Lost Hidden Mickeys of Disneyland

Disney continually updates its parks and attractions. Due to refurbishments, Hidden Mickeys are lost forever. When you notice that a Hidden Mickey was lost, please report it so that it can be remembered here.

This page is dedicated to those Hidden Mickeys lost forever in the parks and the Imagineers who created them. They may be lost in reality but they will live on in cyberspace.


  1. On the 1999-2000 annual passport there is a box next o Mickey's stool. There is a picture of 4 oranges.3 of the oranges make a picture of our favorite mouse.
    REPORTED: Jenny 19 NOV 01
  2. The entire outline of Disneyland was originally that of Mickey's head. Now it has changed a bit due to new park layouts (i.e. Mickey's Toontown)
    REPORTED: Ryan 22 FEB 94
    REPORTED: Melanie Freeman 08 JUN 96
  3. The new Xenostrobe 10k lights located around the park (post spring 1995) used to be programmed to create large Mickeys in the sky when the park closed every evening.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96
    The lights that used to shine straight up from Videopolis (Now the Sony Theater, where Pocahontas is playing) used to form a perfect Mickey when the marine layer clouds came in.
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 25 OCT 96
    The big search lights around the park are 7k Xenon Moving lights from a company called Syncrolight. These are placed around the park in five places but do not create the image of Mickey in the sky except to those with imaginations larger than Walt's. These lights were used as part of Fantasy in the sky, and are now used only as mood lighting in between the large shows. (They turn off during any of the big shows).
  4. I worked as a Custodial busser at Disneyland from 1990-1992. I used to clean up after parades during my first summer there. During that summer in Fantasyland, they had this big cartoon promotion where thay had the streets painted with the characters from Tailspin. Because of the fact that the streets were painted a dark color, they would absorb so much heat that at the beginning of the summer, the floats would often sink and get stuck. you used to be able to see big divots in the cement where the wheels dug up in order to get out of where they were stuck. After a while, despite all the work it took to paint the charcters on the cement, they eventually just painted the entire street a lighter color so it wouldn't get so soft. One big painting was actually left half panted over so that only half of the character were visible.
    REPORTED: Jason Sherman 03 DEC 97
  5. At the pedestrian exit, there is a Hidden Mickey in the advertisement for Wonderful World of Disney. On the right of the ad is an alarm clock. The two bells mounted on top of the clock are painted black. The clock is the head and the bells are the ears. It's really easy to see just as you walk through the righthand tunnel exiting the park -- just look above the exit turnstiles.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 03 APR 98
    The Hidden Mickey in the sign at the pedestrian exit is lost. An ad for "Mulan" is up there now, and it occupies the entire sign. I imagine that Disney will put their "Wonderful World of Disney" sign back up some day, but for now this Hidden Mickey is gone.
    LOST: Pianoman 03 JUN 98
    I would just like to let you know that the Mulan ad has been changed to promote the new live action Inspector Gadget movie starring Matthew Broderick. I don't know if this means that the HM is lost forever.
    LOST: Brandon Davis 02 AUG 99
  6. On the California Adventure Prevue Center (by the Team Disney building) there is a poster advertising the second gate in Anaheim. It shows a Disney version of the Hollywood Walk of fame, with the markers being HMs instead of being stars! In the waiting area for casting, the Welcome sign has a Hidden Mickey! Not really Hidden, but few non-CM people have seen the Sorceror Mickey and the Classic Mickey signs on the wall by the Prevue Center's parking lot (Guest parking for TD building too.)
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 10 JUN 97
  7. A General Information booth which resides outside the Front Entrance contains the Mickey insignia in the bar!
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 MAY 97
  8. Like the report of the stroller/wheelchair sign, the same scroll work is displayed on the Express ATM sign located outside of the park to the west of the entrance.
    REPORTED: Eric B 20 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Mitch Tatro 17 JAN 97
    I was at the Wells Fargo ATM machine and on the top of the wood that encased the machine there were 2 hidden Mickey's on either side of the yellow wood that encased the Wells Fargo Machine...that was outside the park itself near the ticket area.
    REPORTED: Jeanne 10 MAY 99
  9. At Disneyland they are selling 45 Years of Magic posters and in the top left hand corner by Peter Pan there is a hidden Mickey made out of the stars.
    REPORTED: Sandy 03 JUL 00
  10. On the California Adventure Prevue Center (by the Team Disney building) there is a poster advertising the second gate in Anaheim. It shows a Disney version of the Hollywood Walk of fame, with the markers being HMs instead of being stars! In the waiting area for casting, the Welcome sign has a Hidden Mickey! Not really Hidden, but few non-CM people have seen the Sorceror Mickey and the Classic Mickey signs on the wall by the Prevue Center's parking lot (Guest parking for TD building too.)
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 10 JUN 97
  11. A General Information booth which resides outside the Front Entrance contains the Mickey insignia in the bar!
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 MAY 97
  12. On the T-shirts commemorating the Main Street Electrical Parade that left Disneyland, the Cinderella coach looks like Mickey. It can be seen by the wearer of the shirt looking down, or by people looking at the shirt, since the parade design is repeated several times.
    REPORTED: Peter & Philip Rees 12 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: denise benderman 21 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Lauren Ferreira 12 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Melanie Emmons 12 JUL 97
  13. In 1995 for the 40 year anniversary, I bought one of those huge poster-maps of the park. Yesterday, while I was looking at it, I noticed a pair of hidden Mouse ears. They were coming from the smoke of the train nearest the entrance of the park. Even more ironic, is that they're sitting right next to a Mickey Mouse flag.
    REPORTED: Chernabog 06 MAY 99
    There's one of these posters posted on the wall in the Locker Room on Main Street. It may not be up much longer since it's almost five years old.
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  14. Checkout the 45th Anniversary Poster map
    1. Smoke Mickey a definite Mickey.
    2. The trees around the Disneyland entrance -- the pattern of the 'leaves' on a few diferent trees make some Mickeys (note: I'm pretty sure these weren't intentional, but it can be seen if you're a Hidden Mickey nut):
      1. One right above "Guest Relations" at the entrance,
      2. one directly below the yellow Disneyland banner with Tinker Bell (the very left edge of the banner), and
      3. one on a tree at the left of the entrance.
    3. In front of Small World, there is a pink-colored planter box, with a tri-circle Mickey in it above the words "Small World Promenade."
    4. Directly to the right of that Small World Mickey is another one -- the little tent has a tiny Mickeyesque figure, tilted to the left.
    5. In the right top corner of the Jungle Cruise, right above the pink ribbon labeled "Main" (as in "Main Street) there are three yellow circles, two little ones and one big one.
    6. Another Jungle Cruise Mickey -- this one is located near the squirting elephants. To the left of the words "Elephant Bathing Pool" is an elephant who is squirting water straight up into the air. Directly to the left is a pile of rocks, and on one of the rocks is Mickey!
    7. This one is, to me, as convincing as the Train Smoke Mickey. It's located in the waters of what used to be the Submarine Voyage, about an inch below the green Autopia car, to the right of the Matterhorn. Three circles in the water.
    8. The hole in the middle of the Matterhorn definitely looks like a Mickey on the poster
    9. In the Rivers of America, there is a hidden Mickey in water just under the Indian boy fishing.
    10. There is a hidden Mickey on a teepee in the Rivers of America.
    11. There are several decor Mickeys on the 45th Anniversary poster. The most obvious one is the top middle of the poster with Mickey's face in the border. In addition, Mickey is also depicted in the "Partners" statue on Main Street, the entrance's Floral Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey on Tom Sawyer Island (as part of Fantasmic!), Mickey greeting guests in Toontown (next to Minnie), the Mickey fountain in Toontown (directly to the left of Minnie), Mickey balloons on Main Street, and the two Mickey flags on the Main Street station. decor

    REPORTED: Meg 27 AUG 00

  15. I recently bought a small art plaque of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland. It shows the scene where Aurora is picking berries. Some of the berries in her basket are in clusters which form Mickey heads. They are probably in that scene in the movie, too. If you see the art plaque (they have other movies too), look for the little Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Kate 18 APR 98
  16. I found a hidden Mickey right outside the exit of the park. Go to the exit turnstile furthest to the left. I'm not sure if this is the exact spot but I do know that there are three holes in the ground in the bottom right hand side of one of the cement squares. I think you have to walk about 10 or 15 feet from the left turn style but I am not sure.
    REPORTED: Mike LaMasa 07 AUG 98
  17. Here is a hidden Mickey found on the disneyland.com website..... in the Frontierland map. I assume it would be on the printed map too but haven't checked.
    REPORTED: Mark R. Doering 28 MAR 01

Dalmatian Celebration

  1. On the picket fence which runs across the front of the display, the Hidden Mickeys are in the Dalmatian spot design that is the basic design element for the display.
    REPORTED: anon 27 NOV 96
    Generally the spots are unusual shapes and sizes, but there are 3 spots that are circles that form the Hidden Mickey (although some of the circle falls into the gaps in the picket fence). You can definitely tell that the shapes form a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Ronald H
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 01 DEC 96
    2nd or 3rd one on the left hand side.
    CONFIRMED: Lauren & Erin & Josh 27 DEC 96
    CONFIRMED: Marie Sullivan 24 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Marie Sullivan 08 FEB 97
  2. On the wall behind the "training area", but it is obscured by a plant placed in the corner, the Hidden Mickeys are in the Dalmatian spot design that is the basic design element for the display.
    REPORTED: Diane L. David 28 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 05 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Marie Sullivan 24 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Marie Sullivan 08 FEB 97


  1. Like the sighting at the Stroller rental, there is a scroll Hidden Mickey at the pedestrian exit. It's a little smaller, but it's definitely there!
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 10 JUN 96
    There are about 6 Hidden Mickeys in the sign.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Mitch Tatro 17 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Pianoman 03 APR 98

Emporium Store

  1. At the Emporium, they currently have a Fantasia 2000 exhibit. Look at the window depicting the 'Tin Soldier' story. The clasp on the evil jack-in-the-box's box is a Mickey. It really shows up towards the end of the dancing when a light shines directly on the jack-in-the-box.
    REPORTED: Penny Ruvelas 07 AUG 00
  2. There is a Hidden Mickey in one of the Emporium windows, featuring scenes from "Tarzan." Go to the "Elephant Pool" scene, and look to the right, on the surface of the water. There is a large lily-pad,forming the head, with two smaller pads, forming the ears. There are a few other Mickey heads to the left, but not as well proportioned as the one on the right.
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 20 JUN 99
    The Hidden Mickey formed by the lily pads in the Tarzan Elephant Pool scene is there but will eventually be lost as new scenes are placed in the window.
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 02 AUG 99
  3. In one of the Emporium windows on Main Street someone has placed an onion and two garlics to form a hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 04 SEP 99
  4. Find the window display, outside the Main Street Emporium, that features the scene from "Mulan", where the soldiers are dressed in drag. Take a look at their lips, and you'll see our good pal Mickeys face-his head is formed by the bottom lip, and the two ears are formed by the top lip. This is also true, pertaining to the same scene in the movie.
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forest 16 JUL 98
    Find the window display, outside the Main Street Emporium, that features the scene from "Mulan", where the soldiers are dressed in drag. Take a look at their lips, and you'll see our good pal Mickeys face-his head is formed by the bottom lip, and the two ears are formed by the top lip. This is also true, pertaining to the same scene in the movie.
    CONFIRMED: Dave Ande 21 SEP 98
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw 12 DEC 98
  5. We found two possible Hidden Mickeys in the window displays in front of the Emporium. The first one is in the Little Mermaid display, where Ariel is looking at all her treasures. In the very back on the upper right hand side, there's a little Mickey statue. You won't notice it unless you look for it. The other one we found is also in a Little Mermaid display, but this one is the window to the right of the one described above. In the painted background, on the left hand side, there are three seashells that might be a hidden Mickey. Not sure about this one.
    REPORTED: Tai&Eve 02 MAR 98
  6. Emporium Diorama: "Hunchback of Notre Dame" Final scene where a little girl comes up to Quasimodo and gives him a hug, while Phoebus and Esmeralda look on. Scene takes place on the steps of the Notre Dame facade. On either side of the cathedral door are columns of little saints. On the left hand side of the door, select the row of saints that is second from the top. The third saint from the left is holding what looks like a tray or a plate to his chest. On careful scrutiny, the plate has "mouse ears". It's faint but it's there.
    REPORTED: anon 28 MAR 97

Crystal Arcade

  1. On the back wall is a painting of an old Emporium with a portrait of Walt in the upper right. If you look at the balloon vendor, among the many ordinary balloons is a white one shaped like Mickey (just like what they sell at Disneyland).
    REPORTED: David Tomita 10 OCT 94
    It's a balloon, in a group of balloons, on the left side of the mural. It's the traditional mouse ears balloon shape like they sell at Disneyland but very subtle, hidden, but definitely intentional. It's brilliant.
    CONFIRMED: Lisa Campbell 12 OCT 94
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 26 JAN 96
    Here's a picture of it.
    CONFIRMED: Brad C Willoughby 02 APR 96
    Tried to find the painting in Crystal Arcade last friday but it's gone. Cast Members told me it wasn't covered up but peeled off the wall by someone, rolled up and carted away. They didn't know who it was. Called Decorations ("We never throw ANYTHING away!") and they sent me to paints. Paints sent me to signs, where I spoke with Cindy, pictorial foreperson, who told me she had made the painting and she was sure there were no HMs in it. I read her the reports and she said she would unroll it and look. The painting is safe. She's holding it in storage for possible future use. If they had left it in place, the modifications they were making to the wall would have damaged it. Also, while we're on the subject of "moving things", the elephant is gone from the penny arcade. I'm told it's in storage because they needed the room for a plush stand. Lots of folks have asked about it, so it may not be gone all that long. Thanks for your devotion to this very interesting topic. I'll keep in touch.
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 08 JUN 96
    Mural is gone because of the recent renovation to the Emplorium.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 JUN 96
  2. In the painting on back wall with "balloon vendor", my wife also found what may be the smallest Hidden Mickey in existence. To the right of the balloons, underneath the "N" in San Francisco, you can see inside the restaurant. Only shadows are visible, but you can distinctly see a boy's head with a Mickey hat with ears on it! It's very small, but very obvious that it's no fluke. Is it possible this is the smallest Hidden Mickey that's been found?
    REPORTED: Michael Martin 29 APR 96
    The smallest Hidden Mickey documented in Disneyland Park
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 22 MAY 96
    See above.
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 08 JUN 96
    Mural is gone because of the recent renovation to the Emplorium.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Jimmy Murphy 18 JAN 97

Refreshment Corner

  1. Found one in the wallpaper near the ceiling.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 27 OCT 96
    Ears too close to the to of the "head"
    The wallpaper has been changed, so the Hidden Mickey is no longer there.
    LOST: Ed Johnston 20 JUL 977

The Candy Palace & Candy Kitchen

  1. On Main Street, in the Candy Palace, above the cash register (not the one in the center of the store; the one that's to the left of the fudge-makers) they have a candy display. At the very top, they have three large lollipops arranged to look like Mickey.
    REPORTED: Keri Maijala 08 APR 94
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 26 JAN 96
    There is now two Hidden Mickeys in the Candy Palace that are formed by large lollipops. They are both right next to each other.
    UPDATE: Eric B 25 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: G Capra 25 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Jeff Shepherd 04 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Lauren Ferreira 07 JUN 97

Art Store

See also Disney Showcase
  1. Two Mickeys found in a painting. Behind the big wooden Mickey that stands in a corner of the shop, there is a picture on the wall from 101 Dalmatians. Look in the circular archway above the two people and the priest. It is full of tiny Mickey heads . Also, look at the male dog in the picture ("pongo" I think is his name). His right arm, near the shoulder, has a Hidden Mickey in the form of black spots, as all Dalmatians have.
    REPORTED: Michael Martin 30 APR 96
  2. This cell is currently located in Disneyana, above the South Door, near the "Stained Glass Wedding" picture. Upon closeup you will note a similar pattern on the puppy on the left. Also a couple of upside down Hidden Mickeys on the guy on the right, but for the most part, you stick a bunch of circles like this somewhere, and you are likely to find a bunch of Hidden Mickeys!
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 09 SEP 96
    Wishful thinking, the 101 Dalmatians picture is four circles not three and they are all the same size.
    About the Hidden Mickey in the 101 Dalmatian cells: I have read that every main Dalmatian in the movie (2 parents and 13 puppies) has a Hidden Mickey on it.
    CONFIRMED: Scott M Leonard 13 MAR 97

Plaza Inn Restaurant

  1. Immediately inside the women's room (sorry guys!), there is a picture hanging on the wall. It is a picture of the entrance of the restaurant. The Hidden Mickey is in the lower right corner as a part of the floor design. I was so excited to find it but I was with my husband and couldn't show it to him due to its location!
    REPORTED: Susan Prendergast 19 MAR 97
    At the Plaza Inn there are no bathrooms any more. They were torn out during a rehab.
    LOST: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99

Carnation Plaza Gardens

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  1. At Carnation Plaza Gardens on Main Street, we have Magic Music Days where schools from all over the country perform. Their music stands have a picture of a music G-clef with Mickey ears on it.  decor
    REPORTED: anon 21 MAY 96
    The music stands that the Disney Magic Music Days uses do indeed have a trebbel clef. The end of the clef is of course a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Mike Stella 09 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Caleb Barrus 28 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Kimen 09 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Shawn Richardson 13 APR 97
    I've played in the Carnation Plaza Gardens, and the music stands definetly have a Hidden Mickey on the bottom of the trebble clef, but on the other side of the stand, when you play, there is a Mickey imprinted very slightly in the stand.
    CONFIRMED: Kimen 09 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Caleb B. 27 JUL 99
  2. If you happen to look at the whole Carnation Plaza Gardens area, it does look like a Hidden Mickey. It would be a huge one, but you never know!!!! The area has two tent coverings: one for the stage, and the other for the ice cream side of the restaurant. Those would be the ears and the rest of the seating area would be the Mickey face.
    REPORTED: Melissa Migatulski 14 SEP 97 Matterhorne Poster
  3. On the poster advertising the Matterhorn. On the road behind the riders, there is a small Mickey upside down in the bubbles.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    Mark Twain Drawing
  4. The Drawing of the Mark Twain steamship accurately depicts the hidden Mickeys that are on the real grillwork.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    Splash Mountain Poster
  5. The poster for Splash Mountain has a grouping of rocks that hardly looks accidental.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
    Pirates of the Caribbean Poster
  6. The poster for Pirates of the Caribbean has a Mickey formed by the pig's nose and eyes.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 19 FEB 99
  7. This is now a character meet-and-greet, with Mickey and Minnie. Behind where 'Conductor Mickey' stands, there is a mural on the wall. Look for the tuba. Slightly to the right, there are green bushes. Within the bushes, is that familiar ol' Mickey head.
    REPORTED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 18 APR 99


Main Street Electrical Parade

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  1. I found a hidden Mickey that you can only see in a photograph. It's in the Main Street Electrical Parade. Check out the pumkin coach of Cinderella. The circular door, along with the green wheels, forms the head of a very famous mouse.
    REPORTED: Jaycub 24 FEB 97

Light Magic Parade

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Closed 6 January 1996

  1. On the signs advertising the new Light Magic parade that you see hanging above the arches as you exit the park, there is a "swoosh" of light that travels from one side of the sign to the other. Watch that swoosh; it forms a Mickey profile. My friend Scott spotted this, and we had to watch the sign do its thing a couple of times before we could be sure, so you might have to do the same.
    REPORTED: Stephanie Smith 16 OCT 96
    I can definitely confirm this for the sign on the West side of the Main Street Station. It's nice and clear on this sign, and you have to look for it, but once you see it, there is no question. However, the sign on the East side doesn't appear quite the same way and while we could make out a partial Hidden Mickey in the same spot, I don't think it was quite complete.
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 10 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Tom & Rob 04 JAN 97
    The Light Magic sign, which is now gone, definately had a Hidden Sorcerer Mickey appear as the stars came down over the case (I believe he's even holding the wand). It shows up best at night. Another factor is if you look at the castle near where Mickey appears, something doesn't look right. I can't tell what, but maybe one of the spires is different.
    CONFIRMED: Michael Campisi 12 DEC 96
    I wanted to confirm the report of the Hidden Sorcerer Mickey in the Light Magic signs. This Mickey is not really lost as one of these signs is at the Disneyland Hotel. Although I don't know how long it will be there. The Mickey is definitely there. I've seen it several times.
    LOST: Keoni & Laurie 03 SEP 97
  2. There are new flip-up lights (very un 1900's) for the Light Magic parade.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 08 APR 97
  3. Further development on the Light Magic projection towers/elevators (speculation: remember the ads of 'Disney Characters coming from nowhere...'). Note the Small World-esque color scheme.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 08 APR 97
  4. An excellent shot of the Small World Mall under construction.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 08 APR 97
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
  5. The Matterhorn way is open, with nice brick 'sidewalks' and diamond shaped pavers running thru the center of the 'street'. It's really classy looking.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
  6. The new Light Magic western seating area at the Small World Mall. The larger east side is still being built. Notice the large shrubs behind the seating area: there is a walkway behind these shrubs. Good planning, because you can't even see the parade from the walkway; no more of the gawker's block that plagued the Lion King and MSE Parades.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 08 APR 97
  7. I was watching Light Magic and I found out that we were sitting right behind the Imagineer for the fiber optics. He told me a couple of things:
    1. They are working on perfecting a blue fairy image (in tribute to the MSEP) in the startup of the fiber optic sequences.
    2. There are Hidden Mickey's in the fiber optics, however to see them, your best bet is to video tape the float, and then move frame by frame.

    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
  8. When they raise the screens on the floats and Tinkerbell comes up and flys around, look for when her fairy dust changes into many colors. The Hidden Mickey is made of yellow for the head and purple for the ears.
    REPORTED: Lauren & Erin Ferreira 14 MAY 97
    I looked just at that part when watching it my first time and there was absolutely no Hidden Mickeys made from the path behind Tinkerbell.
    Too bad we got beaten to this, but we definitely saw the Mickey in the pixie dust too! We'll try to get you a picture soon.
    CONFIRMED: Steve and Courtney Atkins 26 MAY 97
    The one with Tinkerbell's fairy dust is very, very much a Hidden Mickey. When looking for when it happens it comes alive right after the scene of Michael and Wendy watching the ship fly away. That should help to clarify where it is for those who think this hidden Mickey is wishful thinking.
    CONFIRMED: Chris Case 16 JUL 97
  9. On each of the floats (towards the forward facing direction, on each side), there are "acorns" or "nuts" or whatever, that the characters use as drums towards the end of the show.  These items light up with the drum playing in the show.  Anyway, the RED ones (not the yellow) are consisted of one large one, with two smaller ones over them.
    REPORTED: Cheryl Kimmel 26 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 26 MAY 97
  10. At the beginning of the film, there are clouds, that show up on the screen (and are paused there to allow focus, and then they seperate).  Well, the grouping on the right hand side of the film (with a projector at your BACK) looks like a Mickey (big circle, with smaller circles for ears).
    REPORTED: Cheryl Kimmel 26 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 26 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: Jeffrey Clinard 17 JUL 97
    CONFIRMED: Ghost Host 21 JUL 97

Carnation Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant

Closed 6 January 1997

  1. At the Ice Cream Parlor, there are three pictures on the wall near the cash register. They are in oval shaped frames.
    REPORTED: jodi.weber
    CONFIRMED: jillm 06 AUG 93
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 26 JAN 96
    Look at the picture and you be the judge.
    MAYBE: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Alan Zandel 14 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 15 OCT 96
    The Hidden Mickey on the wall at the Carnation Ice Cream Parlor doesn't look quite as Mickey-esque when viewed from straight on, because the ears are so high and far away from the head. It does look like it was probably done on purpose, though, so I'm not at all ready to discount it...
    NOT SURE: Amie Babineau 03 DEC 96

Blue Ribbon Bakery

Closed 6 January 1996

  1. While I was sitting having a mocha and looking around, I noticed that the wall paper border around the ceiling has many small MICKEY heads as part of the design.
    REPORTED: Linda Will 03 OCT 96
    Very close

Swiss Family Tree House

Closed 3 April 1999

Aladdin's Oasis Show

Closed 3 July 1997

  1. When tassels are in front of the lamps, you'll notice it looks just like Mickey Mouse.
    REPORTED: Anonymous 11 FEB 96
    In Aladdin's Oasis, there are tassles and lamps hanging from the more-or-less ceiling. The odd shape of the lamps has it that when seated in certain places, a tassle blocks a lamp.
    CONFIRMED: Jon Fether 29 JUN 96

Jungle Cruise

  1. In the queue, a place labeled Staging Area, has a barrel containing 3 cocoanuts in the shape of a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Nick Baker 02 AUG 96
    While standing in line you will pass a scene where there is a chess board on top of a barrel. Once you pass the scene for the second time, look to the left of the chess board. There are three coconuts that may form a Hidden Mickey, but the ears may be too big.
    The scene has been disturbed. The chess board is still there, but the various pieces are currently missing, with only a few pieces on the board currently (it used to be almost a full set, maybe about 5-7 moves into the game). Along with this particular change, the room appears a bit different, and the coconuts have been disturbed, and now do not really look like a Hidden Mickey.
    LOST: Benjamin Rockwell 10 NOV 96
    LOST: Eric B 23 MAR 97
  2. When I worked at the park, circa 1989-90, we Jungle Cruise skippers had a small stuffed Mickey that we would hide throughout the jungle. Intent upon breaking the other skippers concentration by making each other crack up mid-spiel, we'd put Mickey in the craziest places possible. Some Jungle Mickey locations were as follows: Peeking out from behind the dead zebra, on the falls behind 'Bertha', on the lap of the suicidal gorilla, hanging from a natives drum, at Trader Sams feet, and my favorite, sticking out of the backpack of the uppermost pole climber at the rhinos mercy. This kind of behavior would probably not go over well nowadays. Also, there was a spider monkey left over from the original J.C. that we did the same thing with. You can probably still find him but he is real hard to see. He hangs from his tail and is dark brown and kind of mossy as he has spent the last 4o something years in the jungle. The last place I saw him was hanging from a limb above the left shoulder of the tusked elephant that appears to be climbing out of the bathing pool to reach some tastier tree on shore. Happy hunting!
    LOST: Fred Martin 23 OCT 97


Golden Horseshoe

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Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes

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  1. When I was on the Davy Crockett Canoes I saw a floating piece of wood or something that had the shape of Mickey Ears. So I asked a cast memeber and she confirmed it as a traveling Hidden Mickey. She said they just let it float around in the river.
    REPORTED: Robby Clarke 11 MAY 98
  2. One of the canoes has a turtle on the front. The body is round for the head and the curved front legs make up his ears.
    REPORTED: Russ Livesay, Jr. 16 OCT 96

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  1. In Big Thunder Mountain, in the Earthquake (or dynamite room- whatever) right before the drop, there was a rockslide above your head. It was really cheesy-looking with just two small rocks coming down in slow-motion. Well they've changed the effect! Now instead of the cheesy little rocks falling down, you see a projection on the back wall behind where the rocks were of silhouettes of rocks falling and creating a cave in. Much cooler and more realistic! There's also some kind of fiber- optic effect that I think is supposed to look like gold. The first effect is really cool but the second fiber-optic effect seems out of place and just unnecessary.
    REPORTED: Tony O'Bryan 14 MAR 97
    The falling rocks scene has been changed again. First it was removed for over a month with only that cheesy fiber-optic gold effect remaining. Now the projection has been replaced with a similar one. The old one had about four rocks stack onto eachother with a klacking noise. This new one is totally realistic with several rocks bouncing off eachother at the same time as they fall. It looks more natural and convincing, the way real rocks would fall.
    CONFIRMED: Tony O'Bryan 18 MAY 97
  2. Now have the rocks falling again, but as shadows on the walls high up in the cave
    It's something that goes by very quickly, however most people should definitely see it, especially if they sit on the left of the train. If you look at the detailed picture, I included some highlighting: Red shows the path of the falling rock. Blue shows where the rock sits now. Green shows the two other rocks. Yellow shows the ladder that's inside, for a reference point for people wanting to find it. The ears seem too small for the head though.
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
    I didn't see it at first, but after looking at the pic supplied by Benjamin Rockwell, I knew what to look for, and it is definitely there, though it is short-lived.
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 15 OCT 96
    Thank's to Benjamin's pretty diagram I finally found it. If you sit in the very back of the train though, it's pretty much not visible
    CONFIRMED: Theresa K. 07 FEB 97
    The Hidden Mickey in the scene where the rocks fall (the one showcased in the color enhanced diagram that helped so much) has been lost when they reworked that scene during the last rehab.
    LOST: Scott M. Leonard 19 JUN 97
  3. Contrary to popular belief there is only one Hidden Mickey at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. It is located in the show scene known as the Avalanche. The Hidden Mickey can only be seen while the work and egress lights are on, so it cannot be seen during normal attraction operation.
    REPORTED: Kenneth Nabbe home page 06 MAR 96
    As you go up the final hill in a tunnel, the walls shake, and two large boulders come tumbling down a shaft toward the train. The boulder on the right comes to rest just below two smaller boulders, which sit there permanently.
    REPORTED: Scott Mackay 28 MAY 96
    Well, I just spent three days at DL, and on Thunder Mountian, the falling rocks are gone! I think there is still an earthquake, but now there's lava. They use glittering red cracks to get the job done. My wife and I thought it was great!
    LOST: Peter Jacubinas 28 APR 00

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools

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  1. If you look up by the bell, there's a series of trifoils. They are three circles that connect to form a clover type design. I believe that one of these is turmed upside down, and the top two circles are shrunken. That would form a Hidden Mickey!
    REPORTED: chernabog 27 FEB 97
  2. Above the Esmarelda tripic, there is a tamborine. Around the tamborine is a scarf. The scarf forms the ears, and the tamborine the head. It is on a slight angle, but its pretty clear to me!
    REPORTED: Prydrock 07 AUG 97
  3. During Topsy Turvey, there are several cast members performing on stilts. One has a horse around his waist, giving the impression the cast member is riding a horse. The horse has a draped blanket over his back. Look at the canvas draped over the horse. At the ends are three jewels, placed to resemble Mickeys head.
    REPORTED: eurecka 08 MAR 98

River Belle Terrace Restaurant

  1. There are two ordering/serving lines in the restaurant. The lines start next to each other, and then curl away from each other into two separate serving areas. On the wall at the end of the left serving line, there are some decorative plates hung. There is a large plate, with two smaller plates, in the familiar Mickey pattern. There is a third small plate to the lower right as well, but it is slightly further away from the large plate than the others. The image of Mickey is very big and in plain sight.
    REPORTED: Jennifer Brown 31 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 07 NOV 96
    CONFIRMED: Jaycub 21 FEB 97
    There's another picture
    CONFIRMED: Bill Catherall 25 MAR 97
    River Belle plates on wall have been removed. There are no longer hidden mickeys there. River Belle Terrace Restaurant, paragraph 2.
    LOST: Ed Johnston 26 AUG 97

Big Thunder Ranch

  1. Mickey Moo has a Mickey spot. Look for the cow in Big Thunder Ranch.
    REPORTED: David Tomita 06 JUN 95
    >This might want to be one that you put in Yesterland because of the fact that Mickey Moo no longer exists. He must of died. I used to see him all the time, but in the last year or so he has never been out. I check every time and he's never there.
    REPORTED: Eric B 18 FEB 96
    The cow, Mickey Moo, passed away in March of 1993. I don't understand, even being a city boy myself, why some people keep referring to Mickey Moo as a "he". Sorta reminds me of the Department of Agriculture back in the fifties, when they tried to get third world countries to use American animal husbandry techniques. They used a "before" and "after" picture of an animal for an example. One of the farmers was incredulous, asking the case worker for his district if it were really true that using American methods would turn his sickly cows into strong sturdy bulls.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 23 JUL 96
    On a vist to Disneyland, CA in 1992 there was in the petting zoo on Tom Sawyer's Island a cow with the natural shaping of the spots on it's back and side that were the exact shape of a Mickey silhouette. I have a picture of it and will try to find it, but on my next visit in 1994, the cow had apparently passed on.
    REPORTED: sean eyring 05 FEB 98

New Orleans Square

The Disney Gallery

  1. In the center room (exit the initial room you enter off the stairs to the left), there's a large original painting hanging with a Christmas theme of Goofy. He's holding a gold ornament in his hand, looking at it. If you look closely at the ornament, there's a shadow in the lower right side of it: blatantly Mickey's head and ears, as well as most of his arms (waving his left one). This painting is on the south side of the room, to the left just as you enter from the "original" room.
    REPORTED: Theresa Kyame 05 JAN 97
    LOST: Eric B 23 MAR 97
  2. This cel is available for sale, in either the Disneyana store, or in the Disney Gallery. Upon closeup, you will note the Hidden Mickey on the male dogs "bicept" much like some sort of tatoo.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 09 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 97
    About the Hidden Mickey in the 101 Dalmatian cells: I have read that every main Dalmatian in the movie (2 parents and 13 puppies) has a Hidden Mickey on it.
    CONFIRMED: Scott M Leonard 13 MAR 97

Haunted Mansion

  1. Below the oft-reported dinner plates, on the floor under the table is a wine bottle laying on its side. The spilled wine from this bottle is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 10 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: David Vo 22 JUL 96
    We could see the spilled wine, but it was barely visible and what we could see looked like a blotch and not a Hidden Mickey. All five in our party think it is either Lost or Wishful Thinking.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Jeff Shepherd 04 SEP 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Russell C. Livesay, Jr. 25 OCT 96
    The wine spot has been replaced with a blob. That Hidden Mickey is now lost. It was a subtle one.
    LOST: Ed Johnston 28 NOV 96
  2. After the "stretching" rooms, you enter a hallway with the "changing" paintings. Look at the third one, the one with the lady with blond curles (when she is alive). On her left shoulder her hair ends in three curles on her shoulder. Look at the two curles to your left and watch while the painting changes from living to dead. During the transition, for just a second, the fading curls become the ears and an apearing dark circle from the next image make a perfect tri-circle Mickey.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors

Pirates of the Caribbean

Phsst: Fun Facts
  1. The parrot from Pirates of the Caribbean (singing 'Yo ho, Yo ho, a parrot's life for me...braack!') no longer has a tattoo!!! It was changed during the recent rehab.
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 21 MAR 97
  2. There is a big pile of gold (the biggest pile) and on the top of this there is a Hidden Mickey. It's not on the very top, but just under the top, about 5" from the top. It's in gold, very hard to see
    REPORTED: Rizza 14 SEP 96
    It is lost due to the refurb.
    LOST: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  3. There's a scene where there's a skelaton lying on a very extravagant bed. On one of the pillows by the bed there's a very familar figure on the pattern.And wouldn't cha know....Mickey!!The pillow is near the foot of the bed.
    REPORTED: Tiffany Howard 10 FEB 98
    It is lost due to the refurb.
    LOST: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  4. After you pass the bedroom scene with the harpsicord, you come to the treasure room. In the middle of the room is a huge pile of treasure with a skeleton in the middle. Just down and to the right of the skeleton is a heart-shaped pillow and a bucket underneath the pillow. The top of the pillow are the ears and the bucket is the head. It's way too deliberate to be an accident.
    REPORTED: Pianoman 15 SEP 97
    The hidden Mickey made up of the pillow and bucket in the second treasure room is no longer there. It appears that the huge pile of treasure in the middle has been altered by cast members.
    LOST: Pianoman 22 DEC 97
    In the large treasure room where the skeleton is sitting atop a pile of gold, to the right of the pile and about mid way up, against a blue sequenced back drop, there are 3 golden bejeweled bowls that are turned upside down. One large one to form the head and two smaller ones to form the ears...very obviously a hidden Mickey.
    UPDATE: jeff and shannon 13 FEB 99
    I was at Disneyland on Monday Nov. 15. The Hidden Mickey in the treasure room on Pirates is now gone. They have added more fog, some new lighting effects and a skull and crossbones mural behind a waterfall.
    LOST: Clintski 17 NOV 99
    It is lost due to the refurb.
    LOST: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  5. I found a Hidden Mickey on the cave wall right after you come down the first chute. Look immediately to your left to the rocks, the lighting causes a Mickey-like shadow on the wall.
    REPORTED: "Eeyore Angie" 31 MAY 98
    All the lighting has changed due to a recent refurb. I may just not have seen it though.
    UPDATE: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
  6. As you enter the scene with the two dueling pirate ships, the ship to the left has a Hidden Mickey. As the captain of the ship turns and brandishes his sword, the silhouette of his head and hat on the mainsail makes a Hidden Mickey. It is best viewed when you first approach the ship and it is hard to photograph. If you turn around as you leave the battle scene and almost enter the next room, the shape is perfect on the other side of the sail. Its especially blatant at Disneyland and it's also effective at Walt Disney World. Timing is key. The pirate is a moving figure, so his shadow only makes a hidden Mickey when he turns the right way.
    Real Hidden Mickey See the list of contributors
    Note: I am no longer taking reports on this one unless there is a refurb and the Imagineers change this effect.
    The hidden Mickey from the Pirate Captain's hat shadow on the sail has been modified so that, I believe, as the shadow moves, it now creates silhouettes of both Donald and Goofy as well as Mickey. For a while, I even thought I saw Pluto, but that‚s pretty doubtful.
    UPDATE: Shinryu Shirakawa 17 APR 98
    In Pirates of the Caribbean, the hidden Mickey where the pirate on the ship castes the shadow of his hat and face to form the hidden Mickey on the mast has been changed! Since the refurbishment of POTC, the Hidden Mickey is not as obvious. What are supposed to be his ears, are alot more boxy. The whole thig just looks different. It is still there but alot harder to see. sorry
    UPDATE: Ryan H 03 MAY 98
    Actually, I believe the "sail" Hidden Mickey has been altered during the April rehab so that it now rotates into silhouettes of Donald and Goofy as well as Mickey.
    UPDATE: Shinryu Shirakawa 10 MAY 98
    The sail silhouette on Pirates rotates between Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald. It cycles through several times before your boat moves out of sight, giving hidden Mickey hunters plenty of time to see all four of them!
    CONFIRMED: Belle 04 JUL 98
    In the Battle Room on the sail we saw all four characters shadowed on the sail.
    CONFIRMED: Candace and Eric 02 AUG 98
    During our recent "voyage" along the Caribbean, we were looking for the Mickey silhoutte on the pirate sail. To our surprise, it was easier to spot than we thought it would be. It was my wife, however, that noticed the other characters-Goofy, Pluto, and especially Donald. When she pointed this out to me, I was amazed. The silhouttes are undoubtedly Mickeys pals, and so obvious-they are so blatant, we believe noone will miss this Mickey (and friends) sighting.
    CONFIRMED: Bruce and Debby Forrest 02 SEP 98
    The captain's hat makes the shape of Mickey and a few of his other friends like Donald Duck, Pluto and Goofy.
    CONFIRMED: anon 01 AUG 99
    Mickey, Donald, Goofey, and the Pluto in the shadow of his hat.
    CONFIRMED: chrystine 07 AUG 99
    In Pirates of the Caribbean, after the recent annual refurbishment, the spotlight which throws the shadow of the pirate's hat on the sail which reveals the hidden Mickey has been repositioned so the shadow no longer appears on the sail as a hidden Mickey.
    UPDATE: Kat Figueroa 15 NOV 99
    Recently, Disneyland refurbished the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It officially re-opened on October 29, 1999. In the battle ship room, they moved the Captain, so the silouette of his hat no longer shines onto the sail. If you pass the ship, however and look back, there's still the remains of the Hidden Mickey sighting that everyone knows and loves.
    UPDATE: Tinkerbell 15 NOV 99
    The captain was actually reprogrammed and the light was moved so it just doesn't work anymore.
    LOST: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
    The Mickey on the sail is no longer there, however, if you look really quickly, you can see him on the main mast -- not the sail, but the mast.
    UPDATE: K. Ellington 10 JAN 00
    The Hidden Mickey formed by the Pirate Captain's shadow is no longer there. The ship appears to have been more strenously attacked by the men in the fort, and is headed for a rapid sinking. The mast and sail are down, and along with them, the backdrop which formed that Hidden Mickey.
    LOST: Benjamin Rockwell 30 JAN 00
    In the "live" battle sence, where the pirate ship is attacking the fort. Look at the main mast on the ship, when the pirate captain is giving an order, his head is relflected in silloute on the mast. The Silloute forms a hidden mickey.
    REPORTED: Jason Grimwood 30 OCT 00
    I saw a hidden Mickey on my favorite ride, "Pirates of the Carribean". I was on the ride for the gazillointh time, when I looked at the captian. When his head is turned in a certian way, you can see a cut out of Mickey on his hat. If you already know this, I guess I'm just telling you that I saw it!!! Monica Loose
    REPORTED: Monica Loose 16 MAY 01
  7. Near to the end of the ride just after your boat has sailed under the creaking burning roof embers and just before you arrive at the three drunken pirates having a pistol fight .... there are three barrels hanging down bound by rope. There is a large barrel on the bottom with two smaller ones bound on top which quite clearly form a Mickey.
    REPORTED: Cliff & Alison Pike, Edinburgh, Scotland 08 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Brandon, Becki, and Cheryl! 18 JUN 99
    CONFIRMED: Bitzie 26 NOV 99
    CONFIRMED: Louis Schillace 29 NOV 99
    They have a lot more movement since the refurb too.
    CONFIRMED: Brandon Davis 29 DEC 99
    CONFIRMED: anon 23 JAN 00
    At the end of the Pirates Of The Carribean, just as you are about to ascend back to the loading area, there are three barrels that dangle above your head. They form an extremely obvios hidden Mickey! I took a picture, but have not developed the film yet. I will do that asap!
    CONFIRMED: Tinker Bell Mia 27 FEB 00
    Many people look so hard for characters in the shadows while on the Pirates of the Carribean that they miss one of the most obvious hidden mickeys. This Mickey is formed by the ends of three barrels, which are hanging from a rope on the right side, just before the ramp that takes you up and out to the exit.
    CONFIRMED: Snookster 23 MAR 00
    At the end of Pirates, just before climbing out of the ride, there are three barrels hanging from the ceiling. They, of course, form a hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Cathleen 11 APR 00
    CONFIRMED: tinkerbell1 12 JUN 00
    CONFIRMED: Queen Cinderella 05 JUL 00
    As you will notice directly above you before you make the climb, there are three barrels. One on the bottom and two on the top making the mickey Mouse head formation!
    CONFIRMED: Kyle Anderson & Ryan Anderson 16 AUG 00
    The three hanging barrels right before the final climb are all the same size, therefore not a true Mickey. I'm sorry, but it's just wishful thinking!
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 28 AUG 00
    CONFIRMED: makigirl 16 FEB 01
    Toward the end of the Pirates of the Carribean, the three barrels hanging above your head are no wishful thinking. First, when you look backward at them, there is no hidden Mickey, as the barrels are not stacked in a neat, parralel pile. Also, imagine (in reality) how difficult it would be to arrange three barrels in a sling with one on the bottom and two on top - the natural thing to do would have been to stack the barrels two on the bottom and one on top and then hoist the arrangement upward. Thus it would have been an upside-down Mickey had it not been intentional.
    CONFIRMED: me 14 MAR 01
    WISHFUL THINKING: anon 04 APR 01
  8. In the town scene where there is a drunken pirate sitting on the ledge above the boats with a parrot sitting close by on his right, about ten feet to the pirate's left there is a window set up a little off the ground. It is up on the level of the ledge above the other drunken pirate who is sitting with the pigs. If you watch under the windows above the pigs you can make out shadows on the wall below the window of two people dueling (if you listen you can hear the fight going on as well) when the two duelists seem to charge each other, the shadows combine to make a pretty big Mickey head. It turns around and then the shadows break apart and become the duelists again. This scene lasts about 15 seconds so if you watch as soon as you come around the corner you can see it twice.
    REPORTED: Tim Householder
    CONFIRMED: James Sutherland 12 SEP 94
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 96
    Someone has placed a barrel in front of the projector, so now you hear the fight, but don't see anything.
    UPDATE: Michael Ellard 27 AUG 96
    Not really lost this effect has been moved during the 07 Mar 1997 rehab.

Critter Country

  1. Between Splash Mountain and Country Bears you pass under a railroad bridge. As you pass under it, look up. There is a barrel and two buckets on the side of the tracks that form a Hidden Mickey from below!
    REPORTED: Laurie W 28 FEB 98
    CONFIRMED: Robby Clarke 06 MAY 98
    The buckets are gone.
    LOST: Ed Johnston 21 AUG 98
  2. Before Splash Mountain was added as a ride in Critter Country, There used to be a cave in the rocks opposite from the Country Bear jamboree entrance. In this cave you could hear the sound a a very large grizzly sleeping and snoring loudly.
    REPORTED: Mark A. Huffman 11 DEC 96
    I remember the snoring bear!!! I grew up going to Disneyland at least twice a year, and I'd make my family stand there so they could all hear the snoring bear in his cave. I was hoping they'd incorporate him into Splash Mountain, and looked & looked for him... guess he's on a vacation!
    LOST: Deanna Lynn 08 DEC 97
    My friend downloaded info regarding the lost Hidden Mickeys a few days ago, and I was surprised to find that two people had mentioned that the snoring bear which used to be in a cave near the entrance of the old Bear Country was missing. Rufus the Snoring Bear is still in Critter Country; he has been incorporated into Splash Mountain. During the ride, as your log approaches the first drop, you pass a cave on the right with a mail box that reads "Br'er Bear." If you listen carefully, you can hear a loud snoring coming from behind the closed door of the cave. I believe it is the same snoring used for Rufus.
    UPDATE: Greg Carter 23 JUL 98
    Rufus the snoring bear that used to sleep above the walkway which is now Splash Mountain isn't on vacation. He is now the 'stage director' for the Country Bear Jamboree. You can hear him walking about behind you and groaning whenever he has to pull the curtain or change the lighting at Henry's request.
    REPORTED: theErlking 31 AUG 98
    Before Splash Mountain and Critter Country, it was called Bear Country in honor of the Bear Country Jamboree. There was little to do as an adult in Bear Country other than going to the arcade or watching the animatronic musical. One neat thing was there was a cave high up on a hill covered in ivy and there was a sign saying "Sleeping Bear - Quiet!" There was a sound track with nothing but loud snoring and a few yawns and grunts. Funny as it was, that was probably the quietest part in the park as guest would not want to wake up the bear.
    BACKGROUND: Steven M. Saito 04 JAN 00

Splash Mountain

  1. When you are waiting in line and you enter the building, you go up some stairs and end up looking over the entrance to the building from the inside. If you look above you at the ropes that are hanging from the ceiling, you will notice a large pulley with a rope hanging out both sides. Stretched accross the ropes are spider webs with three perfect circles in them forming the shape of Mickeys head.
    REPORTED: Steve Evans 18 JUL 96
    We found a great Hidden Mickey while in line for Splash Mountain! After you get inside and go upstairs. You will be on a balcony over the entrance. Look to your left. You will see a hanging chandelier. To the right of the chandelier and up a little, there are some cobwebs. Look towards the bottom of the main cobweb set. You will see 3 circles intentionally forming a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Denise 21 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Kimberley England 19 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 28 DEC 96
    LOST: Benjamin Rockwell 03 FEB 97
    LOST: Tigger 26 FEB 97
    The Hidden Mickey made out of cob webs is still there, just very thin and wind blown.
    UPDATE: Diggles 02 APR 97
    The reason a lot of people (myself included) don't see it at first is because there is a vent right near those cobwebs that blows the Mickey-shaped one around. If you get the chance, just stay and stare at it until the breeze blows it into the correct position.
    UPDATE: Brittany S. 27 APR 97
    The cobweb Hidden Mickey in the queue for Splash Mountain was lost during the last rehab - they redid the webs.
    LOST: Scott M. Leonard 19 JUN 97

Country Bear Playhouse


Original Toontown Construction
Original Toontown Construction
Original Toontown Construction
  1. From the Disneyland Railroad, as you leave Toontown Station, and head for Tomorrowland, you pass over the "street" from the backlot. Off to the right of the train, there used to be reference to the Disney Oceanographic Station. This sign is now obscured by another sign that's almost comic in nature, "American Gothic". The sign says "Agrifuture" on it, and the whole area is surrounded in great looking plants.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 13 JAN 97
    There are also a bunch of plants there, and I'm not sure if the sign is just referring to those plants (i.e. "In the future, these plants will be installed in the park") or if something more is intended.
    CONFIRMED: Bob Funchess 20 JAN 97
  2. On the top of the inverted cherry jelly jar/lamp in front of Goofy's house, there is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: Jeff 07 SEP 93
    Regarding the Toontown Hidden Mickey in front of Goofy's house, it's not there anymore! I reported it originally. I wonder what happened to it, but nevertheless, it's gone now.
    UPDATE: Jeff 21 MAR 94
  3. Although it isn't there anymore, when Toontown originally opened if you looked in Mickey's trophy case where the heart pillow is, beneath the pillow there used to be a pamphlet with the words,"Mickey's Speakeasy" on it. since they have remodeled the case it is no longer there.
    REPORTED: James Rougeau 20 AUG 98


Fantasyland Theatre

  1. On the Sony Pictures presents "Fantasyland Theatre" sign for the Pocahontas show, there are Hidden Mickeys above the signs in the gold trim. Tilt your head 45 degrees.
    REPORTED: Kirby Lim 20 JAN 97
    In the Sony Presents sign for the Pocahontas stage production, there is a gold frame of circles on the top and bottom of the sign. These circles form HMs.
    CONFIRMED: Kirby Lim 13 JUN 97
  2. In the Spirit of Pocahontas stage there are three rock formations on the bottom of the stage that look like Mickey"s head. The formation is to the left of center stage when viewing from the front row.
    REPORTED: Jennifer 27 OCT 96
    The rocks in the Fantasyland theatre are a hidden Mickey. We saw them, but it's better if you look at it from an angle. If you look at them straight forward one of the ears is deformed.
    CONFIRMED: Mendy and Allie 02 DEC 96
    Pocahontas has this Hidden Mickey, but I'll note that it's best viewed at an angle. From head on, which is almost a 45 degree angle to the stage, it does look a little flattened. There are no similar rock designs in the surrounding areas.
    REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 20 JAN 97
  3. When you go to the Fantasyland theater walk back to where tables are and look at the VERY back trash can. The some of the bolts that are 3 together make a Mickey!
    REPORTED: anon 17 AUG 97


  1. The Skyway hole is a documented Hidden Mickey. The other side of the Matterhorn contains a special Tea Cup handle that is visible from the Tea Cup ride. This was added when the Skyway holes were patched.
    REPORTED: TF1050 28 APR 95
    It's very painful and difficult for me to say that there are no more Skyway holes in the mountain. After all, Walt did say the reason was because it was a "Swiss" mountain.
    NOTE: Steven Soria 29 APR 95
    There was a report about the holes in the Matterhorn as being documented Hidden Mickey. I will have to agree with the person that said there were no more holes in the Matterhorn. This is because they closed the Skyway a year and a half ago.
    UPDATE: Eric B 25 FEB 96

Lion King Parade

  1. The drums in the percussion float seem to make a Hidden Mickey. Maybe I was just daydreaming, but every time I see the parade I see it.
    REPORTED: Dan the Trivia Man 14 AUG 96
    Looks kind'a like a 3 dimensional Mickey (overdone a little bit) turned away from you, with one ear being bigger because it's that much closer from the front, but from the back...
    NOT SURE: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
    WISHFUL THINKING: Wendy Park 20 OCT 96
  2. On the skin of each croc, just behind the head and at the base of the neck was a Mickey. Both crocs had it. Even when they got new skins it was still there. And it was confirmed by at least half of the dancers in the parade. As a bit of triva the stage right croc was called blue eyes, and stage left was called brown eyes. Sometimes they called Old Blue, and Brownie. We had one heck of a time driving these! But what a blast.
    REPORTED: Anon 14 JUN 99

Peter Pan

  1. I don't know if anyone else will remember this, but I seem to remember Peter Pan being different, when I was younger. You used to circle around Tigerlily, instead of just going towards her. And there was a part where you'd fly up to this giant skull thing... then just sit there for a few seconds... strange.
    REPORTED: Missy Spencer 08 JAN 97

Mr Toad's Wild Ride

  1. While in line, you see a statue of Mr Toad himself to your left. Though his hands are now twisted behind his back, one of those arms used to stick out, with a flower in his hand. But, after the statue was vandalized and the flower was lost, the arms were put into their current position. I guess it doesn't always pay to be a gentleman....
    REPORTED: Missy Spencer 08 JAN 97


  1. Rembember the Magic Kingdom Korps? Their purple and teal costumes (uniforms) had little holographic buttons with Hidden Mickeys on them. If you have photos, look at their hats: there are three of these square buttons there. Their old white, black and grey costumes actually had the first Mickey hats (with the Mickey shape over a big M), before they were sold all over the park. decor
    REPORTED: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
    MKK's costumes have changed, and no longer have the holographic and other Mickeys.
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97
  2. There is a gift shop in tomorrowland (Children around the world, pictures of children painted above it) located directly across form the Space Mountain gift shop. It used to house phones for guests to pick up and you could talk to characters - when I was a child it was the best. Does anyone else remember that and did it have a name??
    REPORTED: Nicole 11 NOV 97
  3. By the phone booth between Tommorowland and the Matterhorn bobsleds there is a manhole cover in the traditional Mickey shape. I have only seen this one, but there could be more throughout the park.
    REPORTED: Leanne Heuchert 19 SEP 97
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97

Tomorrowland Terrace

Rocket Rods XPR


The NASA Space Experience Exhibit


Adventure Thru Inner Space

  1. Let's not forget the classic Monsanto's Adventure Thru Inner Space, which was located where Star Tours is now. In that ride we all traveled to the center of the atom, and all the molecules were throughout the ride were mickeys.
    REPORTED: jace 10 APR 99

Submarine Voyage

Note: Submarine Voyage was closed on the 9 September 1998

Phsst: Fun Facts

  1. Sometimes on weekends and late in the day, the line for the Tomorrowland Monorail station can wrap all the way around the submarine lagoon towards the Fantasyland Autopia. About halfway between the station and the Fantasyland Autopia there is a hidden Mickey located in the lagoon. At this location there is an outcropping of coral between the edge of the lagoon and the tracks for the submarines. There are three to four crabs on this outcropping and one of them has a blue Mickey's Head on the back of its shell.
    REPORTED: John Bode 22 SEP 96
    I saw two large crabs with definite circles painted on their backs, one large and two small each. They are visible only from above and not from inside the subs themselves. The crabs are underwater, about two - three feet down. Both of them are white and one has blue circles, while the other has red. This has been a tough one to photograph, though it's easy to see if you know where to look. The water is turbulent because of the constant passage of the subs. This is the one I call the blue crab (the other, next to it, is the brown one). They are actually both white, but one has blue highlights and the other has brown. The Hidden Mickeys have been painted on with a large circle and two smaller circles, the smaller circles of each crab facing the opposing crab.
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 22 OCT 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 01 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: TR Shaw and Benjamin, Julie and Bengie Rockwell 21 APR 97
    CONFIRMED: Lauren & Erin Ferreira aka Wendy+Smee 01 MAY 97
    CONFIRMED: gates browne 17 MAY 97
    Took a monorail ride today and went over the crabs. I noted that on the side opposite the viewing site there are hidden Mickeys painted on the crabs. So there are hidden Mickeys both where you can see them from the line AND where you can see them from the monorail. Now, why didn't I think of this before? Too bad they will, along with the submarine ride, be taken out.
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 01 SEP 98
  2. After you pass the city of atlantis, there is a big rock that you pass if you are sitting on the left(port) side of the submarine. The rock has two small circles that stick out which form Mickey's ears, and below them there is a larger circle that is indented which forms Mickey's head. I don't know if there is one on the right side.
    REPORTED: anon 01 APR 97
  3. Just as you past the Atlantis scene, there are three gold coins, forming a Hidden Mickey near the bottom right of your window...but, there may be more than one track, because my sister-in-law and tried to find it the second time, but it was a different set-up!
    REPORTED: Lori Guidi 21 FEB 97
    Right after the ruined city of Atlantis, there are three golden coins shaped like a Mickey on a rock, near the bottom of your viewing window.
    CONFIRMED: cris robertson 29 MAR 97

Premiere Shop

  1. There is a mural above the Premiere Shop in Tomorrowland. In the bottom left hand corner there are three circles. They look like an upside down Mickey.
    REPORTED: DsnyVIP 03 MAR 96
    I will confirm the upside down Hidden Mickey in Tomorrowland at the Premiere Shop. I don't know if it counts because it's upside down. But if it was right side up, it would be a Hidden Mickey.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 30 MAR 96
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 09 SEP 96
    CONFIRMED: Theresa K. 07 FEB 97
    CONFIRMED: Loretta Drummond 15 AUG 97
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97

Tomorrowland Terrace

  1. In the band Voyager, the lead guitarist has a white guitar. On the guitar, to the left of the base of the neck is a Hidden Mickey.
    REPORTED: T.Wallace 07 JUL 96
    CONFIRMED: brian baker 07 AUG 96
    CONFIRMED: Amy Dahlberg 30 JAN 97
    There is a Hidden Mickey on the lead guitarist's, Jim of Voyager, guitar. It is near the bottom of his white guitar and is actually a Mickey Mouse sticker.
    CONFIRMED: kendall christophiades 04 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 23 MAR 97
    Voyager will not be playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace anymore, so their Hidden Mickeys have been lost.
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97
  2. The bassist has a Mickey pin on his strap.
    REPORTED: Jeff 26 OCT 96
    The Hidden Mickey is on the bassist (Mick's) guitar strap. If you look close enough he often wears a Mickey necklace too.
    CONFIRMED: Elizabeth Seuthe 24 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Amy Dahlberg 30 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 23 MAR 97
    Voyager will not be playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace anymore, so their Hidden Mickeys have been lost.
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97
  3. A Hidden Mickey on the bassist's (Mick) bass guitar and it is formed using a purple Disneyland pog they gave out a few years ago and two small black circles.
    REPORTED: Kendall Christophiades 26 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Amy Dahlberg 30 JAN 97
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 23 MAR 97
    Voyager will not be playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace anymore, so their Hidden Mickeys have been lost.
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97
  4. Mick, the bassist, also changes to a keyboard. On the keyboard he has a Hidden Mickey formed from three stickers.
    REPORTED: Eric B 23 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
    Voyager will not be playing at the Tomorrowland Terrace anymore, so their Hidden Mickeys have been lost.
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97


Circle-Vision closed October 1997

  1. According to a Cast Member, Walt Disney is reported to be in "America the Beautiful" on 6 different scenes. I am told that 3 of the occassions are:
    1. Entering the New England town he is rumored to be on the left side, on a rocking chair in a backyard of one of the homes. This is supposed to only be a couple of seconds.
    2. As you are in the Hawaii University (or Univ Honolulu?) Walt and Roy are sitting on a bench or something on the very back screen, Walt is wearing a straw hat. This one is quite obvious if you pay attention.
      CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
      Walt and his wife are in a black car somewhere behind the moving camera.
      Now I think that Walt might be in the scene where you are moving towards the Liberty Bell. Look off to the left. A guy walks along, looks at the camera, casually glances at something to his right, and the looks at the camera again. He looks a lot like Walt, and even has a stance like Walt's, but I am told it isn't him.
      REPORTED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97
      At the same time in the Liberty Bell scene, I am told that there is a guy that trips on the right side, and makes a big scene.

    CONFIRMED: Benjamin Rockwell 30 AUG 97

Magic Eye Theatre featuring Captain EO

Phsst: Fun Facts

Captain EO closed 6 April 1997

  1. On Captain EO, there is a Hidden Mickey on the back of the spaceship as it flies away from you. The back of the spaceship is shown many times and is easy to notice. It is formed with the four engines, this way when it turns upside down, which it also does, it also forms a hidden Mickey. It also forms a Hidden Mickey when flying straight.
    REPORTED: Eric B 24 JAN 96
    CONFIRMED: Andrew Blanchette 14 MAR 96
    The reported hidden Mickey on Captain Eo's ship made of the engines is definitely wishful thinking. There are two large engines, and two small engines, so as one reporter stated, unless Mickey has two heads, a hidden Mickey it ain't.
    WISHFUL THINKING: J.J. Julian 29 JAN 97
    The engines on the back of the spaceship in Captain Eo do not make up a Hidden Mickey. This is the same thing as the Snow White poster in the tunnel into Main Street. 4 circles around a bigger one make not a Hidden Mickey.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Theresa Kyame 07 FEB 97
  2. Captain EO is going to be closed soon, and before it goes for good, I want to add what will perhaps be its last "Hidden Mickey." It's reported that Hidden Mickey is on the spacecraft, but that consists of two large ports and two small ones. If you ignore the upper large one then you have a Hidden Mickey. Either that or Mickey is a two-headed creature.

    I think I have a better one. The main dance takes place on a large circle. At certain points the camera angle is such that the pillar to the right of the screen and the one above and to the right of the circle form a large circle with two smaller circles, in the shape of our illustrious friend. Captain EO has been there for ten years now, a long time in the Disney scheme of things. Surprising it lasted as long as it has.
    REPORTED: Ed Johnston 15 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 25 JUN 96

  3. In Caption EO right after the ship crash lands into the homing becon. There in a shot from outside of the ship looking in. If you look to the upper left area of the screen you will see two stickers of Donald and Daisy. It is very quick so look closly
    REPORTED: Eric Johnson 17 MAR 97

Rocket Jets

Closed 6 January 1997

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported


  1. On the Aladdin VR Adventure game, when you fly through the Cave of Wonders, you may come across a hieroglyphic of an Arabian person shaking hands with Mickey. It takes a second to tell who it is. I believe it was through the left door when Aladdin says something like "Choose brains or brawn." This is probably the same at Disney World since that's where the game first was. This is for real.
    REPORTED: Michael Campisi 02 APR 96
    The Hidden Mickey reported to be in the Aladdin VR Experience in the Cave of Wonders is most definitelythere, on the wall.
    CONFIRMED: Laura Leslie 28 APR 96
    Alladin's VR adventure was removed from Starcade in late September.
    REPORTED: Matt Mendenhall 25 OCT 96

Adventures thru Inner Space

  1. There was a Hidden Mickey in the form of an atom. I distinctly remember while going though the ride, there was a room full of these blue molecules. They were Mickey shaped balloons that were floating and turning slowly. I remember (as I was a small child at the time) my cousins and I saying that they looked like a Mickey Mouse head. It's a shame they shut the ride down. Even though I admit it was kinda slow and boring it was part of my childhood and I miss it dearly. I wish I had a picture of the ride or something but when you're a kid you never think that you will miss something as you grow up. Anyway, the ride was at Disneyland in Anaheim,California... In Tomorrowland where Star Tours now stands... They still used part of Adventures thru Inner Space as the the Star Tours ride, and as you get on Star Tours you can notice where the old adventures thru Inner Space parts used to be...
    REPORTED: Johnny Mendoza 10 JUN 96
    The reason they looked like Mickey's is that they represented H20 molecules with two small hydrogen atoms attached to a larger oxygen atom. These were not really Hidden Mickeys. However, you can still see the famous Mighty Microscope that the Inner Space ride vehicles entered at the begining of the attraction. It appears very briefly in the space station scene in the Star Tours film. Look for it in the upper right hand side of the screen as the robot guides the spacecraft through the inside of the space station.
    UPDATE: Cheryl Dobbs 07 NOV 96

Space Mountain

  1. When you get into the Spaceport and you're walking down the ramp. It's the first, long, straight ramp, right before you turn the corner, on the right side on the ground, there is a Mickey imprint on that blue bubble stuff.
    REPORTED: Amy Dahlberg 20 JUN 96
    CONFIRMED: Elizabeth Seuthe 24 JAN 97
  2. If you look at the sign by Space Mountain, while in line, on the right side, there is a rock that looks like Mickey
    REPORTED: hilary haugen 08 AUG 96
    LOST: tk421 31 DEC 97

Star Tours

New Star Wars
Books, Music, Toys and More

  1. First worker robot called "G2" is wearing a Mickey Mouse watch
    REPORTED: Mark Mitchell 27 JUL 96
    I didn't see it on either wrist. We held up the line for a good couple of minutes looking for this one. Maybe it was removed?
    NOT FOUND: Benjamin Rockwell 02 SEP 96
    The first "G2" robot is not wearing a Mickey Watch.
    LOST: Jeff Shepherd 04 SEP 96
    In line for Star Tours, several years ago, in the room where the droids are working, one of the driods was wearing a Mickey Mouse watch.
    UPDATE: Jim 17 AUG 00

Mission to Mars

  1. I remember seeing a hidden Mickey on the launch platform and in addition to that I also saw it on the top screen of the rocket
    REPORTED: Evan Garrett 14 SEP 97


  1. Could be Mickey-on-the-brain, but we're pretty sure that we found a Hidden Mickey just outside of the theatre. As you exit from the movie, look at the clouds painted on the wall to your left. Look at the second clump of clouds from the left. In the lower right-hand corner of the clump, the shape looks like an actual Mickey face silhouette turned slightly to one side. To check the angle, we picked up one of the stuffed Mickeys that are sold in that area and turned it to the right until the shapes matched.
    REPORTED: Anon 14 MAY 96
    Take a look at the picture and you be the judge.
    WISHFUL THINKING: Allen Huffman 02 SEP 96
    Picture is of the new mural
    LOST: Eric B 07 SEP 96

Toy Story Fun House

  1. Don't forget that the Buzz costume has "© Disney" stamped on it's tush.
    REPORTED: Cabel Sasser 12 FEB 96
    Buzz does have the Disney stamp on his hindquarters. You can also see this for a split second in the movie!
    LOST: Heather Endow 21 SEP 97

Closed forever as of 1-4-97

  1. No Hidden Mickeys reported.


Disney's California Adventure

Lost Fun Facts


  1. When I use to work at the park in the late 70's there was a bank backstage for the employees to cash their checks called Mickey's Mint. It was a small branch of Bank of America. Many a time I cashed my check and spent 1/2 before I left the park!!!!
    REPORTED: Sue 24 FEB 02
  2. This year, 1996/1997, with the theme of 101 Dalmatians, Disney did a cute thing. If anyone took the time to count all the dogs strategically placed around the park, there would be exactly 101!
    REPORTED: Angela Anderson 02 FEB 97
    There were 101 Dalmatians in the Park. , if one includes the backlot area (the Team Disney building in particular), then they had a few too many! During the Christmas season, there was a 'tree' in the employment waiting area made up of a stack of the very same puppies, with green garland and a star on top. I counted about 30 dogs there.
    CONFIRMED: Scott M. Leonard 25 MAR 97
  3. The 2 old shooting galleries were closed in the late 80s. One was located in Adventureland across from the Jungle Cruise. The other was next to the Mexican restaraunt in Frontierland. In the wee hours of the morning before guest arrived, technicians would hand paint all of the individual targets. The guns were quite capable of causing bodily damage, hence they were tethered to a support rail that control cross fire. Occassionally, a lead shot did ricochet. The attraction host always wore protective glasses and ear plugs. In the early 80s, one young ingnorant guest decided to put his finger in front of the gun while firing it to "see what would happen" and received an injury that was minor
    REPORTED: Anthony Gallegos 18 OCT 97


Main Street

  1. Some action scenes have been added to space above counters and displays in the Emporium, on Main Street>
    REPORTED: Darcy Fraser 03 MAR 97
    The new slightly animated scenes include a woman making hats and a boy getting a haircut. One additional scene is under construction. They join the tailoring scene when the shop addition was built. The new scenes above your heads when you enter the Empoirum.
    CONFIRMED: Alan Kita 01 MAY 97 GC Logo White Cookie Background 120x60
  2. The new Nestle/Carnation shops opened on March 22. The outdoor area of the old Carnation Main Street is now wait service Carnation Cafe hosted by Nestle. The host/hostess stands at a new entrance to the outdoor dining area near the Clock Shop. What was the interior of Cast MemberS is now Blue Ribbon Bakery hosted by Nestle Toll House Cookies and one long queue with several service at registers serves sandwiched to go, bakery items and Sark's coffee, and of course cookies. What was BRB is now Gibson Girl where they still sell Nestle Ice Cream and frozen yogurt. For West Coast residents, this is a signal that Carnation Dairy is no longer, and the familiar red & white label will probably read Nestle in green. The lines seem long but is fast with plenty of service.
    REPORTED: Alan Kita 25 MAR 97

Main Street Electrical Parade

The Main Street Electrical Parade closed November 25th 1996
  1. A record was set last Saturday, 9/28/96. The most people to ever visit Disneyland in a single day, it was around 97,000 people. Disneyland was previously predicting yet another record setting day next Saturday, 10/12/96, they were predicting close to 110,000 people but Disneyland no longer expect that because of the extension of the Main Street Electrical Parade final run into November. Got this info from a Cast Member on a city bus leaving Disneyland Hotel late last night, 10/6/96.
    REPORTED: Marty 06 OCT 96
    it is such a madhouse with the Electrical Parade ending next month. They had to close the park because it was so packed yesterday. They have only had to close the park once before in history back in 1984. So that tells you how packed it is.
    CONFIRMED: Eric B 06 OCT 96
    Today, Sunday October 5, for the first time in my memory, I saw a freeway sign that said Disneyland was closed for the day. The all-news radio station then reported it wasn't really closed, but it was "full" and they were not letting anyone else in until after people started to leave, which they predicted to be after the parade, which starts at about 8:30 and runs until around 9:15. Interesting, eh? Yesterday they had over 90,000 people there and they stayed open, though it was very crowded. So I don't know how many they have today. The freeway system in Orange County is a mess right now.
    CONFIRMED: Ed Johnston 06 OCT 96
    On 10/5/96 Disneyland turned away people for the first time (since the early 70's when Disney got rid of part of there guest dress code saying that long haired males could not enter Disneyland) because of over crowding. The reason that there are so many people going to Disneyland was the final week of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Which has since been extended through November.
    CONFIRMED: Robert Lucas 29 OCT 96
  2. Here's a piece of info I haven't seen on the web yet: the Smithsonian Institution is negotiating with Disneyland to acquire some of the floats and costumes from the Main Street Electrical Parade. This is official information from a Southern California newspaper.
    REPORTED: Meg 19 JUN 96
  3. Disneyland is planning to sell the lightbulbs from the Electrical Parade (proceeds to a children's charity).
    REPORTED: Helen Nauert 08 AUG 96
    Heard on radio this morning that Disney will close the Electrical Parade and they plan to sell the individual light bulbs used in the parade for $10.00 each. Do you know how many light bulbs are used in that parade? 500,000!!! Let's see - 500,000 times $10.00 is 5 million. Should be enough to finance the new theme park (the one they're building in the parking lot).
    UPDATE: Ed Johnston 30 JUL 96
    Bulbs will be sold in lots of two.
    UPDATE: Barry Eytcheson 27 NOV 96
    Disneyland is going to donate most or all of the money from the Electrical Parade lightbulbs to charity. They're selling them at $10 each. The bulbs will be sold in lots of two.
    UPDATE: kcourtne 25 FEB 97
  4. In the Main Street Electrical parade, Eliott (Pete's Dragon) snorts vanilla-breath at you, or at least he did.
    REPORTED: Jon Fether 29 JUN 96
  5. Don Tatum's (former CEO Disney) son Forbes, drove a float in the Electrical Parade in 1973.
    REPORTED: PhilChil 04 DEC 95
    Download Main Street Electrical Parade for posterity (900K)
  6. I used to perform with a continuing-education chorus each year at Disneyland. We were required to meet in a parking area off West Street, just west of the park proper, and from there we were transported to the artists' entrance (where Mickey's ToonTown now is) by a tram similar to the ones in the public parking area. On the way we passed many props for parades, etc., including the floats for the Main Street Electrical Parade (this was 1990). They actually turned out to be quite ordinary-looking, even ugly, in daylight -- not at all the magical sparkling things we all remember seeing at night. Interestingly, the lights on them proved to be exactly the same kind of miniature Christmas lights available at any variety store. (Of course, Disney's must have been specially programmed in order to achieve their complicated flashing effects.)
    REPORTED: Dave Andrew 13 FEB 97
  7. THE MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE - Disneyland: Elliot is not the first dragon to appear in the Main Street Electrical Parade. When the parade started in June of 1972, there was a unit called " Sleeping Beauty's Dragon ". In 1977, Sean Marshall, the boy who played Pete in " Pete's Dragon ", was the first person to play Pete in The Main Street Electrical Click for the Warner Bros. Online Shop-WBShop.com Parade. That same year, Annette Funicello played the Blue Fairy. Some of the floats that were rotated in and out over the years include " Return To Oz ", " The Fox And The Hound ", " Disneyland's 25th Anniversary ", " Mickey's 60th Anniversary ", " It's A Small World ", and " Pinocchio Underwater ". The Main Street Electrical Parade had 2 different 2 year hiatus. The first was 1975-1976, when it was replaced by " America On Parade " and the second was 1983-1984, when it was replaced by " Flights Of Fantasy " From 1972-1974, all of the floats in the Main Street Electrical Parade were 2 dimensional.
    REPORTED: Isaac 13 JAN 01

Light Magic

  1. Disney had to change place the asphalt street with concrete between Small World and Main Street because the Light Magic show has floats/vehicles that were too heavy for the asphalt. The fear was that they would sink into the street.
    REPORTED: Kathleen Eddy 22 JAN 97


  1. The Sixties jingle...."You can go to Disneyland with S∓H Green Stamps." was part of a free ticket promotion.
    REPORTED: ost1 25 OCT 95
  2. The old SunKist shop on Main Street had oranges on conveyor belts circling the store.
    REPORTED: ost1 25 OCT 95
  3. The 6 films used to play at the Main Street Cinema were:
    1. Steamboat Willie,
    2. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (silent version),
    3. The Great Train Robbery,
    4. unknown,
    5. unknown, and
    6. unknown

    REPORTED: ost1 25 OCT 95
  4. A very small Matterhorn was once part of the miniature golf course at the Disneyland Hotel.
    REPORTED: ost1 25 OCT 95
  5. A talking parrot used to sit up top the Adventureland entrance sign and crack jokes at passing guests. Due to several break downs, the park was forced to take him down. Later, José was moved to the The Enchanted Tiki Room
    REPORTED: Patrick Keown 28 APR 96

Adventureland Enchanted Tiki Room
  1. Look at photo of the Tiki Room "Next Showtime Clock". If you look at the clock itself as the head, the swirls above and to both sides appear to be ears. I know the proportions may not be "textbook", but I highly doubt it is accidental. In my mind this is the essence of "Hidden Mickey". A clear allusion to the classic Mickey logo.
    REPORTED: Steve Anderson 15 JAN 00
    The Enchated Tiki Room show time clock, well let's just say that that no longer exists.
    LOST: anon 29 JUL 00

Pirates of the Caribbean

  1. Pirates reopened today.
    REPORTED: Tom Shaw 07 MAR 97
    CONFIRMED: Brian Curran 08 MAR 97
    In addition to the "politically correct" scene, The Pirates of The Carribbean" has added a few other new scenes. In the room where all the buildings have been set afire, there is now fallen wood work and framing atop the burning buildings. Also a new scene was added to the end of the ride, just as you start to head back up to "civilization". There are 2 pirates on the left, trying to escape with their treasure. And as you proceed up the ramp, there are skeltons laying along the banks on the left side.
    UPDATE: DarcyFraser 10 MAR 97
    Went on The "new" Pirates of the Carribean today. The new politically correct scene now has only 3 chg scenes. There is a pirate chg 3 chickens, a pirate chg a lady for food, and a woman chg a pirate. And there are now drunk pirates laying on the steps. And a pirate and his pig added to the scene.
    UPDATE: Darcy Fraser 09 MAR 97
    Other than the big scene in question (which has a good wine effect; you have to see it to understand), the new stuff is great:
    1. They rebalanced the swamp sounds at the beginning
    2. They moved the fighting shadows (from the 'yo, ho' scene) to the pirate galleon/fort battle. It's on the wall of the fort now.
    3. There is a skeleton in the dungeon.
    4. The superstructure scene has better fire effects (after the dungeon).
    5. The pirate with the winch handle thru his middle now has a complete bar to lean on (look under the hanging lace of his shirt, there now is a bar!)
    6. The story is finished, for the two pirates try to push the chest up the hill, they will soon join their dead friends (in various states of decay). And as the echoing 'dead men tell no tales' reminds us, the treasure is cursed! Any who take it will die!
    7. Finally, the new animatronics are very realistic! Look at the girls at the wench auction! And check out the pirates pushing the chest up the hill, you come within inches of them. Check out their feet. Old animatronics had lousy feet, and most were hidden from view. The new ones even shift their feet, and don't look 'hooked down'.

    UPDATE: Scott M. Leonard 12 MAR 97
  2. In the battle room, the shadow on the sail changes from Mickey into a couple of his other close friends and then back to Mickey again. One of the shapes is Mickey's best friend, Pluto! Another friend of Mickey's that appears on the sail is another dog, Dippy Dawg A.K.A. Goofy! At least one more shape appears on the sail of the ship. I'm not sure who this might be, maybe Donald.
    REPORTED: Todd Puhlmann 08 JUN 96
    I'm amazed that no one picked this one up since the sighting of the Mickey shadow cast by the pirate's hat was so popular. Take a good look at that shadow. When it's not a shadow of a Mickey head, it forms the shadow of Donald Duck's silhouette! You said that there are other characters hidden, too, and that's one of them!
    UPDATE: Kelly Ann 10 AUG 97
    In the Pirates of The Carribean, in the scene where the ship is fighting the "castle", there is a hidden Mickey on the ship's mast. It is the shadaow of the captian, but when you look on the other side of the mast you can see the captian shadow again. This time it is GOOFY! It is hard to see. I just saw it last night.
    UPDATE: Tom13000 13 DEC 97
    In the battle room, the shadow on the sail changes from Mickey into a couple of his other close friends and then back to Mickey again. One of the shapes is Mickey's best friend, Pluto! Another friend of Mickey's that appears on the sail is another dog, Dippy Dawg A.K.A. Goofy! At least one more shape appears on the sail of the ship. I'm not sure who this might be, maybe Donald.
    CONFIRMED: Tim Amick 12 JUN 98
    The shadow on the sail of the pirate ship does form the outlines of disney characters. I saw Mickey, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy in the shadow.
    CONFIRMED: anon 16 MAY 99
    Unfortuantely the hidden charachters formed by the pirate's silouhette on the sail of the ship are gone. I guess during the last rehab things were changed enough and the lights were dimmed so there is no Mickey, Goofy, Donald, etc. anymore.
    LOST: anon 24 OCT 00
  3. Newly added to Pirates of the Caribbean at the final climb of the ride are pirates trying to make out with loot, they are trying to push a box out of the "ride" Farther up the ride are skeletons that complete the story of "Dead men tell no tales"
    REPORTED: anon 10 APR 97
  4. At the end of the ride, before your boat goes up the ramp towards daylight (or nightlight), the last pirate on your right, is leaning on a winch, that pulls the rope holding up a net of explosives over your head. The handle of the winch passes through the pirate's body and holds him up. You should be able to see the handle in front of him, but it is inside of him.
    REPORTED: anon 18 DEC 96
    To confirm the claim that the pirate hoisting the winch had the handle going through his body-it did!-until recently when Disney "P.C.'d" the P.O.C.'s. I guess impalement wasn't P.C. either!(Funny how robbery, arson, gunplay, selling women, & teaching animals to sing never made the cut-!)
    CONFIRMED: Barnaby Wilde 01 JUL 97
  5. Remember the last Pirate on the left on Pirates of the Carribbean? The one who was teetering on the two barrels, singing? Does anyone remember him singing, then at one point, he belches and says "excuse me".
    REPORTED: Tom Bernard 10 JUL 97
    I can remember the pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean who sat tetering on the barrels just before you go up the hill at the end of the ride. No one believed me when I told them that I heard the pirate burp and pardon himself. thank goodness someone else heard it. Honestly, I wish that immagineers didn't have to change the ride.
    CONFIRMED: chernabog 14 SEP 98


Country Bear Playhouse



  1. Both the Flying Saucer (1961) and the Atomobile (1967) were designed by WED
    REPORTED: TR Shaw 12 DEC 98
  2. During the summer of '84, Disney, in connection, I was told, with the famous television music producer, Mike Post, developed a futuristic rock band, called HALYX, that played nightly at the Space Mountain Stage. It was after Star Wars had hit it big, and there was a menagerie of characters. A handsome pilot(lead guitarist), a beautiful space maiden(lead singer), a "wookie" type (bass guitarist), a soldier(looking very similar to one of the white soldiers in Star Wars) who drove out in a golf cart turned space ship to play his on board keyboards, and an undersized frog figure(percussionist). They played all summer but didn't make the cut,I guess, because they disbanded and went their separate ways. I took several hundred photographs of them and was sorry they didn't achieve stardom. Anybody else ever see this group? Enjoy, Larry P.
    REPORTED: Larry R. Patterson 24 MAY 99


  1. The PeopleMover used to have the added security measure of weight sensors on the platforms that included the track. If an individual were to step out of the vehicle, the sensors would shut down the ride.
    REPORTED: Tony Crescenzo 21 FEB 96

America Sings

  1. A lady had a baby in front of America Sings during the New Mouseketeers Stage Show
    REPORTED: Lauren Jensen 05 AUG 97

Magic Eye Theatre featuring Captain EO

Captain EO closed 6 April 1997

  1. There is a "D" on the metal man's chest. The character's name is Major Domo, hense the "D."
    REPORTED: Lars Elkin
  2. The wicked queen that captain EO fights is played by Angelica Houston.
    REPORTED: Jaycub 27 FEB 97


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