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Closed for good 9 November 1999

  1. Where you walk into Fantasyland from the Entrance/Exit from the Skyway, you walk under a bridge and then off to the right you see the regular Fantasyland type buildings. On top of those buildings, there is a railing that rims the edge of the roof. There are mouse ears used as cutters through them.
    REPORTED: Rob Warden 05 JUN 96
  2. On the entrance to the Sky ride in fantasyland, the hidden Mickeys are on the wooden archway of the gate. The Mickeys are painted flowers, the petals of the left side form Mickey heads.
    REPORTED: Stan 09 AUG 99
  3. Right where you load onto the ride, there is a table to the left with steins of beer and Gouda cheese on it. Above the table are stained glass windows with various sizes of circles. The pane on the top-left has the classic shape of a Hidden Mickey formed out of three of the circles.
    REPORTED: stuart bowers 13 MAR 95
    CONFIRMED: Christopher Nothnagle 16 SEP 96
    You have to tilt your head a little to see it correctly. Curious, tilt your head to the left, his ears are to the left; tilt it to the right, and another pair of ear circles make them to the right.
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 04 NOV 98
  4. In the line, a bunch of hidden Mickeys are in the line as you are about to board. When you get to the upper part of the line where you can see the guests boarding the skyride, look at the green railing that divides the line. In the decor on the railing, the shape of a Mickey is formed perfectly be 3 diamond shapes.
    REPORTED: John Hillier 19 APR 98
  5. When exiting the Skyway in Fantasyland, to the right is a flower bed with small bushes. On the bushes are small flowers. The flowers are pink with 2 dark pedals, giving the apearence of a small Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Dan Carpenter 31 MAR 99
  6. When you reach the half way point of the ride, more commonly known as the transfer station, look up. You will notice one very large "bull wheel" with two other smaller "bull wheels" for ears. This one was probably unintentional seeing it aids in the running of the ride but it is definitely there. A serendipitous Mickey maybe? This is the one that all Skyway Cast Members will point out as the Hidden Mickey for that attraction.
    REPORTED: Christopher Nothnagle 16 SEP 96
    Definitely serendipitous is my opinion. But serendipitous counts!
    CONFIRMED: Gwendel 04 NOV 98
    CONFIRMED: Savannah Sharp 09 MAY 99
  7. You can only see the Hidden Mickey when you are on the Skyway going into Tomarrowland... its just a little bit before the ride ends, there are all these lights that you can see the tops of and they are all in the shape of Mickey's ... but on your left... if your facing the docking area, there is one light a little ways out there that is actually painted black like a Mickey, all the others are clear.
    REPORTED: Stacy Coleman 11 JUL 99
  8. As you leave the Tomorrowland station, there is a Mickey head formed by pennies in the water tray. It's about 12 inches tall by 15 inches wide.
    REPORTED: David W. Millians 08 JUL 96
  9. When you exit the ride in Tommorowland, at the bottom of the stairs at Ursa'a Mini Minor Mart, directly in front of you is a profile Mickey head in the martian soil backdrop. You can see it best from the third step from the bottom.
    REPORTED: Christopher Nothnagle 16 SEP 96

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