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WDW 2000 Countdown Clocks
  • Millennium will begin October 1, 1999 at Walt Disney World and there is a Hidden Mickey in the new logo! decor
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 26 DEC 98
    REPORTED: aladdin 06 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Geiger 07 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 28 SEP 99
    CONFIRMED: MeLinda Bostic 06 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: Gary Whitsett 19 FEB 00
    CONFIRMED: Jackie :) 02 MAY 00

    Tapestry of Nations

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    1. The drum pads in Tapestry of Nations.
      REPORTED: Jay Hoskins 27 SEP 99
      In the new Millennium Parade, on all of the Millennium clocks. There are several hidden Mickeys formed by the large drum heads. This was very obvious to us as soon as we saw them.
      CONFIRMED: tom and dar 02 OCT 99
      Eight to be exact. I received this information from the designer of the drums.
      CONFIRMED: marci 02 OCT 99
      Yes, the drum heads do kinda look like a hidden Mickey but i can tell you first hand that they were not designed to look like there is a hidden Mickey
      WISHFUL THINKING: Melissa 30 JAN 00
      When I saw the parade the first time I noticed the drums. There are 4 on each side of the wheel. I don't think were out to make them too 'hidden'. Take a look and see them for yourself.
      CONFIRMED: Arthur Sanders 20 FEB 00
      In the Tapestry of Nations parade, the drummers play on a floats that look like clocks. The drumheads are set up in the form of a Mickey, with one large drum and two smaller drums making up the ears.
      CONFIRMED: Mary Gaughan 22 FEB 00
      I was a WALT DISNEY DREAMERS AND DOERS award recipient in 2000. I was given free theme park tickets and attended EPCOT after the awards ceremony.. I got caught in the Millennium Parade at EPCOT and was watching the parade when I noticed that the CHRONO DRUMMERS the drums they were banging on occasionally had a Mickey head configuration.. this only occasionally happened and the rest of the drums were random patterns...
      CONFIRMED: Ben Kokochak 17 APR 00
      In the Tapestry of Nations parade, there are those giant clock-like things with all the drums in the middle. Some of the drums form perfect Hidden Mickeys.
      CONFIRMED: Christin 08 MAY 00
      In the parade that is currently running at Epcot, there are large drum wheels that separate each set of performers. Mounted on the wheels are sets of drums that rotate as the float moves by. Each set of drums has 5 drumheads...three of them are arranged in the shape of Mickey.
      CONFIRMED: Aaron 23 JUN 00
      In the EPCOT parade "Tapestry of Nations" there are floats which contain a big revolving wheel in the middle. On these wheels are many drum heads that are played by the cast members as the wheel slowly spins. If you look, three of the drum heads are arranged in the mickey shape on each quarter of the wheel (maybe it's each third).
      CONFIRMED: Andy 17 NOV 00

    Millennium Village

    1. When you walk through the "rain forest" of with the "punching bags" you can find a Hidden Mickey in the second group of bags, the first one on the left, near the top.
      REPORTED: Melanie Emmons 19 FEB 00
    2. There are two hidden Mickeys one on the right and one on the left as you exit the preshow area. They are three gears in purple. They are quite large.
      REPORTED: marci 02 OCT 99


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    1. There is at least one Hidden Mickey in IllumiNations 2000

    Fun Facts

      WDW 2000 WDW 2000
    1. These is a hidden Mickey in the new Epcot 2000 logo. The three zeroes in 2000 form the head.
      REPORTED: Sam Shirley 06 FEB 99
      CONFIRMED: Keith Brezinsky 04 OCT 99
    2. The Millenium Balloon: To mark its year-long millennium celebration, Walt Disney World Resort is bringing a spectacular sky show to American cities -- a giant, 80-foot-tall hot-air balloon in the shape of Spaceship Earth, Epcot's breathtaking icon for the Florida celebration. The balloon, featuring a giant 35-foot wand held aloft by the hand of Sorcerer Mickey and 30-foot-tall numbers spelling out “2000,” is flying above 15 U.S. cities in September and October, including a Sept. 1 liftoff at Walt Disney World Resort. The balloon is scheduled for dawn and dusk launches. “America has been coming to our celebration,” said Al Weiss, president of Walt Disney World Resort. “We thought this was a way to bring our celebration to America. To remind people that our millennium celebration is not over -- that the party continues right through Jan. 1, 2001.” The millennium celebration features grand Disney spectacles, showstopping entertainment, groundbreaking technologies, and sights, sounds and tastes from around the globe. Scheduled stops for the “Walt Disney World Millennium Balloon Tour” include New York City, Chicago, Boston, Houston and Atlanta -- even a drift above Niagara Falls. Created in Sioux Falls, S.D., the one-of-a-kind balloon features enough Ripstop Nylon fabric to cover half of a football field. More than five miles of thread were used to stitch it together. It can accommodate three riders and a pilot. Hot-air balloons are a Disney World tradition. In 1986 there was “Ear Force One,” a giant Mickey Mouse, followed in 1987 by “Zipp-a-dee-doo-Duck,” an airborne Donald Duck. And in the fall of 1991, Cinderella Castle took to the skies as the “Castle in the Sky” balloon."
      REPORTED: Adrian Ofman 16 OCT 00
    3. As a precaution against any Millennium glitches, Walt Disney World has hidden portable lights and generators all over the property to insure light and essential power when the Millennium arrives. glitches, Walt Disney World has hidden portable lights and generators all over the property to insure light and essential power when the Millennium arrives. They have been placed behind potted plants so they will not be obtrusive to guests.
      REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 99
    4. The Millennium Celebration an Epcot will be larger than the 25th anniversary.
      REPORTED: Alex 16 NOV 98
    5. Epcot Al Weiss was quoted as saying " You will see us do a special icon in (EPCOT) like we did for the Magic Kingdom's 25th anniversary. I can't tell you what it is yet but people are going to be blown away by it. You will see us add several major areas to the park where you will see various countries represented. You will see us add a new illuminations show and a major entertainment feature that will be like an Olympic opening ceremony with a processional around World Showcase every day. It will be a 15 month celebration. From a production standpoint it may be bigger than the 25th anniversary.
      REPORTED: Joe Weeks 04 AUG 98
    6. IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth has begun its tremendous beginning Epcot as of September 23, 1999. The show: Begins as a dark and cold world until an asteroid lands in the lagoon and sparks earth and creates a chaos of fires that shoots in all directions, and fireworks help bring the feeling that the earth was just created. Then a 3 story high globe floats out into the middle of the lagoon and begins to rotate as a speical video presentation is shown. Fireworks and colorful lasers, along with thousands of lights and torches around the lagoon also light up to help with the Earth's diversity. As the show reaches an emotional climax the sphere in the middle of the lagoon turns white and begins to blossom like a flower while still turning. Then for the grand finale a torch that celebrates Earth's diversity lifts out of the sphere some 40 feet and an explosion of fireworks from the torch signals the fianle. Suddenly torches ignite the lagoon and streams of white fireworks pour out from everywhere to celebrate the dawn of a new era! ILLUMINATIONS 2000: REFLECTIONS OF EARTH NOW PLAYING AT EPCOT DURING THE Millennium CELEBRATION.
      REPORTED: anon 25 SEP 99
      The new show to replace Illuminations may be called milenniums,it will feature 140 ft "dancing" cranes and will feature a huge fire ball that will fly into the air and then explode in one of the biggest pyro effects anywhere.This show promises to be great!
      UPDATE: dave 18 JUN 98
    7. There are new huge torches all around the lagoon. At night they are lit creating a beautiful lighting effect and are unsed in the Millennium Illuminations display.
      REPORTED: Tom and Renée Shaw 26 DEC 99

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