RyanLIndyFan 25 JAN 99
  3. Many of the props in Indy's Office were used in the films as well. The cooling fan, the hand pump, the calendar, the maps (with Mickey pulls at the bottom labeled India, Europe, America, ect.) but not the notes and letters or the scroll.
    REPORTED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 30 JUN 97
  4. One of the crates that make up the wall of Indy's Office is addressed to Club Obi Wan which is the name of a club in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, is the club where Indiana is first seen in that movie, and is also a reference to Lucas' Star Wars movies
    REPORTED: Mary Spence 05 JUN 95
    CONFIRMED: Wisterya 05 AUG 95
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 18 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Adam Wilson 25 SEP 96
    One of the crates between the queue and the loading area, just before the stairs up, has the words "Lao Che Freight" (or Air, or something to that effect) on them. Lao Che was the teaser bad guy who poisoned Indy at the Club Obi-Wan in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and Lao Che Frieght (or whatever) was the company that owned the plane that Indy, Short-Round, and annoying-loudmouth-screaming-lady got on to "escape."
    CONFIRMED: Nathan Fellhauer 08 JAN 97
    After the film room where Dr. Jones' makeshift office is, there is a hidden character. On the outside of the office, on the far left there is "SHIP TO: CLUB OBI WAN" meaning Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. Extremely easy to spot. May be decor.
    CONFIRMED: Timothy 10 AUG 99
    In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom after Indy and that girl jump and land in the car they go past the door and sign for the culb they were just in. If you look at the name of the club it reads "Club Obi-Wan".
    UPDATE: indiana jones 18 AUG 00 pict from
  5. When you're in the queue in Indy's Office area, there's a map on the wall that is a map to the full ride itself!
    REPORTED: Eric 22 MAY 98
    CONFIRMED: C.C. Chamberlin 19 AUG 99
  6. In the waiting area, Indy's Office, after the film, you can also see the name Coranado which is the character in the Last Crusade whom Indy steals from.
    REPORTED: David Yeh 10 JAN 97
    In the room after the film room, the door to the artifact room reads the S.S. Coranado, the ship in The Last Crusade
    CONFIRMED: Miguel Marez 13 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Mark Turner (Wizard of Indiana Jones) 30 JUN 97
    You're thinking of the "Cross of Coronado," which is the OBJECT that Young Indy stole (to return to the museum). It's definitely a reference to "Last Crusade," however.
    UPDATE: John Selby 20 OCT 00


  1. Entering the Station to your left is a Buddha statue on a crate. Cast Members place offerings to the Buddha and rub its head. The Buddha is called the Breakdown Buddha.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
    While waiting, I was standing by a small buddha statue. I noticed a poker chip in the buddha's hands. It was a "high-rollers club" chip, I noticed a bunch of change under the chip. I thought i was just really lucky until a cast member screamed "Stop!" and said "Those are donations to the Buddha", at first I thought she was kidding. but when i got back off the ride, I asked her about it, and she just mumbled something about a tradition.
    CONFIRMED: Matt Cannon 15 APR 99
  2. There is a North and South track. The South side is only used during busy times/seasons. You enter the station by going over the North track and coming down stairs into the middle of the station.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  3. On Indiana Jones, in the loading station, look on the wall above the entrance to the show... there is Mara, with the eyes covered so you can't look in them.
    REPORTED: Chris Vehon 10 JUN 02
  4. Above you in the Station is a huge open area that simulates a window to the above-ground world. When the ride first opened, it was dark, but Imagineers had to go put artificial sun and moonlight in, because Cast Member's would get depressed!)
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  5. When in the Station, look to your top left and you'll see the Tower (has the video screens) and to the right of that there is another office that is dark. Origninally, it was supposed to be the Lead's office, but they ran out of money and could never finish it. It is extremely difficult to get into.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99


Chamber of Destiny

  1. Have you ever wondered how they get the Indiana Jones Transports into a maintenance area? While on the ride I saw where they go to get worked on. Right next to the mirrors in the first room and before you go in one of the three doors, a portion of the wall is made up of two huge wooden doors. You can see the groove in the floor which serves as the track leading right up to these doors.
    REPORTED: Jake Moreno 14 MAR 98
    The vehicle service area is right in front of you when you load, right behind the mirrors. I was loaded into the front seat when the doors opened and one of the vehicles came out. There's a strobe light on the front to warn that it's coming, and also what I would guess is a meter on the front of the vehicle to your left so you're facing the front.
    CONFIRMED: Matt M Carter 02 JAN 99
    The Handoff area is right behind the mirrors in the Chamber of Destiny. This is where Disney add/remove cars from the main track.
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. Here you will find out which chamber you will be entering. In front of you you will see three identical doors. Above each door is a symbol that denotes it as the chamber of Future Sight, Riches, Fountain of Youth.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  3. Although you see only three doors, the effect used to make the ride always different uses 5 doors, moving walls and facades and fake Transport tracks. By moving the walls and facades, your Transport will seemingly enter the right, middle of left door which corresponds to the type of chamber the Hall of Promise will be. This is done by changing the relative position of the only actual working door. You can sometimes see the effect if you turn around after you have gone through the doorway. A close look at the Transport guides to the other doors reveals them to be non-functional.
    Real Fun Fact See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this fun fact unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
  4. Apparently, the ride operators can predict which "chamber" you will be going into. The first time we went through, we went through the center door. The second time, we asked the ride operator which door we would be going through, and he said, "I don't know, just don't go in the left one!" Of course, we ended up going left. So, there must be some indication to the cast members which direction you will end up going.
    REPORTED: C.C. Chamberlin 19 AUG 99
    I will now tell you how to predict the chamber of destiny doors. The doors go in a cycle starting with the Chamber of Future knowledge. This repeats twice and then proceeds to the middle door of the Chamber of Wealth. This is a one shot deal. The last one in the sequence is the fountain of youth. This is also repeated twice before returning to the Chamber of Wealth once, then back to the visions of the future where it starts all over again. So the sequence goes-left, left-middle; right, right-middle and so forth. Sometimes the moving room, as we call it, fails and only one door will be available so we "warn" guests not to go through that door as a joke. This whole thing came in a revelation to me when I was in the tower one night.
    UPDATE: operaghost 11 SEP 00
  5. When we where about to go thru the door at the beginning, I looked up thru the crack at the top of the door and could see the car ahead of us making the first left turn. 
    REPORTED: Lane Acker 04 SEP 99
  6. Look back after you go through the "doors" and you'll see a single wall that looks very cheaply constructed.
    REPORTED: Mike 10 AUG 00

Hall of Promise

  1. This hall has different effects correlating to the chamber you entered. On each side of the "hallway", between the pillars is scrim (netting). On this netting are painted figures. All of these effects occur in the same room, the only differences are the lights, fiber optic effects, sound effects and the orientation of your transport vehicle. Ahead of you, always, is the huge gold head of Mara. Smoke comes out of her eyes and strobes flash.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
    Since that they use the same door to make the illusion of the three chambers, we went thru the "Promise Of Youth" section, the Blue door, I was sitting on the right side of the jeep and looked towards the scrim (netting) right after you pass it you could see the yellow room "Promise Of Wealth" on the wall behind it.
    CONFIRMED: Lane Acker 03 AUG 99
    Ever wonder how the Indy ride takes you through three different doors/rooms? (fortune, youth, and knowledge of future events) The truth is it doesn't. There is only one track and only one room. The Imagineers went so far to hide this fact that they actually made fake 'tracks' in the floor going to each door but if you look close you will see that they never actually connect to the main track. Also they incramentally move the mirrors at toward the loading area so that you can't see the room shifting. So how is it that you go through different doors?
    Instead of going down different tracks to get to different doors the entire room rotates so that you go through a different door every time while still being on the same track. If you want to check this out turn around and look behind you as you go through the doors and head up to the Mara idol. You can actually see and even hear the room rotating.
    Also the actual room beyond the doors changes in corrosponding with the door you just went through to make the one room seem like three separate rooms. There are screens on the wall that have picutes painted on to them that correspond to the fountain of youth. When light is shined on these screens and the light on the wall behind them if turned off you see the fountain of youth pictures on the screens. While when you go through the fortune door the lights on the screens are turned off and the lights on the wall behind them are turned on so that the screens become virutally invisible and you see the fotune type paintings on the wall. For the knowedge of future events door, both light are turned off and stars are projected onto the ceiling.
    This ride is full of tricks if you pay attention.
    CONFIRMED: Adam Crownoble 21 MAR 02
  2. In the Hall of Promise after you go through the 3 doors and after you look into Mara's eyes you can hear Indy scream out "NO!" right before Mara goes into his "Foolish Mortals, you have looked..." thing. This would suggest that Indy saw you look into his eyes and then ran to the Gates of Doom to hold them shut.
    REPORTED: TurkChris 10 MAR 02

Tunnel of Torment

  1. You'll see pictographs of people carrying jugs, vases, etc. You are now in the Tunnel of Torment. Your transport is rocking as if you were on a cloud. Around you lightning is racing alongside the vehicle. What should happen is that the chamber is filled with smoke simulating a cloud and the transport is supposed to be carried by the cloud, hence the lightning effect and the rocking of the car.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99

Gates of Doom

pict from
  1. Where Indy is desperately trying to hold the gates shut, you are supposed to see figures of snakes and other horrible beasts behind him, but the effect doesn't work correctly. Instead all you see from behind the Gates of Doom is a greenish glow.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99

Overlook Chamber

  1. The rock slide in the Indiana Jones ride is realy just ice and mist.
    REPORTED: steven serna 11 JAN 97
    The Giant Skull of Mara shoots a laser at the ceiling. Originally there would be huge blocks of ice falling from the ceiling when the laser fired up, but this effect was too difficult to maintain. This was one of the coolest effects, when it worked. The dye used in the ice to make the laser effect is more effective clogs up the machine.
    UPDATE: anon 13 MAR 99
    It's true that the laser used to shoot the ceiling and ice would fall. I have the SOP (Standerd Operating Procedure) and it says in there.
    CONFIRMED: anon 10 JAN 01
    The first Fun Fact in the Overlook Chamber of the Indiana Jone Adventure is incorrect. It is true that an ice machine would drop ice to appear as falling rocks, but the reason on why it isn't working is incorrect. The real reason why it isn't working is that Disney bought an Ice Machine that was not stainless steel. So it rusted to the point where it cannot be used. And it can't be replaced unless they cut open part of the roof to replace it.
    UPDATE: Michael 11 JUL 01
  2. As you go behind the statue of Mara's skull, you can see the box that projects the laser and the same kind of hat that Indiana wears in the movie next to the pile of skulls.
    REPORTED: mike hertel 08 MAY 99

Mummy Chamber

pict from
  1. In the Mummy chamber there used to be 60 mph wind. The fans broke and have not been repaired.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99 pict from
  2. None of the mummies have fingers, because mischievous Cast Members would break them off, leaving only one finger left. Management went through and took of all of the fingers.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
    CONFIRMED: The swedish chef 23 FEB 01
    CONFIRMED: fred 23 FEB 01
    Obviously not all. See the pictures.
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 12 JUL 01
  3. The next time you go through the Mummy Chamber look for a glowing green skull that seems out of place this was placed here by a fellow cast member on their last day. It contains a message to our crew written in Mara Script. Translated the messages says:
    REPORTED: operaghost 11 SEP 00
    pict from pict from pict from
  4. The mummy/skeleton with the Mickey Mouse hat's name is "Bones" It is stitched on his Mousekateer hat! You can't see the name as names are stitched on the rear side of the mouse-eared hats. Shortly, after the attraction opened the mouse ears were removed from the skeleton. It was originally over on the left mummy/skeleton sitting down with his legs out straight. It's one of the first (but not the first) on the left in this room. The hat was replaced in April 1996. Now, however, it is on the very first skeleton on the left hand side as the Transport turns the corner. The "Bones" hat inside Indy in the mummy chamber was not done by the imagineers it, was placed there by a Cast Member.
    The infamous 'Bones' from Indy has had his Mickey ears moved around several times. Originally, he had the back-side to the front (with the name Bones showing as can be seen in the photograph). Then, it was turned around, with the round Mickey logo showing. I asked a Cast Member about it, and he was shocked. We joked about turning it sideways, to make it harder to see the Hidden Mickey. The next day, I noticed he had turned it sideways. Someone behind me was trying to look for Bones, and whined that "the people who made that website were lying. There is no Bones!" (Could she mean this site?) But now it is back to the old way, with Bones showing. But later, Bones' hat was facing Mickey logo forwards.
    REPORTED: Rich & Carol Koster 29 MAY 95
    CONFIRMED: Ray Sun 09 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Kel Byers 13 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 19 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Jenny Wall 31 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 21 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 27 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Gwen Bundy 16 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: Belle 04 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
    The infamous Bones is no longer there! I went the first week of june for four days, and not once did I see him! Instead, one of the workers put an Indiana Jones hat on one of the skeletons sitting down.
    UPDATE: robert 12 JUN 02
  5. There is a background mummy (painted on the wall) that looks as though it has another mummy hanging from it's finger, yoyo fashion. The actual intent was a perspective of a mummy some distance behind the front one. The artist connected the rope of the distance mummy to the finger of the front mummy creating a "yoyo mummy".
    REPORTED: Indy104 07 JUN 95
  6. When you go thru the Mummy Chamber where all the skeletons are, there used to be an effect that had a group of skeletons come out at you on a bar. The previous two times we went, the bar moved but there where no skeletons. On today's there was just a skull on it that came towards the jeep.
    REPORTED: Lane Acker 03 AUG 99

Bug Room

  1. There are only a few plastic bugs here. When your transport's "headlights" light up the wall, it is actually two 2 laser-disc projectors displaying the thousands of little creepy crawly bugs you see on the walls. If you are sitting on the left side of the Transport, look over toward the wall. You will see the telltale light of the projectors creating the illusion.
    REPORTED: Jenny Wall 31 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Gwen Bundy 16 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: RyanLIndyFan 25 JAN 99
    There used to be thousands of little plastic bugs in the wall, but CM's and evacuating guests take them as souvenirs.
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. Little puffs of air from above simulate bugs landing on your skin. Very creepy effect.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  3. The infrared camera in the Bug Room is so high that they have to bring in a cherry picker to change it when it fails.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99


  1. The bridge is the midpoint in the ride
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. The bridge is completely solid, the ropes moving and the vehicle motion give the illusion that the whole thing is moving.
    REPORTED: Gwen Bundy 16 JUN 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
  3. Has anyone ever noticed that the fire in Mara's eye on the half-dead image in the main room doesn't burn normally? Some kind of a strange fan or something makes it burn in a cool spinning motion. If you a pyro like me you'll appreciate it :)
    REPORTED: Adam Crownoble 21 MAR 02
  4. As you get close to the snake guardians, a green light and/or fire may shoot out of their mouths accompanied by smoke. Sometimes, the laser may shoot out of Mara's skull, or the fireball will shoot from within the eye.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  5. As you are about to exit the bridge prior to the Snake Temple, look up at the archway directly in front of you, and you will see and exit sign. The sign is not lit. Is it practical or a practical joke? Even if this sign is a part of the safety system, it seems oddly placed. It is smack dab in the middle of the themeing.
    REPORTED: JBOD53 26 FEB 98

Snake Temple

  1. The huge audio-animatronic snake that lunges at you sometimes lunges twice.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. The audio animatronic snake is actually in 2 parts. If you look carefully, you can see from his neck up comes off from the rest of the body.
  3. Me and my friends were on the Indiana Jones ride yesterday and just after you pass the HUGE snake to the right are a bunch of skeleton heads...On of those skeleton heads are wearing sunglasses~!~ You have to really jerk your head to see it...but its there...=O)
    REPORTED: Jacquelyn Reaper 29 APR 01


pict from
  1. Going through the mudslide you hear a snipet of the Indiana Jones theme followed by more music before you hit the rat cave. This is from "Temple of Doom" where Indy and a guard are fighting over Short Round while in the Mining Cart.
    REPORTED: operaghost 20 SEP 00
  2. While going through the mudslide room, I was looking in the right place at the right time, and one of the skeletons on the wall was wearing a nice pair of sunglasses. Very hard to spot. I got lucky seeing it.
    REPORTED: Ryan Smith 26 OCT 01
    Yes, there actually is a skull in the mudslide room behind the Mara image that is wearing sunglasses. It's to your right 2-3 feet off the floor at about the part of the room furthest from Mara and sits a bit higher than the ones around it.
    CONFIRMED: Adam Crownoble 21 MAR 02
  3. The most dramatic variation I experienced was a projected image above you near the big crater looking thing with steam billowing out. It's some sort of ghoul or demon and there is accompanying audio. However, I've only seen it once.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 28 OCT 96
    The projection of the demon/monster/Scary Whatever on the Indiana Jones ride is a definite fact. The first time I saw the "apparition" was directly above the Transport, I excitedly pointed it out to my "Transport mates", but we had disappeared around the corner before they even heard me.
    CONFIRMED: Heidi Stevenson 10 JUN 98
    I work on the IJA. People are slightly confused about the rat projection and the demon projection. The demon projection is painted onto a scrim (netting) that hangs above the arch exiting from the Mudslide room. The scrim is only visible in certain ride combinations.
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
    I went on Indiana Jones 14 times. Every time I rode it, I got the demon projection. They probably made it more common
    REPORTED: Mike 05 AUG 99


  1. The Dip is also called Zone 57. This is a notorious spot for the cars to get stuck/stall/spin their wheels, causing the computer to turn off the ride.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99

Rat Cave

  1. The rat projection is visible for every car, although the smoke effect is easily diminished by passing cars. You can hear rats squealing and to your left you can make out a faint image of rats running along a tree limb. In the smoke based screen, you can see the projected rats fall off the limb as well as hear the thumps of rats "falling off" the limb and onto your transport. For best viewing, go in the mornings.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 28 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Heidi Stevenson 10 JUN 98
    CONFIRMED: Nathan Dayspring 27 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: Andy's Goofy 25 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Garrett Burke 10 DEC 98
    Following up on the smoke screen projection of rats in the Indiana Jones adventure: due to the pacing of the transports, the rat gag rarely shows well now -- the Transports cycle through the ride so quickly that the breeze they create doesn't let the smoke screen settle again before the next car arrives. However, my friends and I were lucky enough to ride the IJA twice at preview parties before it opened to the public, and we saw an entirely different version of this illusion: the rat projection was either not completed or not used yet, and in its place was a 'static' projection of a large blueish-white spider web. The Transports were on a slightly slower cycle back then (they still had so many breakdowns), and unlike the rats, the web effect worked worked perfectly! The mist screen was so calm that the web appeared quite "solid" and steady -- and since it stretched across the entire path floor-to-ceiling , you literally drove through it, not just under it! We had no clue it was merely a projection until we'd already passed through it. If only they could get that screen to reset faster, I wish they'd bring back the web as a new variation to add onto the "interactive" list.
    CONFIRMED: Scott Weitz 26 FEB 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. Right before we went into the scene with the blowguns firing at you, someone left part of the ride open so that you can see the projectors that set the scene for the bugs on the walls. They were at the beginning of the Rat Cave. As you see the bugs on the wall, there are the projectors on the right side at the entrance. There where nothing covering them up so that a friend and I saw the black projectors and the lights that where shining down this part of the ride. There was one right at the entrance and one right beside it as you made the right hand turn. They probably have them covered up by now. They looked like two big black boxes with a spotlight on top of each of them.
    REPORTED: Lane Acker 03 AUG 99
  3. The Transport sometimes stalls out here. This is because the car in front of you is still in the Rolling Ball Chamber and the room is moving back.
    REPORTED: Nathan Dayspring 27 AUG 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99

Dart Room

pict from
  1. The music in the Dart room is from "Temple of Doom" where Indy and Short Round are about to get impaled by the spikes the second time
    REPORTED: operaghost 20 SEP 00
  2. The use of sound is really amazing. A good example is the Dart Room. To carry of the illusion of Darts passing right by you, the audio travels from off-Transport speakers across, into or through Transport speakers in the seat back in front of you, and back off the Transport. Hats off to the Imagineers and sound designers.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 28 OCT 96
  3. To accentuate the sound effect, each seat has at least two air jets aimed for it so you can feel puffs of air signaling near misses.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
    There are air darts aimed at you in IJA's dart room. However, something must have been off when I was on it because I felt the air hit me smack in my temple! The laws of physics would say that the dart would have hit me there as well.
    CONFIRMED: Christopher A. Cook 22 JUL 00
  4. At the very end of the Dart Room there is a large door with skeletons painted on it that is always open to reveal an exit. When the door is open it disconnects the skeletons from their heads, because the heads are painted on the wall and the bodies are actually painted on the door. I go to Disneyland quite often and I have never seen it closed.
    REPORTED: Celia 18 JUN 97
    The skeletons painted on the wall with there heads painted elsewhere because the wall moves backwards to create the effect in the Rolling Ball Chamber.
    CONFIRMED: Nathan Dayspring 27 AUG 98

Rolling Ball Chamber

  1. The rolling ball scene is notoriously difficult to maintain.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. As you enter, it is completely dark. The light shines on an audio-animatronic Indy hanging from a rope. He says one of 8 phrases and then you hear and feel the rumbling of the rolling ball rushing toward you, then the light shines on it. Your transport may seem to do one of several things, shake, stall, "move" backwards. Here is how it works. The whole scene is comprised of telescoping rooms within rooms, like the Glow Swords that Disney sells in the Park. There is a flat stretch of track which is up hill and a drop that the Transport approaches. Your Transport pulls right up to the scene and stops. When you get to the scene, your Transport is stopped at the top of a hill, directly below you is a steep drop. You cannot see what is ahead of you because your Transport is tilted back, a little. Around you is a shell that shows the inside of a cave. You cannot tell that the room is a shell, it extends to just beyond your vision. It doesn't actually go all the way to the floor, because the floor is sloping down (remember, you are on a hill) You don't see the upper tunnel at first, because there is no light on it. Lighting effects are also what makes this scene to work. The "cave shell" is resing on rails and moves away from you, to give the illusion that you are going backwards. Ahead of you and above you is another shell of a cave that is smaller that uses forced perspective to give the illusion that it is longer than it is. The rolling ball sits in the back of this cave shell. The ball weighs 300 pounds. The ball just spins stationary on a horizontal axis. The ball's axis is resting on another track. Your Transport starts to simulate shaking, stalling, or "moving" backwards while the whole surrounding wall and ceiling (the shell) move to giving you the illusion of motion. When the big room is rushing forward and the Rolling Ball is moving toward you on its axis in the smaller cave shell, it really seems that the ball is getting closer and closer to you. In reality, it is about 25 feet from you. When it gets to the end of its track, there are some strobe flashes and your car lurches down the hill. Sometimes the lighting is brighter than other times during this portion of the ride depending upon the variation. Even when you know about the illusion, it's almost impossible to remember it is one. In the end you lurch forward under the ball. You continue down to your right, in darkness to the finale.
    REPORTED: Meg 29 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: David Ameeti 07 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Kristy Lee 03 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Jan S. McMahon 07 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 30 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: David Yeh 11 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Jordan Wasyliw 08 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: anon 26 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Gates Browne 01 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: Joseph Guisti 23 FEB 98
    CONFIRMED: anon 24 JUL 98
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 16 NOV 98
    When my family and I were in Disney World last summer, we met someone who was an Disney Imaginear. He was on a "business trip" in which he came from L.A. over to Disney World for awhile and then onward to Euro Disney. Pretty nice, huh? Anyway, he told us that the car does not actually back up. The hydraulics system in the car just kinda bounces around in such a way that you THINK the car backed up. Why, you ask? Well, the road up ahead drops, to get underneath the car. So then the car "backs up," then plunges forward again. Meanwhile you are thinking, "Wait a minite! We were just there and the road is stright, it doesn't go down!" Well, actually, you're thinking "We're all gonna die!" But to your surprise, the road now drops. When in fact it always did. I thought I should make it real long because my friends can never understand what I'm talking about when I try to explain it. Also, about it not backing up anymore. Well, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. That's all part of the randomness thingy! This guy we met also told me that they use strobe lights to make things appear much closer than they really are. They use this effect all over the Countdown to Extinction ride in Animal Kindom, which, even though it uses the same technology as Indiana Jones, is very dissappointing.
    UPDATE: Greg Peden 12 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAR 99
    In the rolling ball room the ball never stops rolling forward. Even when it is pulled backward it still rolls forward. I know this because I was on the ride and it broke down and we got to see the iner working of the ride.
    CONFIRMED: brian malcolm 10 JUN 00
    When my family and I was in Disney World last summer, we ran into someone who was a Disney Imaginear, and he told me that the car doesn't actually back up. He was on a "business trip" from from L.A. to Disney World and from there, onward to Euro Disney. Pretty nice, huh? Anyway, he told us that the cars don't actually back up. The hydraulics system in the car actualy bounces around to make you THINK the car backs up. Why, you ask? Well, when the car backs up, and then plunges forward again toward the giant boulder, you think "Hey, wait a minute! We were just there, and the road doesn't dip underneath!" or something like that. Actually, you're thinking "We're all gonna die!" But to your surprise, the road now goes underneath the boulder. But it always did. You get the idea. It does that to create that first-time fear effect. Also, the car always did back up, and the car always didn't. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. That's part of the zany randomness of the ride! Pretty nifty, huh? Lastly, the strobe light effect is used to make things appear closer than they really are. This effect is disgustingly abused in Countdown to Extinction ride in Animal Kingdom, which, even though it uses the same technology as Indiana Jones, is really dissapointing.
    UPDATE: Greg Peden 12 JUN 00
    At the end of the ride when the ball is rolling toward you, it feels like the car is backing up. It isn't. The whole room moves back, opening the floor wider so that the car can go down. Look at the ground by where you go under next time you ride and you'll see it.
    CONFIRMED: Mike 10 AUG 00
    Towards the end of the Indiana Jones ride, you feel like you are backing up when the boulder comes rolling towards you. Actually, the walls on both left and right sides of you are moving forward, giving you the effect that your jeep is moving in reverse. This is because their is no way for the jeep TO back up; it can only move forward...otherwise the whole ride would shut down. The boulder is merely "rolling" towards you, as it is on a pole - it stays in one spot the whole time!
    CONFIRMED: anon 11 JAN 01
    On Indy just before when the rock come down you think you go backwards. You don't really.The Jeep just shakes you back and the walls move back ward. A cast member told me this. When went on the ride the next time I didn't think that it could be true but several more times I realized it was true.
    UPDATE: Tim Rasmussen 30 JAN 01
    This is a fact that i found out about the boulder room on Indiana Jones. It is indeed true that you never back up on the ride. The only time the transports actually back up are when they're being brought out of the maintenence bay area, but other than that, they never back up. Everyone knows from this website or from personal experience that the shell of the cave just moves forward to give the illusion of backward movement. Look behind u when you enter the room and you will see that there is absolutely no room to back up. Anyways, I was on the ride and it broke down right ofter the hollogram of the rats in the dark and they turned the work lights on. (by the way the projector is a sony) A couple of cast members got us out of the transports and we had to follow the track all the way back to the loading area including passing the boulder room and walkin down the drop (the drop is far from steep, there are no steps leadin down it, just some grip tape on the ground next to the track and a rail to hold on to)
    UPDATE: Bobby 06 FEB 02
    The rolling ball effect in Indy is by far the most impressive part of the ride. If you watch the ground while the truck is moving in "reverse" you will see what so many have reported, the vehicles don't move an inch. The room telescopes out forward. The other night I also saw how the ball works. To promote the ride, Disney made a 10-15 minutes show with John Rhyes Davis and Karen Allen. It shows the rolling ball there, and it's got a back light (which isn't shown in the actual ride. The ball has an axis going through the center of it, and it runs along a track, that when backlit is very obvious. It may move forward just a little bit, or it may stay still, that I don't know.
    UPDATE: Jaycub 08 APR 02
  3. This is the only time in the ride (except while loading and unloading) that you stop moving! When the Transport stalls (just before the skeleton paintings that shoot darts), you still move forward, it's just very slowly. The best way to see it is to sit on the left side, and watch the light on the ground when you "stall" The Transport stalls there so that the walls can move back in position. The Transport also stalls on the bridge, and when you see Indy holding back the gates of doom.
    REPORTED: chernabog 16 NOV 98
  4. As many time as I've been on Indy, I have only experienced this variation once: Instead of Indy hanging over the hood of our Transport, he was hanging over the last row and we didn't start moving until the ball was right over the first row. It was really terrifying. I sometimes wonder if it wasn't a mechanical error.
    REPORTED: Disney Star 20 FEB 98
    I don't think this is a mechanical error. The first time I rode the ride, we went under Indy, and the ball did seem really close, it was pretty neat.
    UPDATE: Artful Dodger 24 DEC 98
    On the Indiana Jones Ride in the Rolling Ball Room: The very first time I went on Indy he hung over the last row & the ball seemed EXTRA close too. Probably just a rare happening rather than a mechanical error! It sure makes the rest of the times seem a little less fun though.
    CONFIRMED: CinderGirl 29 FEB 00
  5. The hanging version of Indiana Jones is so high up that instead of taking a ladder up there, there is a hole in the ceiling that they just pull him up with!
    REPORTED: Joseph Guisti 23 FEB 98
  6. The audio in the Rolling Ball Scene is tremendously loud. There are six speakers lining the room (they are about the size of a shopping cart). When the ride first opened, the rumbling was so loud that it shook the Disneyland hotel across the street! They have turned down the audio three times!
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  7. On Indiana Jones, I noticed something in the ball chamber. Usually I do not notice it because even though Indy is my favorite ride the ball chamber freaks me out. Anyway, I noticed after your jeep dives out of the balls way, you can hear what sounds like the ball rolling off and coming down the road after you. I'm not sure if the designers meant for the noise to happen or not.
    REPORTED: Perry 04 JUL 01


  1. At the Finale, there is supposed to be a swirling dust effect (called a vortex dust effect) but it doesn't work too well.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  2. Indy says at least three things at the end of the ride. The quote you get is most likely either random, or set in a particular order. I have personally experienced, "There. That wasn't so bad!", "You did good! You did really good!" and my personal favorite, "Tourists. Why did it have to be tourists?"
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 03 SEP 00
    A couple of months ago, I went on the Indiana Jones Adventure Ride in Disneyland, California. During the finale of the ride, when Indiana Jones says "one of three things," he said something that I never heard him say before. He said, "Next time, do it blindfolded." This must be one of the rare things that makes "no one ride the same."
    UPDATE: Alex 09 APR 01
    In the Finale section of Indiana Jones, there ARE quite a few things that he says. My favorite: "Next time... wear blindfolds, OK?"
    CONFIRMED: Eco-Mono 16 APR 01
    Another saying I've heard was pretty funny: "Not bad... For tourists!"
    UPDATE: Kevin Flynn 23 MAR 02
    At the finale of Indiana Jones Indy also says "Next time, you're on your own!" This happened to me twice.
    UPDATE: Heather 15 MAR 06


  1. When waiting to unload from the Indiana Jones Adventure this morning, with one car in front of ours, I glanced over to see that someone had hung up one of the wooden figures that are found in the woods from the movie "The Blair Witch Project" hanging from the wall. Not sure who put it up there, but I doubt that it was Disney sanctioned.
    REPORTED: Lane Acker 03 AUG 99
  2. When I was at Disneyland in Sept '00, we noticed a possible glitch at the end of the Indiana Jones Adventure. At the end as you are waiting to get off the ride, the voice of Salah comes over the radio one last time. This particular trip we were there for 5 days, riding the ride numerous times every day, and every single time we got the message that went something like "Welcome back, and for those of you who drank too much from the fountain of youth, strollers will be available..." , no matter which room we went through at the begining of the ride (riches, youth, future knowledge). I seem to remember that there were different responses at the end of the ride on previous holidays, was this a glitch?
    REPORTED: vicki-mouse 03 FEB 02
  3. Underneath the stairs inside Indiana Jones (the stairs on the right if you are looking at the Station, load/unload area) there is a conceptual scale model made of styrofoam/balsa wood; ugly painted, with removable sections to expose the different levels, and a working model of the rolling ball.
    REPORTED: anon 07 MAY 96
    I asked a cast member about the model. He told me that it was in the storeroom, who's door is behind the stairs.
    UPDATE: Joe Gullo 02 JAN 99
    The model of Indy is in a storeroom that is in the Exit queue. As you go over the station (or exit from the south side), there is a door on the East wall that says storage or "ecavation crew only." In this room there is stored child switch passes, the model and have access to the projector screen. You can take it apart and it also has color schemes painted onto it.
    UPDATE: anon 13 MAR 99 ATT
  4. On the Indiana Jones Adventure, when you begin to walk out the exit, you see three poles that seem to be there for no reason. You may also notice that this ride has no turnstile to count how many passengers went on the ride in a day, the three poles are actually the counters. They use infrared to count passengers
    REPORTED: Michael 17 JUN 97
    Interesting thing about the three poles that are in the exit queue, they will only count you if you go out. They will not count people coming in through the queue.
    UPDATE: anon 13 MAR 99
  5. About half way up the exit hallway there is a hole which is about 6 to 7 feet above the ground on your left. If you pull yourself up and look down this hole you will see some skeletal remains. This "hole" is linked to the entrance line so if you are standing in line to get on you can see this hidden skeleton as well but the hole is at a different height.
    REPORTED: anon 23 MAR 98


  1. There are actually 17 transports. There are 15 "on stage" during normal operating conditions while 1 is in rehab for that day and the other is a spare.
    REPORTED: anon 04 JUL 01
  2. The cars have two main parts, the wheel base that stays on the track and the motion-base. This motion base (where guests sit) is attached to the wheel-base by three hydraulic arms. The hydraulic compressor is under back part of the Transport, behind row three. When fully extended, it can raise the motion-base 15 feet into the air! But, it doesn't extend this high during the ride. The wheel-base is powered by bus bars in the floor/track. These bus bars were replaced this fall. They had broken down after continuous use for the past three and a half years. It took so long to replace because the parts weren't available in the United States. The vehicles are front wheel drive and only move forward. All of the backwards movement is simulated by show effects and the motion base. Having said that, the cars will, unexpectedly, jump backwards, on occasion. All Indy CM's are terrified by them. They are unpredictable.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
    When you are in the overview room in the ride, sometimes you can see another troop transport on the bridge and it is amazing to see it's hydraulics pushing the transport up and down. The part that you are sitting in is about 4 feet of the ground when you are on the bridge.
    CONFIRMED: Mike 30 MAY 00
  3. The Imagineers went all out with these transports! I was on the ride when it broke down near the end of the dart room. The transport stopped, but the engine continued to idle, revving every now and then. Later, during the same ride, we were stopped again right after the boulder. The transport idled, then the engine died. Then there were the sounds of the engine turning over (it took about three tries) before it started up again, idling some more before we were moved forward to Indy's comment, "You did good! You did really good!"
    REPORTED: Becky Richards 03 SEP 00
  4. An effect I noticed while riding is that when you stall out in preparation for going over the bridge, there is another transport heading straight at you, as if it is going to come over the bridge at you! I don't know if this was intentional. However, while you're stalling here and gawking at the big cavern, you can also get a good view of the hydraulic action of the transport chassis in action - watch the other car, and you will see it turn and accelerate, lifting the seats up off of the chassis as it goes.
    REPORTED: C.C. Chamberlin 19 AUG 99
  5. Newer Disney rides have excellent devices for seat-belt detection. The Indiana Jones Troop Transports have a similar function at the front left and right of the car -- rows of well-hidden green LED's. The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) For the Safety Checks of the Indiana Jones ride.
    1. There are the LED lights that indicate when the seat belt is locked.
      • They are on both sides of the cars.
      • These must be checked before the car is dispatched!
    2. Due to some crazy guests, who think its fun to buckle their safety belts behind them, SOP has been changed than the seat belts must also be visually checked, with flashlights, to see that all safety belts are fastened correctly!

    REPORTED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96
    CONFIRMED: Winfred van Kuijk 22 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: Chef 08 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Jonathan Reuel 11 APR 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 AUG 96
    The seatbelt warning LED lights on are for checking the seatbelts. Green is locked, red unlocked.
    CONFIRMED: Marla Husovsky 09 SEP 97
    CONFIRMED: RyanLIndyFan 25 JAN 99
    Guests are now required to pull on a new "yellow strap" that fits on the buckle of their seat belts to ensure the seat straps are securely fastened.
    UPDATE: anon 04 JUL 01
  6. When you are waiting in line or in the left hand line exit queue area, look at the cars as they go into the ride. The passenger area raises up about 3 feet off of the engine area to allow you to move around during the ride.
    REPORTED: Andrew Stern 06 SEP 97
  7. Every Transport gets serviced every night
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 12 DEC 98
  8. The maximum speed on the transports is about 22 mph. However, with effects, they go 65 mph simulated.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  9. There is an LCD panel on the back of the transports (lower right hand side) It is pretty well disguised. Maintenance uses them to find the status of each vehicle.
    REPORTED: anon 13 MAR 99
  10. Compare the initials in Mara font to the initials and birthdates of the designers on the rear quarter panels of the vehicles - for example TB0201 is T. Baxter, born Feb. The last two digits on the vehicles are the vehicle number, and there are 16 of them.
    REPORTED: Rob Teitelbaum 02 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 24 MAY 96
    CONFIRMED: Catherine Parkins 07 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 07 OCT 98
    CONFIRMED: RyanLIndyFan 25 JAN 99

Avoiding the Line

  1. The best way to avoid the queue is this: Buy a 5 day passs (which allows you to enter the park on a Saturday a lot earlier than usual.) Enter the park as soon as it opens for 5 day pass holders then go on the ride, there was ABSOLUTELY no queue when I did this, and the day before at midday the queue was 5 hours long.
    REPORTED: Feber 18 DEC 98
    If you go to Disney Store Online there are trip packages and things like that. In the packages you can enter the park an hour an a half before the park even opens.
    CONFIRMED: Mickey Mike 28 DEC 98
  2. Here's how to avoid waiting in The Temple of the Five-Hour Line (aka Indiana Jones):
    1. Stay at the Disneyland or Pacific Hotel.
    2. Get up really early and be one of the first people in line for the monorail, before it opens.
    3. Ride in the pilot's car.
    4. Disembark and run, don't walk, to the Temple.
    5. You should be able to run through the waiting area. There should be no more than twenty or thirty people ahead of you (though how they got there before you will remain a mystery).
    6. At the conclusion of your ride, as you exit, you will notice that the exit line is right next to the entry line. Jump over the rope fence, and you're back on! (Since hardly any one is there, no one will yell at you.)

    REPORTED: Rachel Van Houten 12 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Mickey Mike 28 DEC 98
  3. One way to avoid waiting in line is to go late at night, just before park closing; the line is very short at this time. I tried this and was surprised to find that the crew had taken down the devider which separates the entrance and exit lines at the top of the stairs. You could literally get off of the ride, run upstairs, turn around and run down to the loading platform in less than a couple of seconds. I did this 6 or 7 times in a row and on my second to the last time around the operator allowed me to stay on the ride to go around once more because there was nobody waiting to get on.
    REPORTED: David Enertson 08 MAR 98
    This "avoid waiting in line" trick will only work on one side of the track. When you are in the queue where you are about to climb the stairs, the line splits in two, use the right line. On this line the passengers exit and go upstairs right next to the queue, it doesn't work at all if you go to the loading/unloading area on the left.
    UPDATE: anon 23 MAR 98
  4. The best time to ride Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye is a 11:30 at night until they kick you out. When I was there a few weeks ago, the place was practically empty and we got to stay on the ride, having the whole car to ourselves.
    REPORTED: IndianaJonesChick 14 APR 98
  5. The wait has rarely been more than 15-20 minutes if you go on any Sunday after 5:00pm.
    REPORTED: James Alexander 18 MAR 99
  6. There is another very obvious way to avoid the five hour line on Indy, do not go in the summer, as that is peak season. My family and I go about every year in September and the line has never been more than 30 minutes - I am not kidding. The last time I saw a long line was the year it opened. Lines are lower during the school year and it beats running everywhere. A five day pass is also helpful. The last time we went in September, it was like one in the afternoon and we went on eight times in sucession with five minutes being max wait. Take it from me, do not go in the summer.
    REPORTED: Jenner 27 FEB 01
  7. One way to get on Indiana Jones quickly is to go to Disneyland with someone who has a wheelchair. For some reason, the line wasn't designed to allow people in wheelchairs to get on easily. Therefore, they (with up to 5 guests) enter through the exit gate. To get to the top level, they go up in an elevator. Then, they enter the front of the line with their guests. Very convenient, but, of course, not for everyone. We get on within five minutes every time. The only bad thing is you don't get to experience all the cool things that are in the line.
    REPORTED: Mandy 21 JUN 01

Indiana Jones Facts and Figures




Enhanced Motion Vehicle




March 3,1995

Queue Length

1,400 feet

Ride Length

2,500 feet

Ride Time

about 3 minutes 8 seconds (varies)


3.5 mph (avg); 22 mph (max), 65 (simulated)


12 riders per Transport, 17 Transports (15 active, 1 spare, 1 in refurb)


2400 per hour; 1 car per 18 seconds

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