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Carnation Plaza Gardens Fun Facts

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    Female Lighthouse
  1. Carnation Plaza Gardens has reopened and the ice cream stand is gone. In its place there are a number of old posters advertising the rides. On one of the posters there's this "feminine" lighthouse. Hmmm. Deliberate or accidental?
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    The lighthouse isn't female. It isn't even a lighthouse. It's actually a "Helter Skelter." No, not a member of the Manson family, but a large tower with a circular slide going down the side. It used to be a common ride at theme parks, but the only example of it in Disneyana is in the Pleasure Island scenes of "Pinnochio."
    UPDATE: Chris Reed 21 SEP 99
    You can see a picture of a real old fashioned Helter Skelter at here..
    UPDATE: Sean Catherall 22 OCT 99

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